Simone Saunders didn't think that her past mistake of telling Taylor Livinston that she didn't love him was gonna come back to haunt her.
Years after that dramatic turnout, a new student moves into town.
Taylor Livinston is out for my blood, Simone thinks.
What could she do now? Everytime she sees him, the hurt and regret overflows her.
Can he ever forgive her? Give her a second chance?
Plizz read it and tell me wat u fnk about it!!!
You myt not regret it....
Lyk if u lyk


2. Uh... What???


…2 years later…


“Mom,” I called out as I drank from my mug of steaming black coffee. I’d been waiting for her to get up ever since the clock on the kitchen mantle read 7:00.

There was no answer from mom, a sure sign that she was still asleep after probably crying herself dry last night.

Mom had always been an early bird. Always getting up at 5 to make a well balanced breakfast for me, leaving it on the tabletop before heading down to the bakery where she worked as the manager.

But all that changed when the divorce papers had arrived in the mail. Everything had changed when dad all up and left us. Left mom. Left us. Left me. I detested my dad with every fibre of my being. How could he do that to mom? How could he not want us anymore? Why did she have to change? I missed my overprotective mom. The mom that asked me about my day at school. The one that hovered and cared about me. Not the person that was a shell of her old self.

“Mom, I’m leaving,” I called out to the barren house after having nothing else to do. Still no reply from her.

Sighing, I grabbed the memo pad. Mom, have some breakfast.

                                                       Had to rush to school because of the speech.

                                                                          Love ya.


I wrote in my messy handwriting. Then I rushed around the house, grabbing my handbag packed with all the necessities for a whole day at school. I stopped by the mirror hanging in the living room, checking my appearance, a morning ritual. My warm chocolate brown eyes stared back at me surrounded by tresses of brunette hair that I had inherited from my father. I had contemplated dying it blonde like my moms’ or dark black, any colour that didn’t remind me of my father. But at the last second, I had always freaked out like a scared cat.

My eyeliner and lip balm was perfectly applied, thanks to Alyson’s perfect mentoring.

Breaking out of my thoughts, I grabbed my keys to the old Cadillac parked in the garage and rushed out of the house. Classes started at 8:25 and it was already 8am. Shoving the keys into the ignition, I backed the car outta the driveway and started the short drive to school.


          v          v          v


“So, ready for the speech thing for Lit?” Alyson Reed, my long-time bestie asked me as we headed down the hallway towards homeroom.

“Yeah,” I replied as I rummaged through my bag for my notes. “How hard could it be, eh? Jane Austen is pretty easy.”

“Yeah, if you were from the 19th century.”

“Nah. You just have to understand the concept.”

“What concept is that exactly, Lady Saunders?” she asked in an English accent.

“Ha-ha,” I muttered. “Well, for ‘Pride and Prejudice’, Elizabeth Bennett was too pride and refused to let go off her preconceived notions of Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy on the other hand, was too prejudiced against those of the lower status.”

“Whoa, well done Ms. Saunders,” Alyson said as she gave a round of exaggerated applause. “When did you become so intelligent?”

“It’s called listening, Ally. You should try it sometime,” I replied as I spotted Brianna Samuels, the captain of the squad, heading towards us with a slight bounce in her step.

This was bad. Only two things put a bounce in Brianna’s step. Either she had just acquired a new Prada or Gucci bag or she had some juicy gossip that she wanted to tell everyone.

“Simone. Alyson,” she acknowledged in the way that she had always done for the past two years as she gave us a hug each.

“Hey Brianna,” I greeted her with a smile. “How’s everything?”

“Great,” she said, waving her arms around for emphasis. “Fabulous. Perfect.”


“Anyways, I just heard or more like saw something….interesting,” she started. “Wanna hear?”

“Uh-huh,” Alyson and I both say, knowing that she’d tell us anyway.

“So…there’s a new kid in school,” she paused as we stared at her prodding her on with our eyes. “He’s hot as…ever,” she continued. “A cross between Johnny Depp and Chris Hemsworth. But with dark hair. Smoking hot.”

“Great,” I mumbled, not bothering much about it. New hot kid, so what? He wasn’t worth it.

 “Where did he come from?” Alyson asked, interested in any sort of gossip, especially about a hot guy.

“He moved from… uh… I think it was New York,” Brianna paused as she thought about it. “Yeah, definitely New York.”

“Why did he move here?”

“I don’t know. But I’ll know by first period,” Brianna said.

“I’m sure you will,” I muttered, knowing that if Brianna had something on her mind, she’ll get it.

The bell for homeroom rang, indicating that everyone should be heading off to their different rooms or face the consequences of detention. Brianna made no move to leave.

“Does he have a name?” Alyson asked her, not moving an inch until she got it.

“Yeah,” Brianna replied. “Taylor.”

I did a double take. I was just too paranoid since I hadn’t heard that name being said in a long time.

“Taylor what?” Alyson pestered on.

“Livinston. Taylor Livinston,” Brianna replied, as my heart thudded in my chest.

I stood there stunned, eyes wide in shock at hearing that name. My mouth was open as I gawked openly at Brianna. My breathing sped up as my mind processed everything that Brianna had just said.

No way! Taylor Livinston can’t be back. No way was it ‘my Taylor’. The same Taylor that made me laugh was not back. There are many Taylor Livinstons’, right? It could be a coincidence.

Taylor Livinston, the name that I had tried desperately to forget, but couldn’t because it was burned into my memory. Burned into my soul. My being.

Why did he have to come back? Memories flooded me as the feelings or regret, remorse and sadness hit me like a racking ball. It couldn’t be him.

“Taylor Livinston?” Alyson questioned in wonder as I still tried to gather myself and find my voice.

“Yeah, that’s him. Taylor Livinston,” Brianna confirmed.

The shock on my face was so profound but Brianna didn’t notice or chose not to.

“Okay,” she muttered. “I gotta go. See you at the party,” she added then left a hand on her left hip like she was posing and modelled down the hallway although no one was there to admire her gracefulness except us.

Not a word passed between me and Alyson as we went for homeroom which passed by slowly. I didn’t bother responding to anyone at all. Didn’t bother to listen to any conversation. My mind was only on one thing. One person. Taylor Livinston…

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