The Human and the Frost Giant

The Chin-boy ( the Doctor) came to save me, to show me the stars, I soon found that I was lying to myself, about what I was , I was in a dream world, to me I was human, being held captive by the Daleks, the Doctor revealed to me that it was all a massive lie and I dreamt it all to escape from the horrific nightmare I actually was. I was captured by the Daleks and was made into one of them and left to rot in Dalek Asylum because I was clever, way too clever,The Doctor couldn't take me with him. I saved him from the Daleks, made them all forget, but he must remember me, I am Oswin Oswald and I. Am. Human.

What Chin boy doesn't know that I was able to to teleport out before the whole asylum blew into a million tiny pieces across the galaxy, I was teleported to a whole new realm where I met the most complicated, interesting and most amazing person I've ever met. He said his name was Loki, Loki Laufeyson and we had both been labelled as Monsters and I love him.


4. Not quite what I was expecting

The cells were golden and semi-circular shaped. I was put into the cell and as soon as the complicated locks were locked a strange crystal-like force feild surrounded the cell.

'What is this?!' I ask Odin

'Why would I tell you that, you -you...'

'Dalek, sir' the Guard

'Ah, that's it, Dalek'

Annoyed with them I say
'Can you leave me alone now?'

'No' says Odin
'You are to be guarded day and night.'
'You to are free to go' He says to the guards
'Send Eric and Samuel to gaurd the dalek'.

They nod and march away..

'As for you, Dalek, I'd keep quiet if I were you, If you somehow make your way past those defences you will be immidiately destroyed.'

'Well that's reassuring..'

Odin strolls off and Eric and Samuel march past him and take their places infront of the cell.
Looks like I'm going to be here for a while... But then I hear heavy foot steps coming my way and I turn my eyestalk to where the sound is coming from, I see a rather tall muscular man walking towards my cell, He has shoulder length hair and a stubbly beard.

'Eric, why in Odins name do you have a lump of metal in a cell?'

'Sire, It's a Dalek, we are not entirely sure what we should do with it yet but you father has instructed to keep it here'

'What an odd creature..'

It annoys me how people are just staring at me like Im just a museum's main attraction...
'Excuse me, would you mind not staring at me like I'm a Giant lollipop in a sweet shop window'

'It speaks!?'

'Trust me, we've already had this conversation.. I'm guessing Odin is your father?'

'Yes, I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder.'


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