Operation: No Quarter-Back [ON HOLD :/ ]

Who says that the head cheerleader has to date the quarterback?
Well I'm not following it.
That's why I'm breaking de trend nd going out with any guy. Any guy but the quarterback.
Any guy but Ian Rodgers.
Navigate with Skylar Khrest as she tries desperately to avoid Ian.
Then new guy, or so she thinks, Zac DeJavier, comes along and things might just get better.
Or a lot worser.


5. Challenge Accepted!!!


 “Hey Sky,” Drew muttered in greeting as he genuinely smiled at me.

“Drew,” I acknowledged in a rather curt manner, compared to his kind one.

“Umm…well,” he seemed to have been deterred by my tone, “Blake here wanted to say something,” he said.

I stared at Blake, waiting for him to say something.

Drew thumped him on the arm, as I stared at their exchange impatient.

“Hey…uh…Drew,” Blake started, “Can you ask Mr. Dee when our assignments are due?”

Drew’s face clearly said that he didn’t wanna miss the drama that was sure to unfold here.

“It’s due on Wednesday,” he said.

“Well then, can you go ask him if I can hand mine in on Thursday?” Blake muttered through gritted teeth.

“Fine,” Drew said in an annoyed tone. He walked away but stopped fifty metres away. Just close enough to eavesdrop on us.

“What?” I snapped at Blake.

His face heated up.

“Well…um…I know I was kind of a jerk at Ian’s party,” he said.

“Oh really? Did you figure that out when you were forcing yourself on me or after I kicked you in your scrotum?” I asked.

“I’m sorry about that Sky.”

“Fine. But apology still not accepted.”

“Just give me a chance Sky. I’m sorry about that.”

I glared at him as he ran a hand through his blonde hair nervously.

“Well, I was wondering if you might want to go out sometime?” he blurted out.

My eyes instantly widened.

“Are you crazy?” I yelled at him, not bothering if anyone could here me, “Are you delusional? What makes you think that I would ever wanna go out with you? After the stunt you pulled?”

He continued to stare at me.

“Just give me a chance. I’m a good guy,” he defended.

“N.O,” I said, “My bestie Lisha, happens to have a crush on you and secondly, you’re that jerks friend.”

He looked at me confused.

“Ian,” I muttered, “I don’t date Ian or his friends. You all come from the same group. Spoiled, obnoxious, good for nothing, heartbreaking jerks. And, do me a favour, Tell Zac I’m not interested. That’d be great,” I added in one breath. Taking a deep breath, I turned and stormed off towards the cafeteria.


         v         v      v


As I was ten minutes late due to Blake’s absurd offer, the line at the counter was already empty. After choosing an apple, sandwich and fruit juice and paying for it, I headed over to the squads table which was unfortunately allocated next to the jocks table.

It was a school wide knowledge that only the squad and close friends were allowed to sit at our table.

Lisha and Gianna was already sitting their munching on their lunch. Sitting next to Gianna was none other than Zac DeJavier.

I heated up with instant anger as I stood by Lisha staring at him.

Zac continued to crack a few jokes as the squad giggled, oblivious to me.

“What the heck are you doing here?” I growled out.

“Just having a couple of laughs,” he said, his accent made the girls next to him sigh.

Something in me seemed to melt as his eyes pierced me.

“Well, can you…uh leave? Now…” I said, my tone softening.

“Come on Sky,” his voice tugged at my heart, “Last I checked it was a free country.” An amused smirk formed on his face, challenging me to retort.

“That’s my sit,” I snapped.

“There’s an empty spot by Lisha.”

I stared at him, refusing to move and inch until he went away.

“Zac,” a voice from the jocks table called out, interrupting the stare match between us. I recognized it to be Ian’s immediately, “Get your ass back here before she kicks it,” he added, grinning.

At that moment I was glad that Ian and I agreed on something.

“Yeah,” the other guys next to him added sarcastically.

I turned my glare at them.

“Don’t test her guys,” Ian muttered to them as he stared at me.

I returned my face to a neutral one. That was the best I could give him. At least I wasn’t glaring at him.

Finally Zac stood up, made a huge show of bowing as he said, “Milady.”

The girls at my table sighed as Khloe muttered in a love-struck tone, “Such a gentleman.”

I stared at them blankly and suddenly their foods was interesting.

As lunch went on, Lisha and Gianna pestered me endlessly.

“Come on Sky,” Gianna said as she nudged me on the arm, “Why don’t you like Zac?”

“He’s completely into you,” Lisha added without missing a beat.

“Maybe,” I confessed, “But I don’t date Ian or his friends, remember?”

“That’s a load of bull,” Gianna interrupted, “They’re like the hottest guys ever.”

“Yeah. Whatever,” I muttered, focusing my attention on the two guys that just entered the cafeteria. Drew and Blake for their usual table.

Blake avoided my gaze entirely as he lagged behind Drew.

“Hey I didn’t even notice Drew or Blake missing,” Lisha observed.

“That’s good then,” I muttered under my breath.

That might just mean that she was getting over Blake. I didn’t want my best friend to date him. I didn’t want her to face the heartbreak that would surely follow when she dated him.

“That’s what Sky said?” I heard Ian’s voice say.

My curiosity aroused, I turned around to look at their table.

Blake, Drew, Ian and Zac were all huddled together whispering conspiratorially to one another. Ian sneaked a glance at our table, only to be met with my gaze focused on him. He had on an amused smirk like he understood me and could see right through me and into my heart. He looked at me like he could decipher my every thought.

I instantly tensed as I stared at the face that I had fallen for during my freshman year. He still had that wave of confidence protruding from him that shouted he owned the moment and everyone in it.

“So she’s not going to date me or anyone associated with me?” Ian asked, his blue eyes still burning a hole through me.

“Yeah,” Blake answered as he grabbed a bottle of water in front of him on the table and chugged it down.

“Fine,” Ian muttered to no one in particular as he continued to stare at me.

A devious smile formed on his face, making him more handsome.

One thing clicked inside my head as I stared back at him.

With one smile, he was saying, ‘Challenge accepted!”

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