1D luv


3. The big secret

                    '' Oh my gosh'' I said. I was happy yet scared. Scared of two things. Liam and the responsibility yet to come. I threw myself onto the bed.

'' Good morning Tiff!" Liam said waking up from my disturbing bed shake.

" yeah, good morning" I said quietly.

                     Liam heard me and asked if everything was alright.

" yeah, why wouldn't it be?" I tried to say it as cheerfully as I could but all I really wanted to do was break down into tears but I had to stay strong until I told Liam. I started to consider not telling him and keeping it a secret but that would be useless, because he would definitely find out.

'' Tiff?'' Liam said

" yea?"

" I love you. You know that right?"

'' Of course''

'' okay. And if you were feeling upset or hurt you would tell me right?"

'' of course I would tell you babe.'' I looked at Liam, he looked back and I could tell in his bright brown sparkling eyes, that he knew. He knew that I was upset and hurting inside because I had to hide something from him.

'' Okay. I love you'' Liam said as he was getting up to kiss me on the top of my head. Liam left the room and went into the kitchen. I was so angry with myself. How could I let this happen!? How could I keep such a big secret from him!? I threw my face into my pillow and broke down into tears. Liam came into the room.

'' Tiffany. Please babe tell me what's wrong" Liam came to the side of the bed. I looked up at Liam. I stared into eyes. Liam knelt down and hugged me. I never wanted him to let go of me.

'' I just love you so much and would hate to see you go'' I really would hate to lose Liam but that wasn't the problem.

'' I will never leave you." Liam said it and I believed him.

'' don't worry I'm alright now.''

 Liam got up and walked away into the bathroom. Just then I heard a knock at the door. I put a smile on my face and went to open the door.

'' Hellooo!!!'' Niall said screaming as he walked through the door.

'' Niall. it's not necessary to yell''

'' oh sorry, hey not to change the subject but where's Liam?''

'' he's upstairs taking a shower''

      Just then the rest of the boys came running in.

'' hello Tiff''' they said.

'' hey''

 I walked to the living room and sat down on the couch.

'' Are you alright?'' Zayn asked

'' Yeah.... I'm fine.''

Everybody sat down on the opposite couch. Harry whispered something to Louis and then they both looked at me. Harry was staring at me.

'' what?'' I asked.

'' I know something is wrong. Hmmmm.... your keeping something from us aren't you?''

I just sat there and look at the boys. Without any warning my eyes started to get watery.

'' Tiff. it's alright.'' Niall said trying to reassure me.

'' but it's not.'' I could barely speak because I was crying. '' Liam doesn't know that I'm pregnant and if he finds out he's gonna hate me.'' At that point I had no clue that I just said what I didn't what to say. Everybody was staring at me.

'' Your pregnant?'' Harry said surprised.

 All of the boys were surprised and I knew that I didn't mean to say anything but I did and I couldn't take anything back. I was crying so hard.

'' P..please.. d..ont t..ell Liam''

'' Tiff. Liam has to know though.'' Louis said.

'' I know but I'm going to tell him I'm just waiting for the right moment''

Everything was quiet for a second until I heard Liam call my name from upstairs. I ran upstairs and into my room where I found Liam sitting there on the bed with something in his hands.

'' I knew something was wrong''

'' what do you mean?"

 Liam held up what was in his hands.

'' Liam I swear I was gonna tell you I was just waiting.'' Liam cut me off. he ran up to me and kissed me.

'' babe. don't worry. don't ever worry. I'm not mad at you because I bet it was hard to find out yourself.''

'' are you sure that your not mad''

'' I'm positive.''


We walked downstairs together. I smiled the whole time. I was lucky to have a great boyfriend like Liam. He was understanding and he looked at things from my point if view instead of just going ahead and being angry. I loved him and that's  I need right now.

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