The Human and the Frost Giant

The Chin-boy ( the Doctor) came to save me, to show me the stars, I soon found that I was lying to myself, about what I was , I was in a dream world, to me I was human, being held captive by the Daleks, the Doctor revealed to me that it was all a massive lie and I dreamt it all to escape from the horrific nightmare I actually was. I was captured by the Daleks and was made into one of them and left to rot in Dalek Asylum because I was clever, way too clever,The Doctor couldn't take me with him. I saved him from the Daleks, made them all forget, but he must remember me, I am Oswin Oswald and I. Am. Human.

What Chin boy doesn't know that I was able to to teleport out before the whole asylum blew into a million tiny pieces across the galaxy, I was teleported to a whole new realm where I met the most complicated, interesting and most amazing person I've ever met. He said his name was Loki, Loki Laufeyson and we had both been labelled as Monsters and I love him.


3. Hello Odin

I was lead through the city and I was getting odd stares, probably because they'd never seen a Dalek before, I couldn't tell whether they were afraid of me or just really confused, maybe a bit of both.

We arrive at the front entrance of the the golden towers, the two giant gold  metal doors are pulled open from the other side by two muscular men wearing golden armour much like the guards but they more long black capes over their shoulders, we walk in side and the the doors are shut behind us.

It's not too long before a man with medium length white hair and a short white beard wearing gold armour with 6 gold disks on and a red cape came walking down  the grand gold stairs and towards us. The two guards bow to their king.

The man gestures for them to rise and points at me.
'What is this?, why do you bring this thing to me?' 

The guard on my right speaks
'We were not sure either, she introduced herself as Oswin Oswald, a Dalek, nothing like what we have here and we thought it would be wise to bring her to you since we have no idea what to do with her, your majesty'

I interrupt
' Hello? Can I have a say?'

'It Talks?!'

'I would prefer if you called me Oswin,seeing as that's my name....'

'How dare you!, have you any idea who I am!?'

'Well I can tell that you run this place, but I do not know your name, sir'

' I am Odin '

The guard on my left speaks:
'What do you wish to do with her?'

'Well since we don't know much about her kind we shall keep her here for safe keeping in one of our cells to learn more bout her species not until then will we release her into our civilisation or send her back to whence she came'

'Great, as soon as I escape from once place I get locked up in another... This doesn't seem fair, I can just leave if you want me to, I just need to recharge and I'll be out of your hair'

'We cannot allow you to do that, what if you launch an attack on us with the rest of your kind and we won't know your weakness'

'You got to be kidding me..'
before I could protest I am taken through a teleport to the cells, they were not much like what I was expecting...


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