Choosing who and surprises(book 3)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is the 3rd book to my seris im not going to give a summery because it would give away the whole book if u havent read 'dirty little cheaters and cheaters lies and the truth then go read them before this book please. Thanks enjoy the last book to this seris. Cast List; Main Chacters-Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Darcey Mary, 
Minor Chacters- Doctors, 9 suprise people

(Book 3 to Dirty little cheaters)


7. How many months has it been?


Me, Louis, and Darcey are all heading off to see how many months she has been pregnate. I feel so bad for her. She has to deliver a kid and for the first time too. 

We pull up. We walk in and we get a room in a flash. We sit and the doctor pulls up the thing to see the baby. 

The doctor asks, "Do you know that you have been pregnate?"

"Sadly no."

"I'm glad you came now your already 5 months pregnate."

The boys face were in shock. I look at my stomach and I have been wondering why I was so much more bigger. 

She continues, "and your going to be having twins."

The boys faces were even more shocked. So was mine. 

"Also we know the gender or genders of your kids"

Me Louis and Niall all looked at each other. Then Louis says, "What ever the gender ill be happy."

Me and Niall both agreed.

"The gender or genders are........"
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