1D luv


2. love, and back stabving.

        " RING RING" my phone rang loudly. It was 1:48 in the morning. " Who could possibly be calling me at this time?."   " Hello?" I said with a scratchy voice.

" Hello"

" Zayn? are you okay"

" yup, I'm fine"

" okay but is there a reason that you're calling me so early?

" umm. I wanted to know if I could come over later?"

" sure. around what time?"

" maybe, around 12:00?''

" okay zayn come around that time and I'll have some break feast ready. okay?"

" okay Tiff, see you then"

               I set my alarm clock to 10:00 so that I could have some food done by the time Zayn came over. All that I really wanted to know was why Zayn called so early, and what he wanted, but its always a nice treat to see any of the boys especially Liam.   


               I almost had a heart attack with the loud " BRING BRING BRINGING" of my alarm. At first I almost forgot that Zayn was coming over, but when I did remember I sprang out of my bed to get some pancakes and bacon cooking.


             I heard knocking at the door as soon as I finished cooking. I went to the door knowing it was Zayn.


" Hello Tiff!"

" hey Zayn."

           Zayn came in and plopped himself onto my couch.

" Dang Zayn, dont  break my couch now" I said laughing

" Hahaha so whats up Tiffany?''

" well I made you some break feast"

" aww you didn't have to"

" well I cant have hungry guests now can I?"

" thank you though. It smells delicious!"

        We sat down and started to eat.

" So did you need something?"

" what? I can't just come over to a lads house and spend sometime with you?"

" I didn't say that now did I? Okay well help me clean up please."

" Sure"

        While we were cleaning up, I noticed that Zayn was staring at me a little.

" what?" I said with a little bit of laughter in my voice.

" It's just..."

" what's wrong Zayn, I know something is bothering you."

" I know that Zayn and you are truly in love, and it hurts me because I like you. I've liked you before you and Liam have started to date and, I just......... love you"

              I stared at Zayn. I didn't really know where this was coming from. Every time Zayn was around Liam and I he always acted normal, and I never thought that he even had the tinyest  crush on me. Zayn is a great best friend to me and I wouldn't want anything less of that but I wouldn't want anything more either.

         All of a sudden Zayn was leaning in to kiss me.

" Zayn! You know that you cant do this, I'm dating Liam.

" Whats he doesn't know wont hurt him" Zayn said.

       Zayn tried again for a kiss, but I backed up, just then Liam walked in stood in the door way staring at Zayn.

" ZAYN!"

" Liam I'm sorry I just.."

" YOU JUST NOTHING. Dont you ever try to kiss my girl friend again!"

" Liam calm down"

" No I wont calm down"

       I ran towards Liam and held on tight to him knowing what was about to happen next. I saw the rest of the boys getting out of the car.They looked at me and saw the worried look on face and came racing to the door. Liam was still yelling at Zayn and the next thing I know Liam was running towards Zayn, with hist hands bunched up in fists. As soon as the boys saw that Liam and Zayn were fighting and were already on the floor, Louis and Harry were to the rescue trying to seperate the two while Niall stood back asking what happened and trying to comfort me. After Zayn and Liam were done fighting I explained to everyone what had started the whole thing.

"why would Zayn do that knowing that you and Liam are dating" Niall said.

" he said that he liked me even before I was dating Liam, but I think that if he really did like me as Liam did at first I would have gone out with him. I just never suspected that he liked me one little bit.

" I hope that they can just look past this and make up." Louis said sadly.

" Don't worry I know they will. Liam can't go a day without Zayn, and it's the same way for Zayn." Harry said confidently.

         Once the boys left I just sat there with Liam holding his hand.

" Liam I hope your not mad at me".

"Tiffany. I have no reason what so ever to be mad you, you did nothing I saw you backing away from Zayn. And yes i will forgive him. Were lads and I wouldn't be able to stand losing any of the boys. But I still love you, and nothing will ever change that."

        And I believed him. I know that Liam loved me, and he knows  that I love him with all my heart. We just sat there for a while not speaking, not exchanging glances, just sitting there in a nice silence. It was almost as if I could hear Liam's thoughts and he could hear mine. Liam let out a long sigh.

" Oh Liam. I love you no matter what happens and I want you to know that I will never leave you and I will always be here by your side." I said with a big smile on my face looking at Liam. He smiled and kissed me on head, then took my hand and brought me out side. Liam opened the car door for me and I got in.

Once Liam was in the car I asked him where we were going, and he look at me and with his girl voice screamed " shopping!"

       I laughed and gave Liam a kiss on the side of his cheek. Once we were at the mall I looked at Liam  and said in an extremely serious voice " Are you sure you want to do this?"

" of course I do what could possibly go wrong?"

" Ummm well I take forever, and fans."

" The boys and I dont have any fans yet"

" Liam. Are you serious. do you have anyclue of the amount of girls chasing down loui, and harry? obvisouly not."

" oh I can handle it."

" ok."

                 The time we were looking around, girls started to notice Liam and I, they new who we were considering how many young girls came  up to us and asked Liam to sign stuff for them, which I honestly find cute and nice. That was another thing. Eventually Liam would go on tour, meet some amazing people, and I would be there the whole time, but the only thing is that i havent told Liam and Kloe and the rest of the boys, my new secret. Soon or later Liam would find out. Some way, some how and it might as well be from me. I had to tell him, I was just waiting for the wright time.








































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