My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


11. Chapter 7

Harry's POV

"Harry, I love you," Sydney said. "I love you too," I said and we kissed. "What about Niall?" she said hugging me. "It'll be ok," I said grabbing her waist. I fell off a couch and woke up. Oh, it was all a dream.. "Morning Harry," Kayla said. "You ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Uh, why am I here?" I asked getting up. "Well, you came here and said 'Please let me stay here for the night' and we said ok and you slept on the couch," she said. "Whose clothes are these?" I asked looking down. "Sydney's brother's," she said drinking her hot chocolate. "Where is Sydney?" I asked, wanting to see her. Did they know I liked her? No, then they wouldn't have let me stayed the night.

"She's still sleeping. We stayed up late last night. I'm an early bird, and you fell off the couch to wake up so she just has to wake up," she said sitting on the couch. "Where's the bathroom?" I asked. "Up the stairs, just past Sydney's room," she said turning on the tv. "Thanks," I said.

I walked up there and went in the bathroom with my clothes. I washed my face and changed back to the clothes I wore yesterday. I walked out and saw that her door was open. I walked in and saw all the posters... it was nice, and weird. I looked over and saw her sleeping. I decided not to wake her up so I went back to the living room.

Kayla's POV

"So what did we do all night?" Harry asked. "Talked and played Wii. We stayed up 'til about 12:45!" I said changing the channel. He sat down and didn't say anything. "Want some hot cocoa?" I asked trying to break the silence. "Yea, that'd be great, thanks," he said. "Alright," I said getting up and walking into the kitchen.

I heard slow footsteps and I saw a crazy mess of light brown hair. "Morning," Sydney said sleeply. "Hey there sunshine, want a hairtie?" "Mhmm," she said as I handed her one. She put her hair up and went to the living room. "Oh, hey Harry," she said sitting on the sofa-chair. "Hey Sdyney, how'd you sleep?" he said waking up. "Fine," she said with a tired smile. Oh yeah, Harry likes her...

"Two hot cocoas!" I said handing each of them one. Sydney sat up and they started drinking them. "What do you wanna watch?" I said looking at Sydney. "Harry's the guest, let him choose," she said. I looked at him and he said, "I don't care, watch whatever." "Alright, uh... Footloose it is!" I said. This was one of Sydney's favorite so she woke up a little.

Sydney's POV

I was officially awake now and I just realized that Harry slept over. What would Niall say?! I looked down just to make sure I was fully covered, and I was wearing a t-shirt and pants. Whew! I just watched the movie and drank my cocoa the forget about it, but he was still behind me on the couch next to Kayla. Harry's phone went off and he looked at it. He rolled his eyes and answered it. "Hey... yea. Nowhere, I'm fine. But! Ugh, fine, give me 5 minutes... bye," he said. "Everything ok?" I asked. "Just... fine..." he said sitting down finisheong his cocoa.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here the night," he said. "Of course," I said getting up. "Oh, and thank you for the cocoa Kayla," he said. "Yea, anytime," she said getting up. "Well, see ya next time I guess," he said. He hugged Kayla and me and left.

"Um, why did he have to sleep here again?" I asked washing our cups. "He didn't say, but I'm sure it's because of Niall," Kayla said. "It can't be that, this would be the last place he should go to if it's that," I said sitting on the couch. Kayla sat next to me and shrugged.

Liam's POV

Harry marched up the stairs and went into his room. I came in without knocking. "Where did you go?! We were worried sick!" I said. "I was nowhere, forget about it..." he said. "Is it because of Niall and Zayn? Did they do something?" I said getting worried. "Look, I need to tell you something. I have feelings for Sydney, but she's with Niall. He found out, and he saw me hug her. I didn't do anything though! It was just a hug! I had to leave, I knew something would start so I had to go for the night," he said. "But where did you go?" I asked. "The worst place I could've gone..." he said looking down. "Where? A bad part of town?" I asked. "No," he said looking up. "Sydney's house."

I sat down and starred at him. "Why?" I asked. "I don't know..." he said. "Well what's gonna happen now?" I asked. "I don't know, but don't tell Niall I went to her house and spent the night there. Nothing happened, she was fully dressed and I slept on the couch, but still. Promise?" Harry said looking straight in my eyes. "I-I, I can't promise you that.." I said and I left.

What did he get himself into? I don"t know how he'll get out of it... I hope this doesn't affect our friendship. Our friendships keep the band together...

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