My Summer Love

Sydney Green and her best friend Kayla Perch were normal teenage girls. Being normal teenage girls, they were in love - with One Direction. They meet them, and they fall for the boys - and they fall for them. Their summer is full of fun, romance, and surprises that they'll never forget.


5. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

Louis spent the night in Niall and Zayn's room last night so Liam slept in mine. "What could they have possibly talked about all night?!" Liam asked. "I don't know, but I need to!" I said. "Same here!" Liam said. We heard a knock on the door and opened it to hopefully see Louis, but it was Paul. He pointed to his watch and said, "Interview. Tell the other boys."

We walked over and knocked on the door. Niall opened and said, "Yes?" "Oh sorry, are we interrupting?" I said getting kind of mad. "Actually, yeah," Zayn said in the back. "Look, we just wanted to tell you that we have an interview in 10 minutes," Liam said. "Alright, we'll be down in 5," Louis said. I closed their door and we walked back to our room to eat.

What did they talk about? Us? Those girls? Liam and I just had to know.

Zayn's POV

"You see? I understand what you're going through," Louis said. "Yeah, that's true, I just that it's..." I said looking for the word.. "Different," Niall said. Exactly. "We'll continue this later, we have five minutes to get ready!" Louis said. He left to grab clothes but quickly came back. "Gosh! They're mad!" he said. Wow. Drama Queens...

I went into my room and changed and we sat and ate some cereal. "Is this a radio or tv interview?" Niall asked. "Tv," Louis answered with food in his mouth. "Gotta look good for the girls!" I said laughing. I hope Kayla will watch... I hope she'll be mine soon...

Sydney's POV

"WAKE UP!!" I hear as I wake up. "What?!" I shouted. "The interview will be on in 15 minutes!!" Kayla said. "You could've given me five more minutes," I said getting up. We turned on the tv and I made some eggs. "Mmmm I love your eggs!" Kayla said. "Hope you like bacon too!!" I said. "Shhh! I'm sleeping!" my brother yelled from his room. Oops, I forgot that they're home...

"And now... One Direction!"

"THEY'RE ON!!" Kayla shouted. I rushed over with our plates and sat on the couch. "What is they asked us out?" I asked. "I'd die! But, like that will ever happen..." Kayla said. "It could!" I said. "Oh. oh there they are!! It's starting!!" she said.

"I'm Harry. I'm Liam. I'm Niall. I'm Zayn. I'm Louis, and we're One Direction!"

Gah, I wish I was Niall's princess...

Niall's POV

I was so happy that I wasn't next to Liam or Harry. For some reason, they were mad at us! Shouldn't we be the only mad ones?

"So, what have you boys been up to lately?" Kathy, our interviewer asked. "Hanging out, singing, and messing around. We really enjoy it here in California!" Zayn said. "I see... have you guys met anyone special?" she said smirking. Zayn and I looked at each other and shook our heads. "We've met some, cool guys," Liam said glaring at us. "Oh, a little tension here..." Kathy said. "No, no, it's an uh, inside joke," Liam said. "Haha, ok... so Louis, how are things with you and Eleanor?" Kathy said. "We're great. We text every day and I call her every night. Love ya El!" he said to the camera.

"So, the rest of you... any girls catch your eye?" Kathy asked. Zayn and I looked at each other and turned to Kathy. "No," Harry said. "Yup," Zayn and I said. We don't care if that makes Harry and Liam mad for some reason, we really like them. They're The Ones.

Kayla's POV

They said yes. What if that was us?! "What is..." Sydney said. "I know!!" I said. I took our plates in to the kitchen. This interviewer was actually ok. She wasn't getting too personal. Was she? No, but what if Zayn was talking about me? What if Niall was talking about Sydney? What if they do ask us out? Yeah, in my dreams...

"Oh, names?" Kathy said. "It's a secret," Niall said and he and Zayn laughed. HIS LAUGH. OMG. "A secret relationship?" Kathy raised raising her eyebrows. "Well, we're not dating. Yet..." Zayn said. Sydney and I kind of screamed there. "Ok... but keep us updated on this!! I'm Kathy Rills, and this had been One Direction!" she said and it went to commercial. We turned the tv off and kinda screamed. Then I got a text.

Zayn: See the interview?

Me: Yeah! You did great!

Zayn: Haha, thanks. Hope you guys liked it! Do you and Sydney wanna come over Wednesday?

Me: Sure! See ya then!

Zayn: See ya!

Now, we just had to find out if they were talking about us. We hope they were...


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