Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


9. The Sisterly Intervention


My heart was flying or was it leaping? Anyways whatever it was, it felt good.

The door instantly flew open as I got out of my car. Mom was standing there by the doorway, phone in hand.

“Hey mom,” I called out as I reached for my gym bag in the backseat. I needed a good, long warm bath.

“Hey hon. Rynna’s on the phone,”
 she said in an unusual upbeat tone as she held out the gadget.

“Thanks mom,” I said, grabbing it as I headed for my room, smiling as I always did at the mere mention of my sister.

“Rynna hey,” I shouted into the receiver with excitement. I pictured her, cringing from the proximity of my loud voice.

“Sky, geez,” she complained, “Thanks for making me deaf,” she berated but not in a harsh way but it a calm way. Typical Rynna reaction. Always smiling and happy.

“So how’s life in Harvard?” I asked, “Must be as awesome as last year since you’ve totally been ignoring you favourite sister,” my voice was still pleased at her calling even though I tried to make it sound angry.

“You’re my only sis, Sky,” she pointed out.

“So how’s Harvy?”

“Great actually. Josh has been incredible,” she said dreamily, referring to her boyfriend of a year.

“I’m gonna be pretend that you mean he’s incredible when he says ‘I OBJECT’ and not in some private and naughty place.”

“Whatever Sky,” she muttered, “You know what I mean. So how’s little old Larin?”

“Great. Same as always.”                                                    

“Nothing new? No new guys?”

“No new guy,” I tried to downplay my happiness.

“I know you Sky, so who’s the new guy?” she always got me.

“Um… some new kid that came back to town.”

“Ooh, what’s his name?”

“He’s part French,” I tried to make her drop the topic.

“Name?” she pestered.

“He’s…okay,” I stalled.

“Dying here Sky,” she yelled.

“Zac,” I muttered.

“Zac, eh?”

I nodded, and then remembered she can’t see me, “Uh-huh,” I agreed.

“Is he cute, hot or lusciously hot?”

“Seriously Ry? Seriously?”

“Hey, I need to know if he’s worthy of you,” she argued.

“Fine,” I muttered, knowing she’d never let it go, “He’s luscious with dark hair and grey eyes, and that’s not even the best part.”

“What is?”

I paused, adding suspense.

“Skylar?” she demanded.

“He’s friends with Ian,” I blurted out.

Rynna took a sharp intake of air.

“What. The. Eff?” she worded out as I smiled.

“Yeah,” I said, “Finally the jerk will know I’m done with him.”

“Are you sure you’re done with him?”

“Yeah, duh. Why won’t I be?”

“Do you like this Zac character for himself or because of Ian?”

“Way to go psychological on me sis,” I muttered, “And yes I like Zac for Zac, and The Ian shiiz just is an added bonus.”

“So you’re really over Ian?”


“Y’know,” she began, “I think you’re lying. I mean, for the past three years, you always wanted to get his attention. Remember you went through more guys in the last year or so, than I could ever count.”

“Yeah and you point is?” I asked, “Some of them were just so obsessed with themselves or tried to get into my pants.”

“I don’t think all of them were,” she commented, “Remember will Douglas? I thought he was a nice guy. Came around with flowers, chocolates and the works.”


“It was like Twilight.”

“Seriously Twilight? That’s a confused novel.”

“Stop trying to change the subject Sky,” she said, “Anyways, over with the hard talk, when can I meet Zac?”

“Whenever you can come down.”

“Great. So how are mom and dad?”

“Uh…didn’t ya just talk to them?” I asked.

“I’d just called when you arrived silly,” she said like it was obvious, “So?”

“Fine. Dad’s going to Washington for two weeks tomorrow. At least one less person to call me anorexic,” I said, then added, “Which I’m not…”

I turned on my iPad and logged onto Facebook.

“Sky, you are anorexic,” she complained, “Try eating like a normal teen sometime.”

“I AM NOT ANOREXIC, RY!” I roared.

“Denial is always a defence mechanism for anorexics.”


We chatted for sometime until Josh, her guy, came around for their date.

“Yeah, bye Ry,” I said into the receiver, “Love you.”

“Love you too, babe,” she said as she hung up.

My facebook account was jammed with new pictures posted by Lisha and Gianna. They were something else. Always there. Always loving and loyal.

Damn I loved them, nearly as much as I loved Rynna.

For the next 20 minutes I added some people, updated my status and messaged friends.

I checked out Ian’s page. He’d added me right after telling me that I just don’t got it. Me, being so pathetic and hoping that he’d change his mind, had added him within a heartbeat.

But nothing had changed after that. Ian was still a heartless moron that gave me a knowing smirk whenever I’d been staring at him. But then I’d had enough when he started dating Fanny Diggy. She didn’t give anyone an easy time. Right after that started dating; she’d always glare at me whenever she had a chance to. She was a retard that was insecure about Ian and my past. Not that we had any.

Ian’s page currently showed him at practice with Zac. He was smiling like an idiot. He had 3,000 friends, more like the entire student population of Iyllar High.

He was currently in a relationship but didn’t say who. Jessica Stylz was the highest probable suspect.

Five minutes later, I was on Zac’s account. I clicked the add button and went through his friends, photos and account.

Each photo showed him smiling, something I’d come to know of that he like to do. A lot.

Running a hand through my tousled brown locks, I let out a sigh as I changed my current status form single to in a relationship.

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