My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


8. Chapter 6 Part 1

Kayla's POV

I woke up and went over to Sydney's room. "Wake up Syd..." I said. "I had the best dream ever. Zayn asked you out and Niall asked me out, it was awesome," she said. "Check your phone Syd," I said. She got up and turned it on. "Oh cool a message," she said. "Hey babe, text me when you're coming over" from Niall. I got a similar one from Zayn. She smiled really big. "It wasnt't a dream!" she shouted falling back on the bed.

We weren't going to their hotel until the afternoon, so the rest of the morining we played Just Dance and texted them. We also decide to bake since we were bored, so now our fridge is full of brownies, cake, and other delicious stuff. This is what usually happens when we get bored. "After we eat lunch at their house and hang out, we should to go the mall and then come here for dinner," I said. "Sounds great! We'll tell them when we get there," Sydney said.

Liam's POV

So here's all I know about last night: those girls came back, there was laughing and screaming, the girls left really happy, and Niall and Zayn wouldn't stop smiling. I was so lost, and so were Harry and Louis, but Louis wasn't mad or suspicious at all like we were. Why was he so cool about it? Did he know what was going on? If he did, why wouldn'y he tell us? He knows it's driving us crazy!

Harry came in and sat down. "This whole Niall and Zayn thing is making me loose it," he said. "Maybe if we sat down and just talked nice they'd tell us," I said. "Who'd tell you? Tell you what?" Louis said. "Niall and Zayn, but you already know about last night..." Harry said. "What happened last night? I only know about the beach and before that," Louis said. "C'mon, let's go," I said.

Niall's POV

Zayn and I were watching tv when someone knocked on the door. It was Liam, Harry, and Louis - not who I wanted to see at the moment. "Can we talk?" Liam asked, while Harry bit his lip to stop him from saying anything. "About what?" I asked. "About what's been happening lately," Liam said. "Alright," I said letting them in. We sat at the kitchen table and Liam started.

"We're sorry we haven't been nice lately, we just don't want to loose you," he said. "Loose us? Why?" Zayn said. "Because of those girls!" Harry said. "Kayla and Sydney?!" Zayn said. "If that's their names!" Harry said. "This is all a misunderstanding! We liked them, and we weren't sure how to tell you since we had just met them, but since you were mad at us we never told you about them," I said. "Thank you for telling us," Liam said. "So what happened last night?" Louis said. "Oh, we asked them out. They're our girlfriends now," Zayn said as while smiled. "Aw, congrats," Louis and Liam said. Harry didn't say anything, and they all left.

Sydney's POV

Me: On our way!

Niall: Alright babe, come in back and up the stairs please. Some guys are working on the elevator. And stay out of Harry's way!

Me: Everything ok with him?

Niall: He's in a mood. Don't worry it about it. See ya soon <3

Me: See ya! <3

Oh my gosh he put a heart! I can't be happier right now! So we got in the car and headed over there. We wnet up the stairs and saw Liam. We never really met the rest of theboys except for the meet and greet. "Hey guys, congrats," he said before going in his room. We smiled and went to Niall and Zayn's room. "Hey," they said while we hugged and walked in. "So, we were thinking that after we have lunch we could go to the mall and then go to Sydney's house," Kayla said. "Alright, soungs cool," Zayn said kissing her cheek.

We had some of Zayn's "famous" grilled cheese sandwhiches. They actually were really good. We got our stuff together and went out into the hall. Louis and Harry were standing there talking to Paul. Louis looked over and smiled. He came over and we talked for a while. Harry just glared at us and went into his room. Niall was right, he is in a mood. Louis whispered something in Niall's ear and walked away. Niall looked at Zayn and the kept walking. "What did he say?" I asked. "Nothing, don't worry about it," he said grabbing my hand. We got to the car and drove to the mall.

Kayla's POV

When we got there, a bunch of girls crowded us, screaming, "I love you Zayn!" and "Marry me Niall!" They smiled and Zayn grabbed my hand while Niall grabbed Sydney's. "Sorry girls, we're taken!" Zayn said. All the girls said, "Aww!" and "Nooo!!" but we continued and finally broke out of the crowd. People were constantly coming up and asking for pictures. We didn't mind, we were getting used to it - we'd have to..

We got to Forever 21 and Sydney and I could stop saying, "I wish I could afford this!" or "I NEED this!!" Zayn and Niall just watched us freak out over clothes and they laughed. "Get whatever you guys want, it's on us," Niall said. "Niall, you shouldn't have said that..." Sydney said. They got scared when they saw how many clothes we ended up buying. We had to leave them in the back of the store since we couldn't carry them all.

Zayn's POV

"What's up with Harry?" Kayla asked. "I don't know, did Louis say something about it Niall?" I responded. "No.. he said he needs to tell me something though.." he said. "I thought everything was ok but Harry is being so weird.." I said. "Yeah, but let's not worry about it too much. Let's just enjoy right now," Kayla said. I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled and hugged me. I don't think I've ever liked someone this much..

We got the girls' thousands of clothes and put them in the car. We got to Sydney's house and walked into the living room. "My parents and brother are at another tennis competition," Sydney explained, "so I got the house for about two weeks!" Niall looked up the stairs and said, "Is your room up there?" "Yeah, but don't go up there!!" Sydney said running towards the stairs. "Why not?" I said smirking. "BECAUSE!" Kayla and Sydney screamed. "Forget about it, let's play Wii!" Sydney said. They walked over and set it up while Niall and I ran up the stairs to find her room. "Found it!" I said opening the door. "Woah.." we both said as we saw all the posters. Sydney came in and her face turned completely red. Niall laughed and kissed her. She closed her door and we played Mario Kart.

We heard a knock at the door and Sydney answered it. She opened it only to see Louis.

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