My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


7. Chapter 5

(I'm sorry if my dates are off!)

Zayn's POV

Today. We're going to ask them out today. "So, I'll ask Kayla out on the balcony," I said. "Alright, I'll just ask Sydney in the living room or something," Niall said. I went to the room to rehearse - I was nervous ok? "Kayla, I really like you. You're really funny, sweet, and pretty. Will you go out with me?" I said to the mirror. Niall came in pretending to wipe away tears. "That was beautiful man," he said. "Haha thanks. How about you mate?" I said moving away from the mirror. He looked in the mirror and said, "Hey Syd, wanna go out?" he turned around and said, "So?" I shook my head. "Compliment her. Make her know that you really do like her," I said. "Man, you're deep today..." he said.

I can't help it if I'm deep, I really like Kayla. I hope we don't get rejected. I also want Niall and Sydney together, they're pefect. You can feel it when they're together. I wonder how they feel about us... guess we'll find out tonight...

Kayla's POV

I texted Zayn to tell him we were on our way. He said not to dress fancy, so I wore skinny jeans, uggs, and a lace tank top with a bandeau. Sydney wore skinny jeans, vans, and a flannel shirt. We got in the car and drove to their hotel. We knocked on the door and Zayn answered. "Hey," he said while hugging us, "dinner's almost ready." "Oooh, what is it?!" Sydeny asked. "Nothing, just chicken," Zayn said. "CHICKEN?" Sydney said. "She loves chicken," I said while she ran to the kitchen.

After we ate we just watched tv, some mermaid movie. Nice choice. Sydney loved it though, she's always wanted to be a mermaid since she was 4. That's why she started surfing. "Hey, wanna come to the balcony with me?" Zayn asked. We walked out there and looked at the view. Nothing really, the hotel lake and the parking lot.

"Kayla, I really like you. You're really pretty, sweet, and funny. I love being around you. Will you go out with me?" he said. I smiled. He actually asked me out! Zayn Malik, of One Direction, just asked me, Kayla Perch, to be his girlfriend! When I stopped thunking about what just happened, I took his hand. "I like you too. I'd love to be your girlfriend," I said. He smiled and we kissed. It was a nice kiss, the kind that makes your stomach flip. I pulled away and we hugged. "Let's go inside," he said wrapping his hand around mine.

Niall's POV

Zayn and Kayla walked in holding hands. Lucky, he asked her. I was about to ask Sydney, but I chickened. Zayn raised his eyebrows at me and I shook my head and he looked at me like I was annoying him. "What's wrong?" Kayla asked. "I'll tell you later," he said rolling his eyes at me. Gosh, sorry I'm not as confident as you...

Sydney came out of the kitchen balancing four plates of chocolate cake on her arms. She put them on the table and sat next to me. "Dig in! Store bought!" she said handing me a plate. She handed Zayn a plate and slowly got Kayla's plate. "Is something going on here? You guys are just starring at each other, you're sitting close together... OMG YOU'RE HOLDING HANDS!! You're dating!!! Congrats!!" she said hugging Kayla. Zayn got out his phone and texted me.

Zayn: Ask her while you guys wash plates.

Me: I'm too nervous... and I'm not washing dishes.

Zayn: You're doing both.

I looked up and glared at him. Sydney looked at me his a confused face. Why can't I just ask her?

Sydney's POV

Ok, so I found out Zayn and Kayla's not-so-secret secret, but I have no idea what Zayn and Niall are doing. Niall looked at his phone and then glared at Zayn. I looked at him confused and he just kept eating his cake. What is going on?! Zayn and Kayla, Zayn and Niall, I'm so lost! When did Zayn ask her out? How did he? Did they kiss? Why is Zayn mad at Niall? Why is Niall mad at Zayn? Are they really mad at each other or pretending? Zayn and Kayla started textin each other and then she looked at me and nodded. What. Is. Going. On?!

Kayla got up and said, "Hey Syd, can you come to the bedroom with me?" I got up and we sat on the bed. "Let me start," I said. I asked all my questions about her and Zayn and she answered all of them. "Why are Niall and Zayn mad at each other?" I asked. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about... their plan was to ask both of us out tonight... I guess Niall got to nervous and Zayn is trying to get him to ask you out but he's just too scared," she said. I just sat there starring at the wall. So Niall Horan, is to nervous, to ask me out? I might just die.

"You girls ok?" Niall asked. We came out and nodded. Kayla sat down amd I went to go wash the dishes. "You don't have to do that..." Niall said. "No, no it's fine," I said. When ever I need to think I kinda go cleaning crazy. Kayla and Zayn were being cute the whole night and I got kinda sad. Why is he so nervous? I'm just a normal person! And he's Niall Horan! I just don't understand. Niall came into the bathroom and saw me cleaning the toilet. "Oh, I'm sorry! Do you need to use the bathroom?" I asked. "No, I actually came here to talk to you," he said.

I got up and we walked to the bedroom. He grabbed my hands and said, "Sydney, I've been trying to ask you something all night. I really like you, ever since the meet and greet, I know that's when we met but it's true. You're funny, sweet, you're great at playing guitar, surfing, and being you, I guess. What I'm trying to say is, will you go out with me?" he asked.

I smiled and said, "Of course Niall, I've always liked you." He smiled and kissed me. It was a long, nice kiss. Kayla walked in and screamed and I almost bit Niall's lip. "OMG OMG OMG ZAYN THEY KISSED!!" she yelled. "Congrats guys!" he yelled from the living room. We all hugged and Kayla and I left.

Kayla Perch, is going out with Zayn Malik. I'm going out with Niall Horan. Me, Sydney Green. Can our lives get any better?

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