Choosing who and surprises(book 3)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is the 3rd book to my seris im not going to give a summery because it would give away the whole book if u havent read 'dirty little cheaters and cheaters lies and the truth then go read them before this book please. Thanks enjoy the last book to this seris. Cast List; Main Chacters-Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Darcey Mary, 
Minor Chacters- Doctors, 9 suprise people

(Book 3 to Dirty little cheaters)


4. Nialls heard


After Louis left there were tear stains on my face. I can't belive he would do that after all he got through to be with me. But I was meant for Niall not him but I miss him. After Last night when we yelled at each other you think he would be not as happy as he was. I look down at the rings and feel a sense of sadness in me. Louis never hurt me he never cheated on me he was always so nice he would me never fight me until last night. When I hurt my self he was always so nice and helpful. I can't belive  he could just give me up like that. 
I run to the bathroom. I'm getting sick really bad. It's been going on for like 2 days. Niall walks in and rubs my back.
 He says, "Are you doing ok?"
I'm done getting sick.
"I've been getting sick for a couple days. I don't know what it is and I'm having weird food cravings."
"I'm sorry bout that, have you seen Louis?"
"Ya he was just here."
He takes my hand a looks confused.
"Darcey where is your ring?"
I pull out the necklace and show him the rings. I also explained the story.
"Darcey are you sure."
I say, "i didn't make the choice. It was all Louis."
I gave him a half smile.
I ask,"I've been wondering what happened to you."
"Ya I've been a little off lately and going down the stairs I landed funny. And I sprained my ankle."
I give him a kiss in the cheek. Then we both leave to go back to the flat. When we got to Louis flat to pick up my stuff I ran to the bathroom.i had to get sick. I wish I wasn't always so sick.
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