Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


18. Tour



"Good luck." I say then hug Mason.  Mason walks on stage and looks at me.  I give him a reassuring smile and a thumbs up.  This is the first show of the comeback tour.  "Yeah, anyway..." I hear Niall say in the backround.  Him and the boys were deep in conversation when they came up the hallway.  After three months, Niall is still the only one that knows about Mason and I.  Niall gives my a quick look and tapped his wrist. I look down at my wrist and see the bracelet that Mason gave me.  I quickly take it off and stuff it in my pocket.  I mouth 'thanks' to Niall. "So, Lux..." Louis said turning to me, adding me into their conversation.  "When was your first kiss?"  So, that's what they were talking about. "When I was like five, George Walsh kissed me on the playgroud..." I said stupidly.  "I was 'married' on the playground." Niall says.  We all start laughing.  The stage manager, Katelynn, tells us it's time for the boys to go onstage.  "Okay, cya later, Lux." Zayn says.  The boys stand up and run onstage.  The roar of the crowd overwhelms me.  "HELLO, BOURNEMOUTH!" Harry yells.  I just hang out in the backstage section sitting in the lounging area with some of the other staff memebers.  After the show, Mason runs back to me.  I check to make sure no one is watching and quickly hug him.  It was a sweaty hug, but still a hug.  "You did great." I say.  "Thanks, you too." He says.  I laugh a little.  "I didn't do anything!" I say still laughing.  "Hair, makeup, and..." "And...?"  "Wow, I guess you don't do anything.  "Shut up."  I say smiling and playfully slapping his arm.  About an hour after the show, Mason and I get in the van to take us to our hotel.  Even though I have my own room, I spend most of my time in Mason's room.  And no, we don't- do that.  We haven't even kissed yet.  "So, when are you gonna tell him." "Tell who, what?" I say sitting down on the bed.  "Tell Harry, about us."  He says slipping a hoodie on over his head.  "When the time is right."  I say.  "That better be soon..." He mumbles.  "
It will be..." I mumble back. 

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