Short Story

Inspired by Nickelback's song, Lullaby

Twenty two year old Matt never expected to be a single father to a newborn baby. His girlfriend Lilly died during giving birth to their baby, James. Sleepless nights and countless dirt diapers, Matt has finally had enough. Adoption seems like the easiest way out. Will Matt be able to handle the struggles with being a single father? Will he give his son up for adoption? Or maybe a special video can make everything better?


1. Take Care of My Baby Boy


 “Shhh baby don’t worry. I am not going anywhere. I promise. I love you.” I told my beautiful girlfriend of three years, while I wiped the sweat off her forehead.
  “Ahhhhh!” she screamed in pain as another contraction racked her body.
  “Hold my hand. Hold my hand.” I urged. She grabbed onto my hand and gripped it tightly while the nurses rolled her into a delivery suite. Two nurses helped her settle into bed while the third one paged the doctor. The nurses hooked Lilly up to multiple monitors. I know the nurses were eyeing the monitor that was showing all of Lilly’s contractions.
  “Someone page Dr. Adams.” One of the nurses shouted as soon as she read a print off of Lilly’s contractions.
  “We already did.” The second nurse answered. “Twice.”
  “Well page him again.” The nurse shouted. I focused in on Lilly who was moaning in pain.
  “It hurts Matt. It really really hurts.” It hurt me to see Lilly in such a vulnerable state. Lilly was always a strong woman. She never showed her pain, always hid it to prove she was strong enough. But now she was slowly letting her guard down, allowing people to see the more vulnerable side of her. “Please take the pain away!” Tear slowly slid down her cheek and her grip tightened on my hand.
  “I know sweetheart. The doctor will be here soon. He’ll take the pain away.” I gave Lilly a quick kiss on her forehead which was covered in sweat but I really didn’t care.
 “Hello Lilly,” Dr. Adams said as he walked into the delivery room. “Matt.” He said and nodded to acknowledge my presence. He quickly grabbed the chart out of the nurses hands and started skimming it.
  “Dr. Adams this hurts… like a lot.” Dr. Adams chuckled..
  “Childbirth is not easy.” He said and sat on the stool in front of Lilly’s bed. “I’m just going to check your dilation.” He said. Lilly nodded and squeezed my hand while Dr. Adams preformed a quick, regular exam. The look on Dr. Adams face immediately told me something was wrong. Really wrong. “I need an ultrasound in here please. Stat!” A nurse rushed in a portable ultrasound machine. Dr. Adams wasted no time and sqirted the cold gel on Lilly’s swollen stomach. Dr. Adams stared at the small screen intently before making a call. He turned the ultrasound machine off quickly and pushed it out of the way. “Call the OR for an emergency Caesarean section.” Dr. Adams shouted. He tried staying calm for the sake of me and Lilly but I just didn’t see that happening.
 “What’s wrong?” I asked clutching Lilly’s hand like my life depended on it.
 “The baby is breech and is in distress. We need to take the baby out as soon as possible.” I just nodded.
  “Lilly,” Dr. Adams said looking at her with sad eyes. “We need to take you up to the OR. The baby needs to come out right now.”
 “Why? What’s wrong? What’s wrong with my baby?” she asked sitting up, tears streaming down her face.
 “The baby is in the wrong position. It’s a breech baby. The baby is also in distress.”
 “Oh god. Oh god!” Lilly cried out in pain.
 “Don’t worry Lilly everything is going to be alright. Just take a deep breath. Just breathe.” Dr. Adams tried comforting her while rolling her to the OR. “Just breathe.”


 “Ok sweetie you are going to feel a little bit of pressure, ok. That’s just the baby ok?” Dr. Adams said gently. He told Lilly and I everything he was doing, trying to make Lilly as comfortable as possible.
 “You are doing really great so far sweetheart. I am so proud of you. Soon we can hold our little man.”
 “Matt,” Lilly said quietly.
 “And we can be the perfect family just you and me and our baby boy. He is going to be perfect just like you.”
 “I even bought us a new house to move into. My parents are there now setting everything. I can’t wait for you to see the nursery. Oh my gosh, our little man is going to love it.”
“I-I need to tell you something Matt.”
“What is it Lil?”
“Promise me,” Lilly swallowed hard. “That you will take care of my baby boy and give him,” she said fighting off tears. “The life he deserves. And no that. And no that I love you both so much.”
“Promise me Matt.”
“Promise me Matt.”
“I promise Lilly.”  
“I love you Matt.” The monitors started blaring.

“Pressure is dropping.” One of the scrub nurses informed Dr. Adams.
“She’s bleeding out.” Dr. Adams said very frustrated.
“What? What’s wrong? What’s going on?” I asked with tears threatening to fall. “Get him out of here.” He ordred. One of the nurses came over and put her hand on my shoulder at an attempt to escort me out of the room.
“Sir you need to leave.” She said.
“No you don’t understand, that is my girlfriend.” She just lead me out of that room. “That’s my baby boy!” I shouted. The nurse finally escorted me out of the OR. I was told to take off the scrubs and go wait in the waiting room.

 The twenty three minutes I sat in the waiting room were the longest twenty three minutes of my life. All I could think about was Lilly. And my baby boy. Our baby boy.
 Dr. Adams walked towards me and took his scrub cap off. He held sadness in his eyes. I already knew his answer. I took a deep breath and tried to prepare myself for the fall down. “She’s gone. Isn’t she?”  Dr. Adams just merely nodded his head.
 “She’s gone.” He said sadly. “Her blood pressure dropped and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. I tried…”
 “Well you should have tried harder!” I shouted.
 “I’m sorry Matt. I really am sorry.” And with that Dr. Adams walked away. I felt completely awful after I snapped at him. I put my head in my hands and let the tears fall freely from my face.

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