The Human and the Frost Giant

The Chin-boy ( the Doctor) came to save me, to show me the stars, I soon found that I was lying to myself, about what I was , I was in a dream world, to me I was human, being held captive by the Daleks, the Doctor revealed to me that it was all a massive lie and I dreamt it all to escape from the horrific nightmare I actually was. I was captured by the Daleks and was made into one of them and left to rot in Dalek Asylum because I was clever, way too clever,The Doctor couldn't take me with him. I saved him from the Daleks, made them all forget, but he must remember me, I am Oswin Oswald and I. Am. Human.

What Chin boy doesn't know that I was able to to teleport out before the whole asylum blew into a million tiny pieces across the galaxy, I was teleported to a whole new realm where I met the most complicated, interesting and most amazing person I've ever met. He said his name was Loki, Loki Laufeyson and we had both been labelled as Monsters and I love him.


2. I Arrive

 After taking in the scenery I decide to move onward to the city that reaches the clouds, I didn't see any plant life nor animals on my journey there.After the long journey I reach a bridge made from a shiny medium greyish stone. there are curved metal arches bending over the bridge I look to the end of the bridge and see grass and other little gardens dotted around the gold and silver buildings.

I move forward and get half way across the bridge when I am stopped by two tall muscular men in golden armour, they stare down at me as I stare up at them.
'What are you and what is your purpose here?'says the guard with long brown hair
'My name is Oswin Oswald, I am H-....I am a ..Dalek'
'A Dalek?, I've never heard of one' 
The other guard speaks.
'We must escort, uh, The Dalek to Odin, he must have some idea '
'We need to take away any weapons you may be carrying'
'I'm not just a Dalek, I'd prefer you called me Oswin, seeing as that's my name, and the only weapon I have is these'
I adjust my eyestalk and point down to the whisk-type weapon then to the Plunger-type weapon.
'..and I promise I won't harm anyone, My energy levels are low and I don't have enough to power any weapons'
'Promises are just words, so we need to remove your weapons'
'Good luck doing that, they're part of me'
'Then we're going to have to take your word for it, but if you even attempt to aim either of those weapons at anyone, then you'll be dead within a instant, Understand?'

I nod with my eyestalk and I am taken through the city to the largest building there is, it was tall and golden and there were cylindrical towers of different sizes all clustered together to create an amazing and unique effect.

Anyway, it's time to meet the person who runs this place.

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