1D luv


1. Meeting the boys.



                     " I cant believe its summer already!" I said to my best friend as we walked out the school doors. " This is gonna be the best summer ever!" Kloe said to me. My phone started to ring. I looked at the screen and checked to see who it was. " yay!" I said excitedly.

     "What?"said Kloe.

    " It's Liam!"

    " I wonder if hes with the boys"

    " Shhhh, I'm answering the phone"

    "jeez, I'll be quiet" Kloe says with a funny look on her face.

    " Hey Liam!"

    " Hello love, did you leave school yet?"

    " Yup, Kloe and I just left right now"

    " Do you guys want to come over? It's just me and the boys"

    " Sure we'll be right there" I said hanging up the phone.

    " I knew he was with the boys" Kloe said

     "Shut up Kloe, they have a really special bond.....wait"

     "  What?"

    " You never met the boys before"

    " I've only met Liam and Harry "

     " Good. Your gonna love Loui, Niall, and Zayn."     

    " Cant wait to meet them!" Kloe said sarcastically.

           " Really Kloe?.... no need to be like that they're all really nice, and I know you hate meeting new people, but your gonna love them"

           " okay. And I really can't wait to see them. I've heard good things... from you of course"

          We walked down the street laughing about Kloe's little comment. We walked up to Liam's door and I rang the door bell. I heard Liam running to the door, and the boys laughing in the background. As soon as Liam saw me he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me inside. Kloe followed us in laughter. Liam put me down and we started kissing passionately. When we finally stopped kissing, I took Kloe's hand and pulled her in front of the boys." Niall, Loui, Zayn.... this is Kloe my best friend"

"what about me?" Harry said laughing

" Harry you already know Kloe" I said giggling.

" awww" Liam said

" what babe?"

" That giggle of yours, I could die for it:"

Liam leaned in an we started we started to kiss again.

" Oh Liam, your such a love bug" Niall said laughing.

 " Why dont you take a seat Kloe" Loui said pulling out a chair for her.

" Thank you" Kloe said.

" Vas Happinen Kloe" Harry said

" Harry thats my phrase and your always taking it!" Zayn said

" Zayn if you start fighting with Harry im gonna take away your mirror" Niall said loudly

" NOOOO NOT BABY MIRROR!" Zayn said  whining.

" okay so then stop" Niall said.

" nice to meet you Kloe" Loui said gazing into her eyes.

" Hey.... where did Liam and Tiffany go?" Niall said.

" Hehehe lets go find out" Zayn said creepily.

" Umm, I think I'll stay here" Kloe said.

" yeah guys I'll stay with Kloe" Loui said

  Harry, Niall, and Zayn walked away slowly trying not to make any noise.

" So Kloe" Loui said after the boys were down the hall and out of sight.

" How long have you and Tiffany been friends for?" Louis aks

" Since grade school" Kloe replied.

" Oh so you to are really close lads?''

" yeah we're the  best of friends"

" It's always good to have a lad there when you need her, like the boys and I. I mean I have'nt known them as long as you and Tiffany, but we have gotton along very well and I would hate to not be friends with any of the boys"

" yeah I know what you mean, I would die with out Tiffany, she's like a sister to me you know?"

" I know exactaly what you mean"

       Just then Harry, Niall, and Zayn came running back into the living room laughing histerically.

"what  happened?" Loui said

Harry tried to explain but his words came out in gasps, so Niall explained.

" okay so we were sitting by Liam's door, and then all of  a sudden we heard Tiffany, and...." Niall could'nt finish explaining because he was laughing so hard.  

" You get the piont" Harry said in histerics.

" Yup, those to never sleep. Every time I slept over Tiffanys house and Liam was there i was on the couch the whole night because I was deffinitely not going to sit there through that torture." Kloe said laughing.

" Oh, Liam he sure can make a lady happy" Niall said.

     Everybody was sitting on the couch laughing when Liam and Tiffany came out of the room.

"Whats so funny?"Tiffany said.

" Nothing"Zayn said.

" Okay it's kinda hard to believe that nothing is funny considering the fact that none of you can breathe because of you laughing but ok, if you say so"

         All of a sudden Liam and Tiffany started to kiss again.

" Can't you to go back into your room for that" Niall said trying not to laugh.

Tiffany slapped Niall jokingly on his arm " You little eves droppers."

" you know what Tiffany?" Harry said

"what  Harry?"

" Liam was telling me the other night......"

" Shut up Harry"

" No liam"

"Harry stop dont say it"

"Liam was saying how he would die with out you and how hes gonna do a little some thing special for you"


" You spioled the surprise"

" No I did'nt."

"yeah you did"

" I didnt say what the surprise was"

" hmmmm. I wonder what the surprise could be" Tiffany said in curiosity.

" well I guess your guess your gonna keep wondering because Liam wont tell you for a million dollars" Harry said.

" but I would tell you for a million pussy's."

" HARRY!" Kloe screamed.

" what... oh, you dont know that i meant cat. you know. Pussy cat."

" No harry maybe next time you might wanna tell the person!"

"oh Kloe." Harry said laughing.

" okay... awkard. sooooo. who wants to go out for dinner." Liam asked awkardly.

" Ohhhh lets go to Nandos!" Niall said.

" Niall I already told you that not dinner" Loui said.

" Fine but next time we go to Nandos".

       The whole ride to the resturante Louis and Kloe were gazing into each others eyes, while they had they're convorsation. After we ate dinner we all went back to Liam's house and hung out. Everyone went to the backyard to roast marshmallows except for Kloe and Loui.

" So, Kloe I know we just met but, I think you are a wonderful girl, and i was wondering if um... maybe sometime we could go to dinner or something?"

" oh, I would love to Louis!"

   Louis and Kloe started to kiss when all of the  boys and Tiffany walked in.

" ooooohhhhh loui I knew you like Kloe" Niall said

  Loui and Kloe quickly stopped kissing and embarssingly looked at everyone.

" Dont worry Kloe, Loui is a great person and he will treat you great!" Liam said

 All of a sudden Harry started crying.

" whats wrong harry?" Zayn asked hugging him tight.

" Young love" Harry exclaimed happily.





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