Choosing who and surprises(book 3)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is the 3rd book to my seris im not going to give a summery because it would give away the whole book if u havent read 'dirty little cheaters and cheaters lies and the truth then go read them before this book please. Thanks enjoy the last book to this seris. Cast List; Main Chacters-Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Darcey Mary, 
Minor Chacters- Doctors, 9 suprise people

(Book 3 to Dirty little cheaters)


9. Months past


me Louis and Niall all live together. The twins were due on December 24. Louis birthday. Both of the boys talk to the baby through my stomach. Louis told me earlier that his present was the life that is going ti be brought into the world. The twins.
It's December 23. I'm scared cause I don't want to go into labor early. And I don't know how it feels. It's night so we all crash in the living room.

I wake up at about 2am my stomach hurts. Really bad. I think I'm going into labor. I wake up Niall screaming with Pain. Then Louis also wakes up cause my screaming. They rush me to the hospital. 
Hours pass and the twins are in my arms. Niall and Louis are already in the room. Then they each hold one of the baby's. 

N- Omg there so cute Brody looks like Louis.

L- and Logan looks like Darcey. 

We all agreed on the look alike's
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