Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


4. Zac DeJavier...Ian's friend


The following week was torture.

I knew for certain that Ian was the one spreading the rumours about Blake and me doing it at his party. I hated him and his annoying guts. Why was he out to get me? Why me of all people?

“Are the rumours even true?” Lisha asked me, her expression made me want to pound Ian for all he was worth. Her blue eyes shining in innocence that made my heart melt and want to murder someone named Blake Flynn.

“No, Lee,” I quickly replied firmly, hoping that she’d believe me.

“Really?” she asked, her face brightening up a bit.

“Yes. I’d never do that to you, Lee. You or Gianna mean the world to me. I would let what happened to Rynna happen to us,” I said, giving her a hug as Ian and his pose passed by.

I glared at him and Blake, who avoided my gaze. If only looks could kill.

“I believe you, Sky. Thanks,” she replied as she squeezed me in a tight hug.


         v      v      v


I sighed out loudly as the bell signalling for next period rang. Grabbing my Calculus text I headed out the door. After an hour of having to shove equations of integration into my brain I had hoped for a free period in order to get my bearings but the accursed teachers had put Biology right after Calculus for me. Another period that was going to be devoted to nothing but eternal torture from Ian and Blake.

Just get through the day without murdering someone I muttered under my breath as I strolled down the halls.

Then I spotted Grey standing by his locker with a group of soccer players with him and headed over.

The smile that had been on his face as he talked with his friends disappeared once his eyes met mine in which his face grimaced instantaneously.

“Uh…hey Sky,” he muttered half heartedly. His voice sounded like it took everything in him to sound glad to see me.

“Hey Grey. Can I talk to you?” I asked him in a sweet tone, hoping that he still had a soft side towards me and agreed.

“Uh… okay,” he mumbled. “Guys, see ya later?” he muttered to his group of friends that didn’t seem to want to leave just yet.

“Hey guys,” I exclaimed as they muttered their greetings, stalking off as Grey shot his version of a glare at them.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized as he leaned against the locker.

“Nah, it’s fine.”

“So? You wanted to talk?”

“Oh right. Uh…yeah. See,” I started, “About Ian’s party…I…”

“It’s fine Sky,” he interceded, “You had stuff to do. Besides you had a good time and that’s all that mattered, right?”


“It’s fine Skylar. Shall we go to class?” he asked, adamant of leaving behind the incident.

“Oh-Kay,” I muttered, walking next to him, shoulders sagging back in defeat.


       v     v     v


The bell rang for second period as Grey and I entered the classroom. Grey made a move to head for his designated seat with Ian. I grabbed his wrist instinctively.

“We’re good, right?” I simply asked as I looked at him imploringly.

His brown eyes lit up in a forced smile that told me it would take some time for a guy to forgive you after being ditched in the middle of a date.

“Uh…” he paused as he seemed to try and fit words together to form a sentence, “Yeah. We’re g-good.”

“Thanks,” I muttered, letting the matter rest for a bit, “See ya later then?”

“Yeah,” he said as he eyed his wrist still encased between my fingers.

“Oh right,” I muttered as I released his fingers, smiling at him as he walked away after sending me another forced smirk.

I waited by Mr. Daniels or otherwise known as Mr. Dee, the Biology teacher that has thankfully replaced Mr. Steward who had retired due to some psychological issues that I had always suspected he had ever since freshman year.

Mr. Dee was currently busy with a student that I was certain I’d never seen before today.

From the back, he looked…uh… well words couldn’t describe the way he looked. His physique was great. With a toned and muscled body he could’ve passed for an athlete. His hair was brown, a dark brown that it almost looked black. It was carefully mussed, maybe with the aid of some hair product.

He was bent over, listening to Mr. Dee; his black shirt was hugging his body perfectly.

“So Mr. De-Jah-Vi-Eeyh,” Mr. Dee pronounced carefully, yet still failing to say it properly.

I stifled a giggle that threatened to break free from my lips. I had to contain it or else I might not get a favourable reply from Mr. Dee because I had hurt him.

“No sir. It’s Duh-Huh-Vi-Eeyh,” the guy corrected. His voice was faultlessly perfect. So perfect that it seemed to tug at my heart.

“French,” I muttered under my breath absentmindedly as I heard his accent.

“Uh…” the guy said as he turned around, fixing his eyes on mine, “Yeah. French.”

His eyes were like tiny orbs of storm with flecks of blue and they were surrounded by thick, black-as-night eyelashes that most girls would kill for.

Although I was wearing heels, he still towered five or six inches over me. His lips were tugged up in an amused smile as he stared at me.

Then it dawned on me that I had been ogling him like a star-struck idiot.

“Oh…uh…sorry,” I mumbled, “I was… just…uh never mind.”

“Well then,” Mr. Dee continued like I hadn’t said anything, “ Mr. uh…you know…you can sit next to Mr. Karma. He’s the only one left single.”

“Great. Thanks,” the guy said as he smiled at Mr. Dee then turned around nearly running me down as I moved forward hastily, trying to catch Mr. Dee before he began class.

“Sorry,” the guy said as he smiled, displaying dimples on both cheeks. Unfair.

“It’s fine,” I muttered, flustered and taken aback.

“Uh… Ms. Khrest,” Mr. Dee interceded as he tapped his fingers impatiently on his wooden desk, “You wanted something?”

“Oh,” I muttered as I watched the new kid head and sat down next to Drew, “Can I switch partners? Things got weird over the weekend with Blake and it’ll be awkward during class for me to sit next to him.”

“Oh really?

“Yes sir. I like a peaceful and non-awkward environment.”

“Oh. Alright. Mr DeJavier sorry for the disturbance but please exchange places with Mr. Flynn,” the teacher said, pronouncing DeJavier’s name to perfection.

“Uh…sure,” the new kid said, confusion clearly etched onto his face as he headed for our desk.

Confusion now appeared onto my face.

How the heck did he know who Flynn was?

Blake hadn’t yet gotten over the shock and hasn’t even moved. So how did he know who Blake was?

“Uh… thanks Mr. Dee,” I muttered as I headed for my desk.

“Now, if there aren’t any more necessary exchanging of sitting arrangements, I would like to begin our discussion on mitosis and meiosis,” Mr. Dee said as he started handing out worksheets to the entire class.

“Mitosis? Meiosis? Oh crap. This is going to be a long class,” my new partner muttered to himself.

“Oh shit,” I mumbled, “I’m so sorry that you got stuck in this. I can ask Mr. Dee to change you back to Drew if you want. Someone else can sit next to me.”

“Oh no,” he started, “I didn’t mean you. I …uh… I was just muttering something that had nothing to do with that.”


“Yeah. I’m sorry for leading you to thinking that.”

“I’m sorry for being nosey.”

“It’s fine,” he muttered, grinning at me, “I’d be pretty nosey to if some stranger started muttering stuff like that. Name’s Zac. Zachary DeJavier,” he added, holding out a hand.

“Mine’s Sky. Skylar Khrest,” I muttered, shaking his large and firm hand as I smiled at him, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too Skylar,” he replied, his face slightly turned up in an amused smirk then instantly returned back to an all out 100-watt grin as he turned around and glance at the desk behind us. 

“You can call me Sky,” I offered.

“Sky? Oh okay. You just moved here?”

My expression clearly displayed my confusion.

“Umm…Isn’t it the other way around? I mean you are the new student. So that clearly means that you just moved here since I’ve never since you around in school,” I stated, as I watched him.

Was he a delusional boy? Yeah, he was cute, hot even but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be a delusional guy, right?

“In that sense then technically yes, I just moved here,” he replied, weaving the confusion in me even more.


“But, well…you see I grew up in Larin but then my family and I moved away four years ago to NYC which led me to asking if you just moved here.”


“So what’s your story?”

“What do you mean what’s my story?”

“How did you end up in Larin of all places? You look like a big city girl,” he commented, as he studied me closely, ignoring the glares that Mr. Dee was shooting us for thinking that his class was meant for long introductions.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I said, “Okay; you got me if you think Texas is a big city. One day my dad just came home as said that we were moving to Phoenix.”

“Just like that? No explanations?”

“Uh… well yeah. He is our dad. So he technically has the power and authority to do that. He just said that he had to come work for a big company here.”

“Which company?”

“Uh…” I wondered if I should even be sharing these details with him, but pushed it aside as I saw his expression. He really looked like he cared what I was going to say. “RodCorp.”

“RodCorp?” he asked, a tone of surprise, like he wondered why he didn’t know of this minor detail in my life then he continued to ask, “Ian’s dad’s company?” stunning me now.

How did he know that? That was true. Ian’s dad owned a huge share on the board. He was the CEO or something. Something I had found out when dad took us along to a dinner with what I thought was with his boss and family. But then I was doubly stunned when I saw Ian sitting there along with his family. I’d thought of it as a coincidence but then stood there shocked when my dad headed over and shook Mr. Rodgers hands. Ian’s dad was my dad’s boss? Oh shit, Ian’s dad was my dad’s boss. I repeatedly told myself as understanding dawned on me.

Now technically Ian kinda was boss over me, although I never gave him a chance to do so.  

I still sat there stunned as I stared imploringly at Zac.

“Uh… yeah,” I muttered after he waved his hand in front of my face, trying to pull me out of my daze.

How the heck did he do that?

“How did you know that?” I voiced out as I stared at him again, “How did you know that Ian’s dad owns RodCorp?”

“I…uh,” he mumbled.

“Do you know the Rodgers? Ian specifically?” I asked him again, seeing that he was lost for words.

“Ian Rodgers? Uh…yeah. We grew up together,” he stated, his face burning up like he had said that he was a terrorist.

Which, I had always thought was better than what he had just confessed to.

I was never ever going to get along with Ian or his friends. I’d get Harry Styles to date me before that happened. Something impossible seemed possible when it came to ‘the jerk crowd’.

“Really?” I asked, sensing that my conversational side was shutting down.

“Yep,” he muttered, oblivious to me inching my stool away from him, “he and I are great buds. We’re what bffs are, in girl terms but way more muscular,” he joked, as I forced back a grin at his metaphor or simile, whatever it was. I had to become indifferent to him.

“Oh, cool,” I muttered, hiding the sarcastic nature to my comment.

“You want to grab a burger after school? I still need a guide for Larin. Things have really changed.”

“They sure have,” I muttered, referring to our case. We were never ever hanging out again. Or even dating. EVER.

“I’m busy today,” I added.


“Busy too.”


I cut him short. “Busy then too and for the whole of next month.”

“Oh. Got it.” He finally caught the gist as he turned around and listened to Mr. Dee’s lecture. I kind of felt sorry for him. Kinda but not enough to make me take back everything I’d just said.


           v         v       v


The cafeteria was filling up fast as the smell of food wafted around us. Our table was filled to the brim with the squad, busily chugging down salads and a cookie.

“So Lisha,” I started but didn’t get to finish it as she cuts me off.

“Uh... Is that who I think it is?”

I didn’t need to turn around to know what she was gawking at. I had a pretty good idea. I continue to play around with me food. There was a flurry of movement as everyone crowded around the new entrees.

“Who do you think it is?” I asked after swallowing a piece of meatloaf.

“Uh...Zac. Is it Zac?” she said, continuing to stare at the new kid.

“Yea. I think he said that he’s Zac DeJavier.”

“No duh about it,” Gianna muttered. “You can’t forget that face.”

“What happened to Drew?”

“I’m still hooked on him but damn girl I have eyes y’know and damn, that boy has gotten way hotter.”

“Sky, when did you meet him?” Lisha asked.

“Bio,” I muttered simply, continuing to stare at my dish full of crap food.

“You really do know how to make first impressions, eh?”

“What do you even mean?”

“He’s staring at you,” Gianna filled in.

I turned around to stare at him.

True to their assumptions, Zac was staring at me, as he nodded, an amused smirk on his face.

“Yea,” I mumbled, “that’s Rodgers is giving him the dirt on me.”

“Drama time,” Gianna muttered under her breath.

The bell rang suddenly so I didn’t get to ask her what that was about.


          v     v    v


Cheerleading practice:

“Warm up time girls,” I shouted out to the squad as I stood there watching them talking eagerly about Zac.

What was even interesting about the guy? He’s just another guy right? Hot maybe, but just the same.

“Oh my gosh did you see the way he looked at me during History,” a blonde named Alysha Daniels exclaimed to her friend Janisa as she jumped up and down with glee. There were shrieks of agreement and you’re so lucky.

“Girls are you even listening to me?” anger was laced in my voice.

Everyone instantly looked to me and nodded.

“Great,” I said, “Now get going.”

Everyone started rushing away as I followed after them.

Jessica and a couple of girls were lagging behind. I had a good idea what for.

“Problem ladies?”

They hastily shook their heads as they picked up their paces and sprinted away.


         v         v       v


With glee and utter surprise as I finished my run, I came across the girls already bending and stretching their asses off.

“I have to admit girls,” I exclaimed as I smiled, “I’m bloody impressed.”

Maybe they were starting to understand me. Maybe they w-- "What the Heck??” I shouted, breaking out of my thoughts.

I had finally spotted the cause of this sudden burst of enthusiasm in my squad.

Not far away, across the yard were Ian and Zac, discussing something with Coach Hurst. Although it was obviously his tryouts, Zac was busy staring at the girls.

“Come on girls, just ignore them,” I said, “They’re not worth it.”

“But, they’re like hot,” Khloe commented.

“Yeah. But…”

“And not to mention, as sexy as Johnny Depp,” Lisha added as everyone broke of into little fits if giggles.

“Not helping Lee,” I muttered to my bestie.

“Oh, come on Sky, don’t be a spoil sport,” Gianna said as she came over and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, “Just look at how bloody gorgeous they are.”

She turned my face towards the guys with a finger.

I stared at the guys, now both immersed in conversing with Coach Hurst.

Deep within me, I had to admit that Zac was quite cute, maybe even hot.

Still dressed in his black shirt, he looked dashing. I admit that black really looked great on him. It made him looked dark and mysterious, and besides it definitely worked well with his skin tone.

Sensing my gaze on him, he turned his head in my direction and suddenly grey orbs of amusement and curiosity pierced into mine.

I stared him down, waiting for him to look away. But he just smiled at me then winked. His dimples were so adorable that the entire squad sighed.

Newsflash…There was another heartbreaker walking the halls of Iyllar High other than Ian. Zac.

Now there was a Jerks one, two and three.


         v         v        v


“Hey hon,” mom said as I entered the house, still fully clad in my mini shorts and shirt, “Where do you wanna go after graduation?”

“I don’t know mom,” I replied as I dug out a bottle of Fiji water from the fridge and took a gulp of it, “Europe?”

“Honey. Are you okay? You look beat.”

“Just tired I guess.”

“’Kay. Get some rest then and I’ll call you down for dinner.”

“Okay,” I muttered as I started to head for my room.

“How about France?” she called out.

“What about France?” I asked, pausing at the door leading to the living room.

“For your after grad vacation.”

“Nah,” I shook my head.

“Why not? I hear it’s beautiful.”

“The guys there are complete and utter flirts and their just annoying bastards that flirt with anything that moves,” I said, thinking of a certain grey eyed guy.

“Uh… Wanna talk about what happened at school today?” mom asked, worry forming on her face.

“No. I’m good,” I muttered hastily as I started to exit the room, “Call me when dinner’s ready, ‘Kay?”

I didn’t hear her reply as I slammed the door shut behind me.


         v         v      v


The week following the arrival of Zac was better than I had originally anticipated. I gave Ian and Zac a wide berth, which they seemed to get a kick out of.

On Friday, to my utter dismay Blake finally worked up the courage to talk to me again. He had been avoiding me for the entire week and I had liked it better that way.

As I exited Biology, heading for the cafeteria, a familiar voice called out my name. Turning around, I tensed as I saw Blake and Drew walking towards me.

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