Reality Ruined My Life

Hannah was a regular high school student. Ambitous, popular, had the lead in her plays. But a certain boy she'd never thought in school has caught her eye. But she doesn't realize what drama he pushes her through. She thought that this boy would take her to a fairytale land.. Well, reality ruined Hannah Stone's life..


2. Hurt Ankle & A Dare?



"When I saw her face, I fell in love, took a minute girl, to steal my heart tonight, just one look, girl. Been waiting for a girl like you.." ~One Direction - Stole My Heart


I finally got home from a stressful day at school. I threw my backpack down. I didn't bother with homework today. I just wanted to go out and have a good day even if it's with the most annoying person I've ever met so far. I ran up stairs, ignoring my sister. I pull out a leather jacket, an American flag t-shirt, that has sequins covering it. With a pair of white pants, and 4 inch wedges with little fringes hanging off the sides. After I completed my outfit, I fell into my box spring bed and fell for a nap.

"I got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine.." my phone sings. I love Natasha Beddingfield. I answered my phone groggily. "Hello?" I moan. "Hannah, where are you?" Gianna asks, loud music blasting through the background. "Sorry, I was sleeping.." I yawn. "Get here now!" she hangs up. I wasn't in a rush. It's just Louis, and his 3 dick friends. I sat up on my bed and grabbed my clothes. It was time to bring that life to the party..

I climbed out my window, hopping onto the side roof, then down onto the grass. But a shock of pain shot through my leg. I cringed for a second, then limped my way to my white and purple bike. I hopped onto it, my foot slightly hurting. I started to pedal, heading in the directions Harry gave me.


I stood at Louis's front porch, ringing the doorbell. I stood there breathing out and in. Until a boy with his brown hair up in a quiff, with a white button up shirt, and black jeans, and gray converse. "Ahh. Stone, weird seeing your pretty self, here, standing at my doorstep, asking to come in." he flirts. "Tomlinson, shut it and let me in. I never miss a party. No matter who it is." I say, sticking my nose up. "Even if it was Eugene Reynolds?" he asks. "Em, he'd probably have like water and juice and some kind of birthday party shit music with little beamers across the house with his mum and dad supervising. Let me in Tomlinson!" I cry, looking past him and to look at Gianna and Taylor. "Alright, Stone!" he laughs.

"Thank you." I smirk, strutting past him. I saw his eyes roll.


I fix up my ponytail with a bump at the top. Me and the girls were gossiping in the bathroom. "But I KNOW Zayn likes me." Gianna says, so sure, as she applies strawberry lipgloss. "Babe, not to crush your dreams, but he's trying to get your body. And love, you have a very fit body." Taylor explains to Gianna. "First of all, ZAYN ISN'T LIKE THAT. And thanks babe." she smiles. "Well.. get with him then!" I nudge her as I comb the pony tail with my nails, leaving the heat produced curls still bouncy. "Ahaha. I will. If you, get with, Liam." Gianna smirks. "What?" I laugh. "That's one of the basketball jocks. I'm what? Some chick who likes to fucking sing and act?" I laugh, as I apply pink babylips. "Baby, your pretty smeshy." Taylor laughs. "Not really." I smile with my eyes closed. I feel Taylor look at me. "I will slap the tan off you." she threatens. "Well.. That escalated quickly." Gianna smirks. "Shut up." I smile. "Dare?" Taylor holds her hand out. "Challenge accepted.." I say. Quickly regretting it.

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