Short Story

Inspired by Nickelback's song, Lullaby

Twenty two year old Matt never expected to be a single father to a newborn baby. His girlfriend Lilly died during giving birth to their baby, James. Sleepless nights and countless dirt diapers, Matt has finally had enough. Adoption seems like the easiest way out. Will Matt be able to handle the struggles with being a single father? Will he give his son up for adoption? Or maybe a special video can make everything better?


2. It's Just You and Me Kid


“Mr. Slade,” I heard an indistinct voice ask. I just groaned and drifted back into my comfortable, unconscious state. “Mr. Slade.” The female voice called out again. Why couldn’t she just get the feeling that I was not wanting to wake any time soon? “Matt wake up.” She said. I just groaned and slowly opened my eyes, blinking rapidly while adjusting to the light. I just slowly sat up and held my head as if I had a headache. “Matt I am so glad you are awake. I have someone here to see you.” I beamed with happiness. Was it all just a dream? Was Lilly still alive? A nurse walked over with a baby cradled in her arms sleeping soundly. “I have someone here that would like to meet you.” The baby squirmed in the nurses arms and slowly opened his eyes, looking around to view his surroundings. I kept that same beaming smile on my face.
 “Hi buddy.” I said softly. A nurse carefully placed him in my arms. I used my index finger to gently stroke his head, which was covered in a small, blue hat.
 “ Isn't he handsome?” the nurse asked. She smiled at us.
 “He sure is.”
 “He’s yours.” I looked up at the nurse.
 “Did Lilly get a chance to meet him yet? Did she tell you his name?” I asked. Her expression turned grave. I immediately remembered. “Oh yeah, sorry.”
 “Well this baby boy was born at ten fifty seven pm, weighed give pounds, fourteen ounces and measured out to be eighteen inches. His APGAR was perfect.”
 “Thank you.” I smiled.
 “No problem sweetheart. You should probably be able to take him home in a couple days. Do you have a name for your little boy?” I shook my head.
 “Lilly and I never officially decided on a name. She loved the name Taylor but I was never a big fan of it. I honestly don’t think it suits him.”
 “No it doesn’t.” she giggled.
 “Lil also loved Carlyle, after her grandfather that died when she was a little girl.”
 “It’s up to you.”
 I smiled confidently at my baby boy. “James Carlyle Slade.”
 “Perfect! I will write that on the birth certificate. Then I need you to sign it.”
 “No problem.” The nurse wrote down James’ name on his birth certificate, and then we traded. She got my baby and I got the birth certificate. I looked down at the empty line where Lilly’s signature should be. I quickly signed the certificate and handed it back to the nurse who then gave me James in return.
“I love you Jamie.” I smiled and softly kissed my sons head.


I carefully buckled Jamie into his car seat. He screamed and cried but I just tried my best to ignore him. I settled down in the driver’s seat and put my seat belt on. Jamie just cried. I put my head in my hands as the headache I had from before was starting to make an appearance. “Calm down Jamie.” Nothing. He kept crying. “Jamie quit there's no need for that. James!” The crying continued. “Oh my lord.” I muttered to myself and then pulled out of the hospital parking lot. We arrived back at the house twenty minutes later. I grabbed Jamie’s carrier and his diaper bag and then slammed the car door. I walked into the house and set Jamie down on the kitchen table. “Finally home.” I told him. He seemed to settle some but didn't quite settle all the way. I took Jamie out of his carrier and held him. He cried. “Are you hungry bud?” I asked. He kept crying, so I assumed he was. I set him back down in his car seat while I made his bottle. He screamed. I picked him up and walked over to the couch and started feeding him. Suddenly thoughts started overwhelming my mind. I remembered all the baby training Lilly put me through. She taught me how to properly change a diaper and make bottles for feeding. She also told me how to settle a baby down and what’s appropriate for newborns. I smiled at the thought of Lilly but was interrupted by my son. After he was half way done with his bottle I burped him and then started feeding him again. When he finished his bottle he seemed pretty content. I cradled my son in my arms and looked at his baby blue eyes. “I guess it’s just me and you kid.”

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