Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


3. The Nightmare Come True


Walking down the hall, towards the newsroom I stopped short.

Ian was talking to Jessica Stylz, a junior on the squad. She had always seemed to be frightened of me and avoided any undue confrontation that talking to me led to.

“What’s this about?” I asked her, keeping my tone balanced and curious.

“Uh... j-just, you-u know that t-the pep rally’s this afternoon. I was wondering if Ian would m-mind going shirtless for i-it,” Jessica stuttered, keeping her eyes averted from mine.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah,” Ian interceded. “Isn’t it a fabulous idea Sky? Now you have an excuse for checking me out half naked,” he added with that cocky grin on his face, so full of himself.

“Right because if I see your scrawny chest I can die a happy woman,” I replied, as I tried not to redden with anger.

I was lying. Ian actually had a nice, well defined chest. I had only found out during football practice which happened at the same time of squad practice. Ian liked to be the centre of attention, causing distractions to the cheerleaders that looked on with longing. The problem was that he also knew of his desirability which only added to his already huge ego.

“Well Sky, I like the fact that a glimpse at my abs could provide you with the equivalent of a rich filled happy life.”

“I like the fact of you not breathing and the key words in that sentence was ‘see your chest’ and ‘die’. The ‘happy’ part was just me being nice and civilized,” I snapped.

“Whatever you say but the eyes reveal the secrets of the heart.”

“Oh, busted,” I said with hatred and sarcasm. “I’m secretly in love with you and spend all my free time writing in my diary, ‘Dear diary, today Ian was a jerk for the 867th day in a row. He’s so dreamy.”

“I knew you still liked me.”

“No, I don’t,” I argued, my voice shaking.

“Yes, you do. You count the number of days we’ve known each other and the keywords were ‘in love’ and ‘so dreamy’.”

“I was kidding, you moronic idiot,” I shouted as he burst out laughing. “I’ve got to go. Interview,” I added, trying desperately to not snap at Ian as I walked away.


       v     v     v


Shutting the door of the newsroom shut, I stood still, panting heavily as I leaned against the door, worried of Ian following me.

“Hey Skylar!” Michelle O’Donnell, the reporter for Iyllar Weekly said, as she took in my alarmed figure.

“Michelle, hey,” I replied as I stood up straight.

“Wanna start with the interview now?”

“Yeah, sure,”

The article was on the basics. What was different about the squad this year? The get-together next month. Prom and who I thought would be prom king and queen and who I thought of asking.

“Still have some proposals but you know me, I’m still undecided,” I replied as I smiled at Michelle.

“So can you give us some clues on the lucky men?”

“That would be harsh on them and well I do love my privacy.”

“Yeah that we know,” she said. “Last question. The most important of them all. The readers, students, are wondering…” she paused.

“Wondering what?” I urged her on with my ever-ready smile plastered on my face.

“Well, they were wondering, they see the chemistry happening but why aren’t you and Ian Rodgers together?”

My face lost that academy award winning smile as I stared at Michelle O’Donnell with a sullen expression. Even at a closed interview, Ian still found a way to be the main topic. The attention grabber.

“There are personal reasons behind that, that well… I don’t want to get into right now.”

“But I’m pretty sure it’s not because he’s unattractive. I mean the guys like a modern day version of Adonis. He’s crazy hot,” she said in a breathless tone.

“Well, then, you date him,” I snapped.

“Oh sorry, Michelle, I just get defensive when someone tries pushing me towards Ian, y’know,” I apologized calming down. “Besides I’m not his type and well I don’t date players.”

“Yeah, whatever I’m just gonna pretend that you didn’t say anything. You’re everyone’s type, even Blake Flynn’s,” she hinted as I nearly choked on my mineral water.

“Maybe but you’ll have to ask Blake about that,” I answered as I got out of the chair as a signal that this interview was O-V-E-R!


       v     v     v


Feeling the soft crunch of the grass beneath my feet as I walked towards the field was exhilarating. I would be able to forget about school. Everything that had occurred today at school.

The field was my turf. Where I made magic happen, I guess you could say.

The sun was bearing down on us as it scorched the green grass, threatening to burn it to death. Everyone had opted for a mini shorts and a thin-sleeved top as a get up for the gruelling day that I had planned.

“Hey Sky,” Lisha called out as I neared her. “Want us to do a round or two on the tracks?”

“Yeah. Make it two,” I replied. “We’ve been going slow for the last few days.”

After checking that the equipment was all there, I followed after them only to catch Jessica and 2 other girls staring at the football team.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing?” I shouted.

“N-Nothing, Sky. Just watching,” Jessica replied in a shaky tone.

“Watching what? Huh? Now I suggest that you get back to training before I lose it and kick all of y’all of the squad,” I said as I tried to control my anger. “Just because coach is on a maternity leave for the next 2 months doesn’t give you a reason to relax and slack off.”

“Uh-yeah Skylar,” they all muttered, on the verge of tears.

“Good. Now get back to practice and you’ll do an extra round,” I stated as they all joined the rest.

The entire football team had been watching the whole time with an amused expression on their sadistic face. Ian was at the forefront, causing me to heat up with anger.

“What?” I snapped.

“Skylar, ease up on the girls, jeez,” he said.

“I can’t. Coach would want me to work them hard. It’s my ass on the line and this is how I do things.”

“Just try to have some fun and not work them that hard.”

“Don’t you dare ever talk me about my captaining skills, Rodgers.”

“Just saying work and no play equals disaster and no team,” he said in a superior tone.

“Of course, you’d know all about playing, eh, since you’re so good at it,” I snapped as I walked away in an angry feat.


       v     v     v


The party at Ian’s house was blasting with Pitbull sounding from the speakers. Ian’s house was huge, magnificent and posh.

My eyes took in the mansion that seemed sturdy, forbidding and luxurious. In the front was a huge parking lot that could’ve fit 20 cars altogether and the nearest neighbour was a mile out so there wouldn’t be any noise complaint tonight.

The garden was bright with decorative neon night lights and there were ornament flamingos and garden gnomes in the centre of it all. A pool was enclosed inside a structure that seemed bigger than my own house. Solar lights lighted the inside of the glass enclosure with bathing suits on a line giving me the impression that this might just turn out to be a pool party. The party was all about no parents, loud music and crazy hook-ups that would be lost to the person the next day. A distant and forgotten memory.

Upon entering, both Lisha and Gianna spread out in search of Blake and Drew.

I instantly looked for Grey who had agreed on us meeting here. He was at a corner with other soccer studs laughing hysterically. He looked better out of his soccer uniform, wearing a light blue pair of jeans with a blue shirt that had ‘LOOK AT THIS GUY!’ on it.

A smile lit up his green eyes when he spotted me walking towards him.

“Hey Sky,” he said as every single eye in the small group focused on me.

“Grey, hey,” I said as I gave him a solid hug.

“Sorry about the gawkers,” he whispered.

“It’s alright,” I whispered back as I released him. “Hey guys,” I said out loud to the bystanders, namely Grey’s friends.

There were murmurs of greetings, winks and waves.

“Thought you weren’t gonna show,” Grey said.

“And miss Ian’s party? Nah. I wouldn’t miss the most talked about party in Larin history.”

“How ‘bout me?”

“Oh, yeah and there’s you,” I muttered out as an after thought. Grey’s face fell slightly. “I was joking. I came because of you,” I added as everyone laughed and Grey seemed to sigh in relief.

“Really got me there Skylar,” he said.

“My specialty.”

“Nice,” he said as he smiled. “So need a drink or something?” he added ever the gentleman.

I beamed with a smile.

“That would be lovely.”

Grey disappeared into the throng of people standing there dancing to the music, leaving me to sing along to the sound of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I’m Into You’.

“Sky, we need to talk,” a familiar voice shouted trying to be heard above the loud music.

“What about?” I snapped at having been disturbed when I was in the zone, lost in the music.

“Can we go somewhere private?” Blake asked as I glared at him confused. He didn’t bother waiting for an answer as he grabbed my arm and pulled me along. It was hard to wriggle out of his grip, so I just followed after him, hoping that Grey wouldn’t notice my short absence.

Blake dragged me up the winding staircase, past the throng of teenagers lining outside the bathroom and along the long corridor that seemed endless. Finally he stopped outside a huge wooden door that I thought led to the balcony.

To my utter dismay and confusion it led to a room. Not just a room but a bedroom. I took in every single detail. Football stars lined the wall. The Iyllar Panthers. A king-sized bed with its bed sheets messy and undone. The 2 screens that were hung on the wall. Who in there right mind need 2 screens?

The thing that stood out in my 30 second observation of the room was a single photo. The exact same copy of the one I had in my room. This copy didn’t have darts all over it though. After analyzing the room some more I came to the conclusion of who this room belonged to.

None other than Ian freaking Rodgers.


“What the heck are we---,” before I could finish my sentence I felt Blake’s lips crush mine.

WHAT THE HECK! I wanted to scream as I shoved at him, trying anything to get him off me. Scratching at him, shoving him with all the strength I had but Blake only took this as a response as he pressed his toned body against mine pushing me towards the bed. Ian’s bed.

Finally he stopped and grinned. The jerk had the nerve to grin.

My fist was armed and ready as it connected with his chest. I had intended for it to push him away, but he crushed his lips against mine again like that hadn’t deterred him in the slightest.

“What the heck?” that annoyingly familiar voice said.

I turned to see none other than Ian standing by the open door with Jessica by his side, gawking at the scene.

“Hey bro,” Blake muttered out the greeting, not at all embarrassed. “Sorry about this. Hormones y’know.”

“I can tell Flynn,” Ian said in a distant tone. He was definitely pissed off at us for using his room. “If you need some privacy, we’ll leave. Just make sure to clean up after yourself,” he added.

“Nah! We were just finishing off, but thanks for the offer,” I snapped at him. He was disgusting. Were all teenage boys disgusting animals like these two?

“I just need to do one thing and then, you and Jessica can have the room to yourselves,” I continued, then turned around, glared at Blake and landed a hard kick between his legs.

Leaving the room, I heard a high-pitched scream coming from inside Ian’s bedroom, knowing that it wasn’t coming from Jessica at all.

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