My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


12. Chapter 8

Zayn's POV

So, the last few days have been different. Harry likes Sydney, nut she's with Niall. Harry disappeared the other night, and only Liam knows where he went. He said it's best if we don't know... I actually think it would be better if we did know because now it's awkward. I just wish we were fine again.

"Hey, Niall..." I said walking out of my room. "Yeah?" he said. "Are you and Harry gonna be ok?" I asked. "I was just about to go talk to him to make things ok," he said getting up. "Alright, just don't argue, please?" I said. "I won't, I want everything to be ok again," he said heading out the door. "Me too mate.." I said as I got out my phone to text Kayla.

Me: Niall's gonna talk to Harry to fix things.

Kayla: Oh, that's so great! Sydney feels horrible, like she is causing you guys to break up. :(

Me: Tell her not to, she didn't do anything!

Kayla: Haha ok! She felt horrible about the other night.

Me: What?

Kayla: Nothing, sorry. Gtg bye!

Me: Ok, bye...

What happened the other night?

Niall's POV

I walked out the door and headed for Harry's room. Louis answered the door. "Hey, is Harry here?" I asked. "Yeah, just go into his room there," he said stepping out of the way. I walked into his room and he looked up. "Uh, hey Niall.." he said. "Hey Harry, I think we should talk," I said. He got up and we sat on the couch.

"So uh, what sp you wanna talk about?" he said. "I know that you like Sydney, Louis told me," I said. He didn't say anything. "I can understand, obviously, I like her too," I said trying to make him laugh. It didn't work. "Look, I just wanna tell you that I'm not mad - anymore - just, please don't try to break us up, ok?" I said. "I would never do that, but I still like her.." he said. "Ok, just don't do anything," I said getting up. "So, are we cool?" he said. "Yeah," I said smiling.

I walked back to our room and sat down. "So?" Zayn said. "Everything is fine," I said. "Good!" Zayn sighed. He looked at his phone and looked at me. "What?" I said. "Actually, I don't think everything is fine.." he said and he showed me the text Kayla sent him.

Which night? The night Harry went missing?

Kayla's POV

Way to go Kayla, now they're gonna find out. What's gonna happen now? Are Niall and Sydney gonna break up? Would this some how turn on me so Zayn and I break up? It's not my fault.. it's Harry's. Right?

"Hey Kay, wanna go get lunch and CPK?" Sydney said coming down the stairs. "Sure!" I said as we grabbed our purses. We got in the car and headed to CPK. I'm just gonna forget about it.

We got our table and sat down. "Two ice teas please," I said. "So, wanna do anything special today?" Sydney asked. "Um, sure. How about we go to the movies?" I asked. "Oh yeah, there's new movie... Chasing Mavericks?" Sydney said. "Is it surf?" I asked. "Yea..." she said. "Let's just see Wreck It Ralph," I said and she checked the times. "Alright... 2:45?" she said and I nodded.

Our drinks came and we ordered. We decided to share a BBQ pizza. "After that do you wanna go to the shops on the pier?" Sydney asked. "Yea sounds fun!" I said. "Oh, next week there's gonna be a carnival on the pier. You, me, Niall, and Zayn should go!" I said. "Yea! I'll ask him tomorrow," she said as our food came.

Sydney's POV

We left CPK and went to the movies. We skipped the snacks since we just had lunch. We sat in the theaters and turned off our phones. I loved days like this, Girl Day with my best friend. "Ok, so I have about fifty dollars," Kayla said. "Same here," I said checking my wallet. "We should need to buy a lot though since Niall and Zayn bought us all that stuff!" I said and we laughed.

A group of girls came in and sat behind us. They looked like they were about thirteen or fourteen. Kayla and I heard them say, "Is that them? I think that's them!" a bunch of times. We turned around and they screamed. We almost fell out of our seats! They came up to us and said, "OMG IT'S SYDNEY GREEN AND KAYLA PERCH!" We looked at each other and remembered - we're dating Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. "Can we get a picture? Please?!" they said. "Uh, sure!" we said and we took pictures. We took out our phones and said, "What are you twitter accounts?" they told us and we followed all of them. They gave us hugs and sat back down behind us.

Every now and then one would tap our shoulder and ask stuff like, "Is he funny? Is he nice? How are his muscles? Is he a good kisser?" and some would say, "Tell them I say hi and I love them!" We told them we would and answered all their questions.

Kayla's POV

After the movie we walked back out to the main lobby of the theater. A couple more girls asked for pictures and for us to say hi to the boys. We finally got to the car and headed toward the pier. "Wow, guess we'll have to get used to that!" Sydney said. "I don't think I'll ever get used to that!" I said checking twitter. One of the girls, Samantha, tweeted, Just met @Kay_Dance_Perch and @Syd_Surf_Green! Best. Day. Ever! I read it to Sydney and we laughed because we realized that we were getting fans now!

We got to the pier and we headed toward the shops. We got to my favorite one, Live Free Forever, and I bought sunglasses and flip flops. Sydney got sunglasses and a scarf. We got to Sydney's favorite, Summer Sun, and we both got some shirts and shorts but she also got a new wet suit. When we walked out we were attacked once again by our "fans".

We saw a nail salon and decided to get a medi-pedi. I got all red and Sydney got all blue. We left and got some ice cream. We were walking when a reporter came up to us. "Hello, I'm Robert Gard and I want to ask you a few questions!" he said. "Uh, sure!" we said. "What is it like, dating two guys from the most famous band in the world?" he said. "Amazing, they're amazing guys, just like normal people," I said. He asked some more questions and we left.

Zayn's POV

Niall and I kept looking over ther conversation. "Let's ask Harry," I said. "Uh, you go mate. I don't wanna ruin what I just fixed.." Niall said. "Alright," I said and I went towards Harry and Louis's room. I knocked and Harry answered. "Hey Zayn!" he said smiling. "Hey Harry.." I said coming in. "Everything ok?" he said closing the door. "Not exactly.." I said and we sat down.

"What's wrong?" he asked getting worried. "Can you explain this?" I said showing him the text. His eyes widened as he said, "Uh, erm, n-no.." "Are you sure? Is she talking about the night you 'disappeared'?" I said putting my phone away. "Mate, are you crazy?! I know you know that I like Sydney, but you think that I'd sleep with her?! Sydney would never cheat on him anyways!" he said getting mad. "Gosh, sorry Harry..." I said and he calmed down. "Would you happened to know what she means, though?" I asked, scared that he's get mad again. "No, why don't you ask her or Sydney?" he said. "Alright, sorry," I said and I left.

"So?" Niall said. "I think he went to their house the night he 'dissapeared', but he wouldn'd admit it," I said. "Wow. To think that he woulod even.." he started. "I don't think he did anything though," I said. "How do you know that?" Niall said. "Because I don't think Sydney would do anything," I said. "I feel so stupid! Thinking that Sydney would cheat on me..." he said. "No, you're just thinking of what Harry would do," I said sitting down.

Why does Harry have to like her? What if... we brought another girl into this? For Harry? I'm sure Kayla and Sydney have another friend that could go with him. I'll ask Kayla soon, but not quite yet. I had to sort all this out first..

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