Simone Saunders didn't think that her past mistake of telling Taylor Livinston that she didn't love him was gonna come back to haunt her.
Years after that dramatic turnout, a new student moves into town.
Taylor Livinston is out for my blood, Simone thinks.
What could she do now? Everytime she sees him, the hurt and regret overflows her.
Can he ever forgive her? Give her a second chance?
Plizz read it and tell me wat u fnk about it!!!
You myt not regret it....
Lyk if u lyk


3. Changes & Regrets



“Now class,” Ms. Jacobs, the Lit teacher called our attention. “As I’m sure all of you remember, your speeches make up ten percent of your annual assessment. I’m sure you’ll all do a marvellous job,” she added in her sweet tone.

In her late twenties, Ms. Jacobs was always sweet and cheerful. Dressed in her comfortable skirt and sweater, she always reminded me of an average girl next door. An older sister of sorts. With her sun blonde hair tied up in a perfect and proper bun her warm chocolate brown eyes made everyone adore her within an instant.

“Let’s begin,” she said as the third bell that indicated late comers rang loud. “Simone,” she calls me, her ten watt smile focused on me. “Would you like to start?”

“No Ms. Jacobs. I don’t mind,” I replied, then rummaged through my handbag as I searched for my notes.

A rush of strong wind hit me; blowing my brown hair against my face as the door to the room was opened. I tucked my hair into my right ear as I recited my speech under my breath. Alyson who was sitting at the desk next to me let out a gasp as she grabbed my hand.

“What?” I mouthed as I took in her shocked face.

Her blue eyes were like a deer’s when it was caught by headlights. She was still staring at the front of the classroom. She didn’t even get a chance to reply as Ms. Jacobs took the words right out of her mouth.

“Class, it seems we have a new student,” she addressed. “Introduce yourself, young man,” she added as I still stared at Ally.

“Hey,” the new student said in a deep voice. “My name’s Taylor. Taylor Livinston,” he added the five words that stopped my world. Literally it stopped.

All the available air in the room was sucked out as I looked up and my eyes locked with the most familiar green eyes that stared back at me. Mesmerised, I watched him, not breaking out of his gaze.

Then as fast as it had happened, his eyes hardened as he looked away from me, breaking his spell, as he took the room in.

Taylor Livinston had really changed.

He was now broad shouldered, with the same dark hair but cut short. His specs that were usually covering those green eyes were gone. The freckles that I adored had disappeared. His jaw and body was more defined then it did back then. I searched for any sign of the skinny, freckle covered and specs wearing Taylor that I knew.

The midnight blue jeans and white shirt that he was wearing made him look like he’d just stepped out of a New York fashion shoot.

Looking at him, I knew that Brianna Samuels was right. Taylor Livinston was smoking hot.

“Take any empty seat, Taylor,” Ms. Jacobs stated.

I took in Taylor’s movement as he took the empty seat in the front of the classroom. His back was straight as he looked straight ahead.

“Simone, you’re up,” Ms. Jacobs called out, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I had totally forgotten about the speech.

“Yeah,” I said. “Coming,” I added as I grabbed my book.

I walked up to the front seat, head raised as I put on a confident front. I acted like his presence shocked and unnerved me even though I wanted to run out of the room when Taylor focused his eyes on me.

“My speech is on Jane Austen’s most infamous novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The novel was well received by the citizens of Austen’s age as it has all the fine details of writing. There is suspense, drama, unrequited love, pride and prejudices. The title of the novel perfectly depicts the story. The novel as everyone knows, is on the life of Elizabeth Bennett and her family. She was courted both by Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy who she initially turned down. She turned down Mr. Collins due to the fact that she felt nothing for him. Mr. Darcy was turned down because of many factors. One was his own fault. Mr. Darcy was prejudiced against her family and social standing. The other factor was Mr. Wickham’s deceit. Elizabeth also had too much pride. Mr. Darcy also had pride, thinking too highly of himself. The novel was well written and has given me insight into life in the 19th century. I found the fact that Elizabeth Bennett was easily swayed against her better judgement, believing Mr. Wickham so easily and deciding against the man she loved was foolish and stupid,” I paused as I thought back on the words I’d just read.

I’d written it with the knowledge that it wouldn’t come back to bite me. It obviously did. Taylor was sitting there and I’d just incriminated myself and become a hypocrite. I had done what Elizabeth Bennett had done. I had chosen against Taylor, like Elizabeth choosing against Darcy.  I had been made to shut him out. To deny the boy I loved.

A single tear rolled down my face as I tore my eyes away from my notes and looked at Taylor. He had on a cold and guarded expression like he was wishing that I’d just disappear from the face of the earth. I continued to stare at him, trying to communicate my thoughts, begging for hi forgiveness. Hoping he’d fell my regret and sorrow. But his expression didn’t falter as his gaze burned into me.

“Ms. Saunders,” Ms. Jacobs’s words echoed in my ears pulling me back to reality. “Is that all?”

“Urghh….Yes Ms. Jacobs,” I muttered back as I finally tore my eyes from his.

“Marvellous and detailed, Ms. Saunders,” she commented. “Anyone wants to say something?” she asked as I headed back to my seat.

“Yes Mr. Livinston,” the words echoed in my ears as I froze half-way to my desk.

“I just want to say that I completely agree with Simone. I loathe people that don’t have a backbone and are unwilling to stand up for their beliefs or feelings. I also hate hypocrites,” Taylor’s burned into my ears, as each word hit me like a blow. 

“Thank you for input, Mr. Livinston,” Ms. Jacobs commented as she smiled proudly at the class. “And might I add, that I’m sure everyone here today agrees with you and Ms. Saunders. Now let’s continue. Ms Reed?” she called Alyson’s name as I sat there at my desk frozen to the bone as Taylor turned his head to the back and looked at me.


          v          v          v


“I’m gonna be sick,” I muttered to Alyson as I watched Taylor walk into the cafeteria with Jasmine Phillips, the mathelete of the school. With her messy brown hair tied up in an unruly bun and her murky brown eyes that looked up at Taylor in devotion, she was having the time of her life. I stared at her in envy.

I used to be her. The one walking and talking to Taylor. The one beside him. That was back before I’d chosen my life now.

“Relax Simone,” she assured me as my eyes still remained locked on Taylor and the girl next to him. She leaned into him, whispering something into his ear, as he burst up laughing at whatever she said. “Anyways you’ve got Nathan, remember?”

Shit. I’d forgotten all about my Nathan. Taylor had made me push him aside. Nathan Burns my boyfriend of six months. Nathan, with his brown shaggy hair and stormy grey eyes. The school heartthrob. The quarterback of the football team. I should forget all about Taylor. Forget those green eyes. Forget the sweet nectar of his laughter. Forget the way he still made my heart beat faster just by being in the same room as me. Forget the way he drew my attention as he entered a room. I definitely need to forget the way I still felt for him.

“Where’s Nathan anyway?” Alyson interrupted my thoughts as I took a swig from my bottle of Fiji Water.

“He’s out fishing with his father at the Lake,” I replied, my eyes trained on Jasmine as she fed Taylor a fry.

“So he’s trying to bond with his father?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

“He’s still coming to the party tonight at Brianna’s, right?”

“Uh-huh,” I muttered absent-mindedly, not focusing on the conversation.

Alyson sighed as she looked in the same direction that I was looking. “Oh come on Simone, stop torturing yourself.”


“Stop looking at Taylor and those weirdoes.”

“I wasn’t looking at them,” I feigned.

“Okay then, stop staring at them,” she said.

“Hey Ally, did you get what Ms. Jacobs was saying about homework?” I tried to distract her, knowing how much she had to say on the topic of Taylor.

Thankfully she let it slide as she got out her notes, and gave me a lecture on the importance of listening to the teacher during class.


          v          v          v


The sound of Usher’s single ‘Scream’ blasted from the speakers of Brianna’s huge house. Students from Burking High were everywhere. Partying. Dancing. Drinking and enjoying themselves as they did unspeakable things to their dates.

Brianna’s house was in Pine Circle, where all the rich and elite families lived, with their extravagant house, posh cars and divine swimming pools. Of course, Brianna’s house was no different. Crème paint job, award-winning garden and a huge mansion that made my house look like a run down, abandoned building. Brianna’s house also had that luxurious furniture that was worth mom’s annual pay check.

I wasn’t that envious of it. I just wondered how it would be like to live their lives. To be in their shoes for instance. To wake up one morning and have all this at your disposal.

“Simone, hey,” a couple of girls from the squad called out in greeting. “Nathan’s looking for you,” one of them added, with an amused grin at me.

“Uh… thanks,” I muttered in reply as I continued on in search of someone not Nathan. Taylor.

“Looking for someone?” a familiar voice rumbled from behind, as he wrapped his toned arms around me. Nathan was back.

I put on a happy smile, hoping that he didn’t catch my guilt.

“Hey you,” I said keeping my voice even as I looked up at him. His grey eyes were looking right at me, like he was looking right into my soul.

“Hey babe. I missed you,” Nathan said, then pressed his smooth lips against mine. I wrapped a hand around him, running my fingers through his silky brown hair as I returned his kiss with vigour, trying to forget all about today’s events. I tried to forget Taylor Livinston.

Finally I pulled away, muttering, “I missed you too, Nate.”

“You don’t sound like you do,” he said taking a step back as he looked into my eyes.

“No Nate, I really did miss you,” I defended myself. “It’s just been a difficult day, filed with some definite surprises.”

“Fine,” he muttered. “I heard that there’s a new kid.”


“Well, does he have a name?”

“Oh right. Taylor Livinston,” I stated, hoping that he hadn’t noticed the way I had winced when I said Taylor’s name.

“Taylor Livinston, eh?” Nate muttered, trying Taylor’s name. “Why does that name sound so familiar?”

“Coincidence?” I muttered hastily, surprised that he made that conclusion when everyone had gone on, not noticing that Taylor was familiar.

“Maybe, but…”he let the thought go as he saw some of his friends playing pool in the game room. “I’ll see you later babe. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah,” I muttered as he walked towards his friends.

I watched Nate as he greeted his friends like they hadn’t seen each other in months. I thought of Alyson and where she could be just as I got the eerie feeling of being watched. The hairs on my back stood on edge as it felt like it was burning. Someone was definitely watching me. I knew the feeling of being watched and this definitely qualified.

Turning my head around, I looked for any sign of someone’s gaze on me. Not one person was staring at me like I’d suspected. The only person that I would have suspected was talking animatedly with Jasmine. Taylor seemed consumed with Jasmine at that very moment. Jasmine returned it with vigour, as she batted her lashes like an idiot. She didn’t care that she looked like a desperate and smothering fool.

Who could blame her? She had Taylor’s attention.

“Give it a break, Simone,” Alyson muttered into my ear startling me. I hadn’t even noticed her.

“Thanks,” I muttered as she handed me one of the two drinks in her hands.

I relaxed instantly as I drank from the red cup. The vodka scorched the burning feeling of envy that had flooded through me at seeing Taylor with Jasmine.

“He’s gotten hot, eh?” she asked, nodding her head at Taylor.

I slipped a glance at Taylor again. Even though he was wearing a plain black polo shirt and well worn jeans he looked like he had just stepped out of a Cosmopolitan photo shoot. His face lit up in a smile as he looked down at Jasmine who was twirling her brown hair in her fingers.

“He was always hot, Ally,” I replied as I tore my eyes away from the smitten couple.

“Yeah, yeah,” Ally muttered. “You told me that many times Simone. But damn girl, he’s gotten really fine with a capital F.” 

“He was always fine,” I defended the old Taylor.

“Yeah I know, Simone. You had a thing for him back then, eh?”

“Still do. But he’ll never forgive me. I just gotta live with it.”

“Whatever,” Ally said in a tone that told me she wanted to change the subject. “Some of us were thinking of going up to New York for winter break. We wanted a different scenery. We’ll be staying at Charlie’s place up there. You in?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I’ll ask my mom, but then again, she’s never noticed me since the papers arrived.”

“Great then. Ask Nate for me?”


“Just wanna warn ‘ya in advance. Brianna’s invited Taylor along.”

“Oh?” I muttered, trying to keep my tone normal.

“Uh-huh,” Ally muttered. “And he’s agreed.”

“Joy,” I tried a happy voice. “The more the merrier, eh?”

“Uh… yeah,” Ally mumbled, not convinced as she raised a brow at me.

“Okay, then. I need another drink and then I’ll go looking for Nate. I need to go home. I’m tired,” I mumbled as I headed for the kitchen before Alyson replied.

The kitchen of Brianna’s house was huge. It was as big as my living room. Everyone in the kitchen was crowded around the island in the kitchen, grabbing snacks.

I made my way to the centre of the room, as I shoved against teenagers that were vying for the chips and dip.

“Excuse me,” I muttered to a blonde that was taking forever to grab a drink. She turned around and at seeing me there waiting, smiled.

“Oh, hey Simone,” Kelly Donald, a junior at school said, as she tucked a straying blonde lock into her right ear. “Do you want something? I’ll just grab it for you. This people are animals.”

“Uh… yeah,” I muttered. “I just need a refill,” I added as I held out me red cup.

“Sure,” she muttered as she grabbed and handed it back to me a second later, filled to the brim with fresh vodka.

“Uh…thanks Kelly. See ya later,” I said as I took a gulp out of the cup my brain buzzing.

Content, I turned around and made my way out of the throng of teenagers grabbing food.

My heels snapped as someone pushing past me stepped on it. I stared at my damaged red heel in sadness. My favourite heel was now broken due to the carelessness of some drunken teenager.

I was still looking down at it as I ran into a strong wall. I winced as my fingers instantly pressed against it, my grip on the cup filled with vodka loosened and hit the wall. I looked up, gulping when I saw that I hadn’t run into a wall at all.

I had run into none other than Taylor.

Everything happened in the space of one long second. My eyes widened as I watched the expression of utter shock appeared on his face as the vodka landed on his shirt and all over his face.

Two things ran through my mind as I stared at Taylor. How the heck was his chest as strong and sturdy as a brick wall? And what the heck was he thinking right now?

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed. “So sorry about that Tay,” I added before thinking.

That was not good. Using the nickname that I had given him was not good at all. That entailed that I remembered him and that I still knew of how much pain I had caused him. The expression of shock on his face instantly went to one of confusion.

“Uh...” I mumbled. “So sorry about that…uh…I forgot your name,” I muttered lamely like a raving idiot.

Why the heck had I said that?

“That’s funny,” he said in a deep voice. “I distinctly heard you called me ‘Tay’ or was that just the vodka talking,” he added, putting on an amused smile as he watched me, expecting me to sweat bullets.

“Must be the vodka,” I concluded. “Anyways sorry about that. I’ll get a new shirt form Brianna,” I added as I looked for Brianna.

“Nah…That’s fine Sim,” he said in a hard tone, the amused grin on his face had vanished. The sound of the nickname that he had given me running through his lips made my hearty leap for joy. He remembered my nickname.

“No, I insist,” I argued.

“Nah… it’s alright,” Taylor muttered. “I wouldn’t be needing this soon. If you get what I mean,” he added a sly smile appearing on his face as a hurt look appeared on mine.

“Fine!” I snapped in a crude manner. “Later.”

I went away looking for my missing boyfriend.       


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