Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


8. The Kidnapped Date


“So,” Lisha started as we headed for the cafeteria Monday morning, “I passed by Starbucks yesterday,” she added.

“LOL…newsflash Lee,” Gianna started, “You always pass by Starbucks on your run.”

“I know,” she agreed, “but there was something interesting yesterday about Starbucks.”

She gave me a look that clearly said ‘fess up’.

“Really? Did they have a sale on something?”

“No, but as I passed by the window, I saw a certain French student having an espresso with a certain head cheerleader,” she paused as she eyed me, “Care to enlighten us on this matter, Sky?”

Gianna didn’t miss a beat as she screamed, “WAIT, WHAT???YOU HAD BREAKFAST WITH ZAC FEAKING DEJAVIER AND YOU DIDN’T US???”

We stopped at a locker. She was grabbing my arm and literally shaking me, trying to pry information out of me.

I was really going to be developing a grade five migraine if she continued.

A coupe of lockers down Ian and Jessica, chatting idly as Ian twirled a brown lock of Jessica’s hair around his finger, flirting.

But he looked up when Gianna screamed, eyeing us curiously.

“Shhh,” I shushed, “Keep it down, will ya?” I saw Ian’s eyeing me; questions seemingly pop in and out of his head.

“Fine, but tell us everything,” she ordered.

“Fine,” I muttered then continued to tell them everything.

Their eyes registered shock and humour every now and then.

I could tell that they wanted to yell out and interrupt me, but I held out a finger, silencing them.

“We told you he was interested,” Gianna exclaimed.

“Yeah, whatever,” I just muttered.

“So was it a date,” Lisha asked.

“I…I don’t know.”

“Did he pay for it?”

I nodded, remembering back to when I had tried to get out my wallet like purse, but Zac had held out his hand, smiled at the server and handed him the money, leaving his wallet still stock full of cash.

“Then it was a date,” Lisha insisted.

“Oh,” I breathed out, thinking over how easy he had broken down my wall, gotten over my defences and inserted himself into my life.

But hey, he seemed to be different from Ian. He was nice, funny but not cocky, understanding and a great listener. Not to mention, undeniably smoking hot.

“I’m just so freaking green right now,” Gianna commented, as she pouts and playfully slaps my arm.

“Why?” I really didn’t understand what she was envious about.

She had gorgeous dark locks flowing down past her shoulders, warm dark eyes that came across as elegant, mysterious and playful. Not to add her background.

I should be the one going green, right?

“Yeah, just act like you don’t know what I’m talking about,” she muttered smiling at me but something in her eyes told me that she actually believed that I was better than her.

“Anyways,” she continued, “Let’s go have some lunch. Lisha looks like she’ll faint any second if we don’t get any food into her system.”

I nodded, letting her comment slide, “Yeah, me too,” I agreed.

We dragged Lisha down the corridors past Ian and Jessica.

Ian, of course, ever the player had started playing with her hair again.

Just as we passed them, Ian pushed his arm back so that it brushed against mine.

I nearly shouted that he should use his leg next time if he wanted to make stumble, but I pushed it down.


  v  v  v


“Lookie over there,” Gianna said as we grabbed a tray to stack our lunches on. She nodded to our table in the centre of the cafeteria.

“What the,” I exclaimed as I saw Zac sitting at our usually cheerleaders only table. A jock free zone.

 “Lover boy’s sitting there, waiting for us. Oh right for you. Are you gonna send him away again?”

Zac was looking intently at me, winking as he saw my stare.

“Hurry up Sky,” Lisha demanded, “Stop stalling.”

Quickly grabbing a plate of spaghetti, and apple and a granola bar, I headed for the cashier and paid for it.

“Thanks,” I muttered as Hannah the lunch lady handed me back my change with a smile.

The entire squad was staring at Zac, drooling like puppy dogs.

My face flustered as I looked at them intently like a dog marking it’s territory without the case of having to pee on Zac in order to do it.

The squad got the message and suddenly their lunch was very interesting.

I wished that Zac hadn’t noticed my possessiveness. As I turned my gaze onto him, he was smirking. He hadn’t missed it at all. He had on an amused smirk, that I had labelled the jerky grin but actually looked sweet and endearing now.

I sat down next to him, placing my tray next to his. Lisha and Gianna were dawdling at the cashier, eyeing and conflicted between a granola bar and a chocolate bar. They were taking their sweet time.

“Is there a reason behind you sitting at our table and not at your usual spot?

“You really hate him, don’t ya?” he asked, humoured.

“What? Did he tell you otherwise?” I asked.

He nodded, “Why do you hate him, other than the stunt he pulled, of course?”

I didn’t even wanna know. “You haven’t answered my question,” I challenged

“Neither are you, darling.”

“Seriously? Darling? We haven’t even been on a date and you’re already calling me darling.”

“It’s a French thing,” he commented, “and yes, we have been on a date. Remember yesterday? The coffee break.”

“That was exactly that,” I argued, “A coffee break.”

“Oh really?” he asked, eyes glowing with mischief.

“Yes really.”

“So is tonight the first date, then?” he asked, referring to his offer during breakfast yesterday.

“I was actually reconsidering that.”

“See you after practice then,” he interceded, leaving me no chance for argument, “Bye,” he added, giving me a wink as he left.


  v  v  v


“That’s it for the day, girls,” I said as we started to head for the locker room.

Practice was over but Zac was nowhere to be seen I searched in all four directions but there was no sign of Zac.

‘Spineless jerk,’ I angrily muttered to myself, ‘Guess he’s caught up with something more important.’

I picked up my bag and trotted out of the school and down the lane towards my car. I got in and drove towards Starbucks. I pulled up near the alleyway and went inside, ordered myself a decaf then waited.

Minuets later, I got it, paid for it then exited the café again.

Suddenly a black limo pulled up in front of me, blocking my way towards my car.

‘Gosh,’ I said to myself, as the car had nearly driven over me.

I took a step then two, when I suddenly felt a hand grab my wrist and another one wrapped itself around my mouth. I saw that I was being dragged and thrown into the limousine. I tried to take a look at my attacker but he suddenly covered my eyes with a blindfold.

I tried to fight him off but his grip was strong and firm, and from the feel of his muscles I’d still be in danger if I tried to fight him off again.

I tried, against my better judgement to break free with all my might but I just tired myself out unnecessarily.

I felt the car start to move, slowly at first but then it accelerated faster and faster.

After a while, the car stopped with a jolt. The door screeched as it was harshly swung open and I was forced out but gently. The attacker had let go of his hand from my mouth but still maintained his firm grip on my hand.

My body tensed, my mouth was cotton dry, and I felt so insecure.

The hand on my wrist softly pulled me, leading me somewhere, my feet refusing to move, eventually moved ahead.

The hand on my wrist let go and instantly I ripped off the blindfold, trying to make sense of the situation. After all, why would someone kidnap me? Me of all people. My family wasn’t rich, so it couldn’t be about the money.

At first, all I could see was just a haze of light but then my eyes acclimatized and I focused in on the figure standing in front of me. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally recognized my attacker.

All I thought was, WHY???

“Zac,” I whispered out, not understanding anything.

Zac was standing in front of me, dressed in a tailored black tuxedo (not exactly kidnapping wear), which showed off his toned muscles. His hair was perfectly styled and he had on this ridiculous smile.

“What do y-”

“Shh,” he cut me off.

“What in the world are you doing?” I screamed out at him.

“I’m taking you out on a date,” he said, as if kidnapping someone was perfectly normal date like behaviour.

“This is your idea of a date?”

“I thought you might like the thrill of it all,” he explained.

I laughed at his incompetent statement. I should’ve been fuming with anger, but I didn’t feel like it. In fact, I did like the thrill of it all. I was initially scared but then I the feel of being like Bond won over my insecurity.

“Y’know, I thought…wait…where were you?” I asked, “You didn’t show up for practice.”

“Oh…well, if I tell you, you wouldn’t believe me,” he replied, looking down and detached.

“There’s no reason as to why I wouldn’t believe you,” I paused, smiling, “Other than the fact that you kidnapped me of course.”

He smiled.

“C’mon, tell me,” I prodded.

“Well,” he began, “I’ve been playing football for as long as I can remember. And, well I’ve never found the time to ask a girl out.”

“So, what you’re tying to say is that I’m your first…”I stopped, feeling ecstatic.

“Yeah,” he nodded glumly, “And I wanted everything to be perfect and unforgettable, so I spent the whole day doing this.”

“Well, I tell you this, I will not be forgetting this anytime soon.”

I looked around at everything he had done for me. I’d been so preoccupied and stunned that Zac was my attacker that I hadn’t even looked around.

I was standing in a room loaded with yellow roses. Each and every rose carefully laid out in a pampering position. It looked like I was standing in an ocean of yellow petals. An ocean of perpetual petals.

In the middles hung a low grand chandelier, light exuding from it like a magnificent star.

Under the bright light, stood a table with two chairs. On top of table sat a potpourri of food. It was a grand meal. Roast chicken, lasagne, Mac and cheese, salad, pasta and a bottle of cool champagne.

Guess the guy never heard of burgers on a date.

I was mesmerised to the point of absolute amazement.

“Wow…uh…thanks Zac,” I managed, “Ever heard of burgers on a date.”

He smiled, pleased that I was surprised.

“I just wanted everything to be perfect,” he paused, “Like you.”

I could feel heat ignite within me. I’d never felt better, a guy accepting me even when I was I the most inappropriate conditions, with sweat streaming down my face, and I definitely smelt like old socks.

Two hours just tipped off on golden wings. We dance, sang along to a karaoke machine he’d rented, joked around, relayed our life stories and talked like old friends.

It was great. The best date as far as my experience went.

Which was saying something since I’d been on hundred dates with soccer studs, hockey freaks, average okay guys and every other eligible guy that were reasonable. All except Ian or one of his friends excluding Zac, of course.

I laughed a lot that night. Laughed a lot more than I’d done in the past year.

Everytime I smiled at him, his eyes would light up like I’d given him the world.

“So…thanks for the lovely date…again,” I stammered as we pulled up to the Starbucks parking lot in the limo.

Since the kidnapping hadn’t been on my agenda, my silver BMW M3 was still parked there, deserted and alone. My heart was beating profoundly too fast.

“Yeah, sure,” he muttered as he closed the limo door behind him, “It was lovely.”

“Thanks again.”

“No prob,” he reassured, “Wanna go out again…on a …uh,” he was stumped.

“Yea,” I said, “Friday?”

He exposed his dimples as he smiled, leaving me gaping at him.


“But burgers this time, ‘Kay?”

He laughed, “Sure burgers. Pick you up at your house?”

“Yea, know the place?”

“Uh…this is embarrassing,” his face reddened.


“Don’t think I’m a stalker, ‘Kay,” he started, “But I already know your house.”

“Uh… you do?”

He nodded, “Kinda.”

“How?” I tried not to sound weirded out.

“Umm…. Ian.”

“Rodger,” I grunted out the name, “of course, the jerk already told you.”

“Yeah,” he muttered.

“My diagnosis was correct then.”


“Nah…I just figured that he was giving you the dirt on me during lunch on your first day,” I stated, and then let out a stream of giggles.

“He just said that you’d had a crush on him back then,” Zac said.

“Argh, don’t remind me.”

“Well, he said it like…y’know…in a way that clearly said ‘back off’ or you’re his.”

I let out a stream of profanities.

“Oh no,” I hissed, “I’m not his and never will be.”

“Great, that’s good,” he muttered, “see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I answered, heading for my car after bidding him goodbye. The car dimmed in comparison to Zac’s gorgeous greyish eyes that stared after me with a smile.

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