Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


24. True Love


We get to Niall's house and put my suitcase and hair and makeup kit in the back of Mason's car.  This reminds me of the morning of 'Good Morning, London.'  I smile a little at the thought.  I get in the passengers side and Mason slides in the driver's side.  "Here we go."  Mason mumbles.  About an hour within the trip, the car starts to slow down.  Mason pulls over and parks on the side of the street.  "We're out of gas."  He says.  "We...WHAT?  You didn't check to see how much gas we have?!"  I say.  "I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking about it at the moment, I just wanted to get to the hotel ASAP."  I get out of the car and get my suitcase and hair and makeup kit.  I start walking in the direction we were heading.  "What are you doing?"  Mason says, getting out of the car.  "Walking.  Gotta get there one way or another."  I say.  Mason runs up behind me and takes off his jacket and drapes it on me.  "We can call a towing service for your car if you want."  "None of them will be open this early in the morning."  Mason says.  "Well, then what are we gonna do about it?"  "It's fine just leave it, I can buy another one."  I walk back to the car and sit on the side of the road in front of it, leaning my head on the front of the car.  "What are you doing?"  Mason says giggling.  "Someone will find us, and I'm not gonna make you buy a new car."  I say.  Mason sits next to me and grabs my hand.  "I think this is about more than my car." Mason says.  "I just kinda feel like... I've been a terrible girlfriend lately."  Mason looks at me, slightly hurt, and grabs my face and pulls me into a long, passionate kiss.  When we finally lean out, Mason says, "You're the best grilfriend anyone could ever ask for."  "You're just saying that."  I mumble.  "I wouldn't have come two hours and spent over 200 euroes to find you if I were 'just saying that'.  I love you."  Mason says.  "I love you too."  I say.  I rest my head on Mason's shoulder and my eyes flutter shut. 

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