Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


16. Talented


The elevator starts moving again and Mason releases me from our hug.  He looks into my eyes and smiles.  "What?" I say suddenly feeling self conscience.  "You're just so beautfiul."  He says.  I blush and look away.  We reach the third floor and I get my hair and makeup kit.  "I guess I'll see you in hair and makeup." I say to Mason.  "Yup. Bye love."  He says giving me a quick hug.  I look at the wall clock and see Mason and I have only been in the elevator for like twenty minutes, and soundcheck hasn't started yet, so Mason won't get in trouble!  I smile a little at the thought of Mason.  I walk up to room 8 and the door that says 'Good Morning, London Guest Hair and Makeup.'  I walk in and see an empty hair and makeup salon.  I set up and I have like half an hour to spare.  I go to the top floor and show the security guard my "Staff Pass".  He lets me by.  I walk around backstage and get to the performming stage.  The whole band is there, even the boys.  Mason looks up from his guitar and sees me.  He smiles and waves, and I do the same.  "Okay guys, from the top one more time."  Paul says.  He looks alot older than I remember.  I stop focusing on Paul and start focusing on the beautiul music filling my ears.  Wow.  I knew Mason was good, but not that good.  He's AMAZING! Mason has such a gift.  That's why I love him. 

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