My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


10. Chapter 6 Part 3

Niall's POV

"Guys, I gotta go," I said getting up. "Why? What's wrong?" Sydney asked. "It's Louis=. He want me to come over now. I think it's really important," I said. "We'll all go then," Kayla said. "I don't know babe..." Zayn said. "We're all in this together," Sydney said. Kayla wanted to make the mood a little lighter so she danced that scene from High School Musical. "Alright, but you'll stay in the lobby," I said grabbing my phone. We got in the car and drove to the hotel.

When we got there, Sydney said, "I'm right here if you need me..." "Thanks babe," I said kissing her. Zayn and I walked up and knocked on Louis's door. "Finally! You're here!" he said pulling us in. "Is it ok if I hear?" Zayn asked. "Yes, it's fine," Louis replied sitting down. He sat with him and we just kind of starred at each other. "So?" I said. "There, isn't an, uh, easy way to say this.." he started. "Say what mate?" I said, getting worried. "It's about Harry..." he said.

"What? Is he mad at me? What did I do?!" I said. "Nothing.. it's more like what he, didn't do.." Louis continued. "I'm lost," Zayn said sitting back in his chair. "Ok, so the day Liam, Harry and I came in so they could apologize, did you notice how Harry didn't really say anything?" he said. Zayn and I nodded and he continued. "Well, when he left he told me something..." he said looking at the floor. "What did he tell you?" I asked. "He, he really..." Louis said trying to say it. "He really what? Hate us? Hates our girlfriends?" Zayn said. "No, the opposite. He says that he really likes Sydney," he said finally looking up.

Louis's POV

I had to tell him, he had to know. "He what?" Niall said. "He likes Sydney, and he is jealous of you. He wants her. He wants to take her from you," I said repeating exactly what Harry told me. "I can't believe this..." Zayn said. Niall just sat there processing it all. "You ok?" I asked. "One of my best friends, wants to take my girlfriend..." he said looking and Zayn and me. He got up and went towards the door. "Where are you going?" Zayn and I asked, worried. "I'm going to the lobby," he said, "c'mon Zayn." "Why?" I asked. "Kayla and Sydney are down there," Zayn said.

They left and I sat there. I did the right thing right? Should I just've left everything alone? No, Niall had to know. He needs to make sure Harry doesn't do anything. I was debating with myself when I got a text.

Harry: I'm at the lobby. Want anything from the vending machine?

Well, crud.

Harry's POV

Louis: No, come up stairs.

Me: No! I'm hungry! I'll be there in about 5 minutes!

I put my phone in my pocket and pulled out a dollar. I got a Twix bar and went towards the stairs since the elevator was still broken. I looked up and saw them. Kayla and Sydney. Oh no, that means Niall and Zayn are near by... 'Just walk past them, right past them,' I thought to myself putting my head down.

"Hey Harry!" Sydney said, "you ok?" "Yeah, just fine," I said trying not to look into her blue eyes. "Oooh, Twix is our favorite!" Kayla said. "Here, I'm not hungry anymore.." I said, giving up on ignoring them. "Aww, thanks!" Sydney said hugging me. While we were hugging, I looked up and saw Niall coming down the stairs.

Well, crud.

Sydney's POV

Harry quickly pulled away and he had a scared look on his face. "You ok?" I said touching his arm. "Erm.. uh.. y-yea.." he said walking back to the dining area. I turned around and saw Niall and Zayn. "Hey! What happend?!" I asked. Niall hugged me and said, "Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about." I saw Zayn mouth to Kayla, "I'll tell you later." "You sure it's ok?" I said since he didn't let me go. "Yea, it's fine," he said hugging me tighter. "Ok then, lets go and start dinner," Kayla said. She always knew how to get me out of trouble.

We got back to my house and Kayla and I started cooking. Zayn and Niall were whispering some stuff and all I could hear was, "Backstabber." What did Louis say? "Uh, babe?" Zayn said to Kayla. "Yea hun?" she said. "What did Harry say to you guys?" he said and Niall looked over. "Nothing, he just said hi and gave us his Twix," she said. "Oh, ok," he said. Then I heard Niall say, "What about the hug?"

Am I the backstabber?

Kayla's POV

Zayn and Niall gave us hugs and kisses and said, "Thanks for dinner. We really gotta go." "I'll text you what happened," Zayn whispered. I nodded and they left. "What did Zayn say?" Sydney said worried. "He said he'll text me what happened," I said. She looked relieved. "Why?" I asked. "Well I heard Niall say 'backstabber' and 'what about the hug' and I think he thinks I'm cheating on him with Harry!" she said. "Niall would never think that! I know you would never do that!" I said hugging her.

We cleaned up our stuff when I got the text. "What happened??" Sydney said. "H-Harry. He liked you..." I said. Her eyes got really wide. "So he's the backstabber.. and we hugged.. and Niall saw. Oh no," she said. Zayn texted me again.

Zayn: Harry's gone. We think he's going to your guys' house.

Well, crud.

end of this chapter!!

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