Choosing who and surprises(book 3)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is the 3rd book to my seris im not going to give a summery because it would give away the whole book if u havent read 'dirty little cheaters and cheaters lies and the truth then go read them before this book please. Thanks enjoy the last book to this seris. Cast List; Main Chacters-Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Darcey Mary, 
Minor Chacters- Doctors, 9 suprise people

(Book 3 to Dirty little cheaters)


10. Going home


Its the last day in the hospital and we get to take Brody and Logan to the flat. Im so excited but I have to wait till they both get older to have them by my self for a week at my own flat. even though we all live together im going to have to move out sometime and get married.
When we get to there flat me and Niall took care of the babys while Darcey slep cause she was really tired from the babies. 
Me and Niall made the babys laugh alot. i feel so connected to them. it was my choice to leave Darcey though. i feel bad for leaving her while she was pregnate with my kids and i left her to be with a guy thats not there real father. 

L- These kids are so adorable. I love them i feel so connected

N- Ya there are you have some wonderful children.

L- so do you (winks)

N- what are you talking about i dont have kids except for these but like not ones that are blood related to me

L- technically they are your kids since you there step- DAD.

N- oh right

L- i think there tired Logan looks tired. and Brody all ready asleep in your arms

N- your so good with kids Louis

L- thanks ive never had a kid but thanks kids are just so fun to play with.

We lay down the babys and watch football (the british kind). I cant belive Niall said i was good with kids. me and niall are like pals now. Then Darcey walks out to the living room. she comes to sit down next to me and niall. i can tell she is still really tired but doesnt want to go to sleep. 

L- Do you want us to change the channel?

D- Nah.. im good

L- ok just tell us if you want us to. 


Ahh. im so tired but dont want to go to sleep. i know im going to be up all night taking care of the babys. 
Then the babys start to cry. 

D- Omg they cry way to much i knew i wasnt ready for this. but this is what i put my self through. i say under my breath

i get up and try to comfort the babys. of course there hungery. i feed them both at the same time and they finnaly go back to sleep. 

N- if you ever need help babe then just ask we can always help you. 

L- ya if there is ever anything then get us to help ive been told im good with kids (winks at Niall)

Then they both start to laugh at each other.

D- Thanks guys.

Then i go sit on the couch and rest my head on Nialls sholder. i end up falling asleep. 
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