Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


12. Sweet


I put a little more makeup in my hair and makeup kit, and I'm ready to go.  I check my phone and see it's 4:28.  I quick grab a banana and shove it down my mouth, when the doorbell rings.  Perfect.  I swallow what I can and spit the rest in the trash.  I probably still look terrible, but I answer the door anyway.  A perfectly dressed Mason is what beholds me outside. "Are you ready?"  He asks.  "Yeah."  I grab my hair and makeup kit, and head out the door.  We walk over to Niall's house and walk to Mason's car.  He takes my hair and makeup stuff and puts it in the back.  Then he comes to the front and opens the door up for me.  How sweet.  I slide in and he gets in the drivers side.  We get to the 'Good Morning, London' studio-early.  He grabs my hair and makeup stuff from the back and hands it to me.  My hair and makeup kit is huge.  It's actually a suitcase that I keep everything in.  It's big, and pink, and has wheels on the bottom, and everything.  Mason grabs his guitar and I roll my hair and makeup kit to the front.  "Do you want me to take that?"  Mason says, sweetly.  "No, I got it, thanks though." I reply.  Mason takes it anyway and looks very manly rolling around a pink suitcase.  "Names and business?"  the security guard at the front asks us.  "I'm Lux Teasdale, I'm the hair and makeup artist for One Direction and their band."  The security guard looks at the long list and gestures for me to move past him.  "I'm Mason Horan, I'm One Direction's guitarist."  The security guard does the same thing for him, and we walk to the front desk. 

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