Reality Ruined My Life

Hannah was a regular high school student. Ambitous, popular, had the lead in her plays. But a certain boy she'd never thought in school has caught her eye. But she doesn't realize what drama he pushes her through. She thought that this boy would take her to a fairytale land.. Well, reality ruined Hannah Stone's life..


1. A House Party?


"She sneaks out in the middle of the night, tight dress with the top cut low, she's addicted to the feeling of letting go, she walks in and the room just lights up, but she doesnt want anyone to know, that I'm the only one who gets to take her home, everytime I tell her I want more, she closes her door, she's not afraid of all the attention, she's not afraid of running wild.." ~One Direction - She's Not Afraid


I hated sitting in school, listening to my teacher blubbering on about things I'm not going to use later on in life. I'm Hannah Stone. The most popular person in high school. Some people mistake me as the stereotypical popular girl like Regina George in Mean Girls. That's not me, unless, the situation I'm in calls for my Regina side to come out. And I have a Regina side. Worse than her though.

It was in the middle of November, I was casted for a school play called the Seussical. Yeah, Dr.Seuss the musical. I know.. But, I loved to sing and act. It was my life pretty much. I'm your typical brunette, blue eyed girl. I'm kind, I think, funny, bubbly, and ambitious. I'm spontaneous and obnoxious. My family lives in this huge house, it's not really nessecary for 5 kids. My parents have two boys, and three girls. Crazy? My mum's side of the family have a lot of kids, she's the middle of 10 kids. I can't even imagine giving birth to so many kids. I bet my grandmum's a bit stretched out down there. I know innaproprate.

"Ms.Stone! What did you get for number 6?" my math teacher, Ms.Mayzer, asks me, snapping me out of my daydream. "Oh! I got, 6 over 5." I say. "Incorrect." she smirks at me. "Hayley?" she moves on to the next person. Yeah. She hated me. Why? Well, with my friend, Harry, we went to egg her car. She caught us, but me and Harry ran off, and she didn't get any proof. Like I said, I'm a great actor. And the school princiable wasn't really the sharpest tool in the box. So me and Harry got off scott free, except for Michael. He helped us. And thank god that boy is smart enough that he didn't rat on us. Because I would have went all Bruce Lee on him.

The bell rings, finally letting us out of that friggin classroom. I grabbed my books and headed for the door. I met up with my friend, Gianna and Taylor. "Hii." Gianna says, like she's love struck. "Oh god what now?" I moan. "Oh, it's you know, Zayn.." she giggles like a typical teenager. Zayn was the jock of the school. I never really talked to him, but he usually always hit on me and the girls. Harry was his bestfriend. "That kid is no good GiGi." I say. "How do you know! He's artistic, sweet, mysterious," she says all daydreamy. "And he's the most mysterious guy I know. And boys like him make me want to friggin, make love to them." she says. "Damn," Taylor laughs. "You know that's kind of going too far.." I say, laughing. "I'm sorry! He's just so perfect for me." she says. "Your right. Your both whores." I smirk. "Hey!" she hits my arm. "I'm just kidding! I love you!" I say. "Shut up." she snaps at me. "Bye!" I wave to them.

I walk into Mr.Walker's class. Science. "Morningg!" he sings. I smirk at Harry, who smiled at me because of Walker's fruitness. "Someone's happy." Louis mumbles in the back of the class. The kids giggle. I roll my eyes. Louis was the popular boy of the school. Also one of Harry's best friends. Harry was like my brother. He was flirty, cocky, cheeky, sweet. And that kid definatly knew how to treat a girl. "Shut up Tomlinson." I shoot at him. He smirks at me. "Your very sassy, Stone." he says to me. We called eachother our last names. I'm not sure why. We just did. "Stop with the quarreling!" Mr.Walker says. "Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends." Louis sings the band War's song which was released in 1975. I do my research. "Your such a retard." Harry says. I can feel Louis grinning at him.

"Today, your going to do a lab!" Walker smiles. "Ahh. My favorite." I sarcastically say. "Glad to see your excitement Ms.Stone." he says. He obviously wasn't the sharpest tool in the box as well. Harry and Louis start to snicker at me. "So! Your gonna..."

*Fast Forwarding To The Lab*

"No! Harry! You put the red in the blue! This is exactly why I'm scared to partner up with you!" I say, snatching the beaker from him. "Woah, woah." he puts his hands up in front of him. "You broke a freaking battery in my house and it ate through the floor. Then Dusty broke her leg!!" he says. "Sorry.." I smirk. He grins at me. I pour the red into the blue, and I was wrong. The beaker blew up. The shrieks of the class room started from Mr.Walker. Making Louis, Harry, I, and the rest of the class laugh. Me and Harry ducked down. "Mr.Styles and Ms.Stone, you should take a break from the lab.." he nervously laughs. "It was her fault." he points at me. Walker shakes his head. We sit down outside the classroom.

"Ugh, I never want to do chemical reaction shit ever again." I say. "Especially with you." he smirks at me. Smirking was his thing. He always did it, no matter what. "Shut up Harold." I shoot a glare at him. The bell rings, and we pick up our books, and as always, Louis is the first out. "Ahh, the troublemakers." he says. "Hi Louis." Harry smiles. I roll my eyes. Honestly, I couldn't stand Louis. First for his cockiness. He thinks he knows everything. He thought that the song, You've Got A Friend In Me was sang by Queen. And to my knowledge, I though he was obsessed with Queen. Second of all, his manwhorishness. He gets with a girl with every house party he has. There was a lot more, but my brain couldn't really get the information up.

"Hello?" Louis waves his hand in my face. This happens too many times. "What." I say, emotionless. "Your coming to that house party, aren't you?" He asks. "Don't I always?" I smile at him. "Right.." Harry says awkwardly. "I'll see you all around.." I say, walking into next period.




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