The Human and the Frost Giant

The Chin-boy ( the Doctor) came to save me, to show me the stars, I soon found that I was lying to myself, about what I was , I was in a dream world, to me I was human, being held captive by the Daleks, the Doctor revealed to me that it was all a massive lie and I dreamt it all to escape from the horrific nightmare I actually was. I was captured by the Daleks and was made into one of them and left to rot in Dalek Asylum because I was clever, way too clever,The Doctor couldn't take me with him. I saved him from the Daleks, made them all forget, but he must remember me, I am Oswin Oswald and I. Am. Human.

What Chin boy doesn't know that I was able to to teleport out before the whole asylum blew into a million tiny pieces across the galaxy, I was teleported to a whole new realm where I met the most complicated, interesting and most amazing person I've ever met. He said his name was Loki, Loki Laufeyson and we had both been labelled as Monsters and I love him.


1. A Whole New Realm...

I arrive on a rocky landscape, I analyze my surroundings, It seems I have teleported to a realm known as Asgard, There are massive buildings in the distance taller than any building I'd ever seen, though I have spent most of my existence in a hard metal shell cut off to everyone I ever loved...

The shapes on the magnificent buildings were curved , sharp, triangular, rectangular and some were oddly gear shaped and machine-like. The sky was blue, much like on earth, there were white clouds and there were many visible moons and planets. As I look down I notice small floating islands of land , 'This place is amazing' I think to myself as I move along the the rocky surface.

Will this place accept me for what I am? Could they help me, could I once again be Human?

I'll hold onto that thought, you never know really...

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