Choosing who and surprises(book 3)

**FINISHED**Hey guys this is the 3rd book to my seris im not going to give a summery because it would give away the whole book if u havent read 'dirty little cheaters and cheaters lies and the truth then go read them before this book please. Thanks enjoy the last book to this seris. Cast List; Main Chacters-Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Darcey Mary, 
Minor Chacters- Doctors, 9 suprise people

(Book 3 to Dirty little cheaters)


3. Finding out what?


I get up and its like 7. I cant believe me and Darcey actually fought last night. I get in the car and start my way off to the hospital. When i get there i run up to her room. When i get in shes laying in the hospital with Niall by her side. I see tear stains on her eyes also on Nialls eyes. I see a smile on Darceys face. Niall is cuddling with her. I think thats what is making her smile. Ive never seen her happier. I feel tears in my eyes. I feel like a jerk for last night and splitting them apart 2 years ago. I never wanted anything else but her. When i took them apart she was always so sad. I feel like she still wants Niall. I wanted whats best for her. 
I see Darceys eyes open and stare right at Niall smiling. 
Then she looks at me and says, "Louis its not what it looks like."
"Darcey im not mad with you its what is best for you not me. And look im sorry for yelling at you last night. You deserve better than me Darcey. Since ive seen you and Niall together as a couple i thought yall were cute together. Then i ruined it in Paris. All i ever wanted was you. But you are so much more happyer with him."
"louis im glad you understand. I thought there was going to be an argument. It would look like i was cheating on you but you knew what was best. "


I get up and give Louis a hug. Im so glad he understands. 
"Give me your hand" he says
I give him my hand. He slowly starts to take the engagement ring off me. 
"Louis you cant be serious."
I pull away my hand before it comes off.
"I want what is best for you and right now its for you to be with Niall. I want you to be with Niall."
He grabs my hand a forces the ring off. Then he takes off his. He takes them he has a necklace thing on his hand. He gently slides the rings down necklace thing. He goes to my back side. He puts the necklace on me.
"Darcey i never want you to forget we had it all. You need Niall though and i know it. Just dont make it bring back bad memorys. Just remember i loved you but needed you to be happy."
 Tears are running down my face. How could he give me up it was weird.
"Louis im so glad you understand."
I give him a hug. Then he walks out of the hospital room waving goodbye. Still with tears rolling down both of our faces. 
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