Simone Saunders didn't think that her past mistake of telling Taylor Livinston that she didn't love him was gonna come back to haunt her.
Years after that dramatic turnout, a new student moves into town.
Taylor Livinston is out for my blood, Simone thinks.
What could she do now? Everytime she sees him, the hurt and regret overflows her.
Can he ever forgive her? Give her a second chance?
Plizz read it and tell me wat u fnk about it!!!
You myt not regret it....
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1. I Love You But I Can't Say It

“You have to do it, Simone. For the sake of all cheerleaders,” Samantha Brown said with an evil smirk appearing on her perfect face.
“Geeks need to be shown their place on the food chain,” her trusty lieutenant, Jessica Peters added. “They can’t and will not be friends with a cheerleader. If you want to one of us,” she paused as she pointed at all of them, “you can’t hang out with ‘him’,” she added, spitting out the word ‘him’ like it was sour in her mouth.
Him? That’s what they thought of the boy I loved. Something disgusting that needed to be disposed off like yesterdays’ take out.
“For my initiation,” I said, finally finding my voice. “You want me to stop hanging out with Taylor?” I asked.
Not comprehending the very thought of living without Taylor, there cracking a joke and being himself. Being my sweet Taylor.
“Yes,” Samantha replied in a bored voice as she admired her perfectly manicured nails.
“What do you even have to lose anyway?” Jessica asked. “He’s not even a looker with those big specs and weird fashion sense.”
In answer to her question I thought ‘everything’. My life. My love.
I was too intimidated to voice my opinions. Opinions that need to be voiced. But Alyson had said that in order for me to be someone in high school I needed to be loaded with cash or a cheerleader.
But since my family wasn’t rich, I was stuck trying to please these obnoxious, and shallow minded cheerleaders.
“Okay,” I muttered out in a low voice.
“Pardon?” Samantha asked.
“I’ll do it,” I blurted out against my better judgement.
“Good to hear,” she said with a pleased tone. “Now do it by tonight and text me when it’s done.”
“Tonight?” I asked. I’d thought that I’d at least have one night, another night to spend with Taylor.
“Yes. Is something wrong with that?”
“Nope,” I answered. “Not a thing.”


“Aren’t the stars just beautiful?” Taylor asked as we lay outside on my balcony. His sweet scent was heavenly. A tinge of pine and lemon. I savoured it, committing it to memory, thinking over what I had to do.
“Yes, they are,” I answered his question, although my eyes weren’t focused on the stars. They were only focused on him, drinking in every detail of him. His dark hair that I had always had to stop myself from running my fingers through. The green eyes hidden behind the glasses that he wore. Everything. The way his brows arched down the way it always did when he was in deep concentration.
“Simone,” he said, bringing me out of my thoughts. I was surprised to see that I had been staring at his full red lips that had always been tempting. Begging to be kissed.
Embarrassed, I blushed at being caught ogling my best friend.
“Uh-huh,” I muttered.
“Is everything okay?” he asked, staring intently back at me.
“Yes. Perfect,” I lied, sitting up on the reclining chair, turning away from him. Nothing was perfect right now.
I felt him sit up on his chair, then wrapping his arms around me in a comforting gesture that just made me want to forget about everything and freeze time.
How could I do this to him? My best friend. My confidant.
Tears streamed down my face as I thought over it.
“Simone? You’re crying. What can I do?” he asked me.
“Nothing,” I mumbled out.
“Simone, stop crying. It’s breaking my heart.”
Taking in a deep breath, I paused.
I need to do this as fast as I could. Like a band aid. Painless and clean.
My body tensed, as Taylor loosened his arms, feeing the change in my demeanour.
“This needs to end, Taylor. Now.”
“What needs to end?” he asked, confusion apparent in his voice.
“This,” I yelled, shrugging out of his arms, as I got off the chair. “US! We need to end.”
“Why?” he asked with a pained expression on his face.
“We just need to, okay?”
“We can’t end this, Simone,” he replied in a determined tone as he came and stood next to me, placing both his hands on either side of my shoulders. “Simone, you don’t want to end this,” he added, his green eyes staring intently into mine, begging me. Pleading with me, tugging at my heart.
“I… I do,” I said in out loud in a shaky tone.
“No you don’t. We’ve known each other forever. You can’t.”
“I do and I will Taylor and there’s nothing you can say that will change my mind,” I said as I started heading back into the house. Suddenly that balcony had seemed cold and different.
“I love you Simone,” Taylor said as I stopped moving, stopped breathing as I stood there like a statue, stunned and losing my resolve. He whispered it like it was his last defence.
“Don’t even start,” I pleaded. “Don’t do this Taylor.”
“I love you and I know you love me too.”
“It’s done Taylor. We’re done,” I muttered out in a low voice.
“Simone,” he said.
“Leave,” I said, yet silently begging him not to.
“Fine. I’m not going to grovel,” he said as he started heading inside.
“I hope you’ll have a happy life,” he added as he glanced back at me, waiting for me to change my mind and stop him. But it never came. “I’ll miss you,” he muttered.
The next sound was that of the door slamming behind him.
I cried as the tears unconsciously streamed down my face.
I thought of Taylor. I had obviously hurt him. Crushed him.
I had juts shut out the very reason for my existence.
Taking out my iPhone, I scrolled through my contacts. Pausing at Taylor’s number. With on press of the button I could get him back. I’d grovel. I’d do anything to get him back. To hear the beautiful sound of his laughter again. To be with him. With one press of the button, everything could return back to normal.
But I couldn’t. Instead I continued and stopped at Samantha Brown’s number, sending her a text. “It’s done.”
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