A Lonely Angel

A lonely angel. Pretty as can be. Other angels don't like her. Because she is as pretty as can be.


1. A Lonely Angel

There's a angel that is so fair and beautiful

Her hair is long and her eyes sparkle

She is the prettist angel anyone ever saw

Her voice is so sweet hardly a whisper


Her skin is so soft like butter

The other angels don't like her

They are so jealous of her

They make her so lonely


Noone will smile at her

Or tell her she is pretty

They won't talk to her

She sits alone reading


Nothing else to do

So sad no smiles

A lonely angel

She has noone to love her


Noone that needs her

Just alone in the world

A lonely angel

She cries everynight


Wanting someone to love

Someone to care

What can she do?

A lonely angel

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