Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


20. Hunt


I'm such an idiot.  I may have possibly ended my relationship with the most beautiful, loveable, and perfect girl in the world.  What was I thinking?  I decided I need to apoligize, because Lux didn't really do anything wrong.  I was a jerk, like I usually am.  I walk over to Lux's room and knock on the door.  "Lux, it's me, we need to talk."  I check my phone, no missed calls or messages.  I dial Lux's number and press my ear up to the door.  No ringing.  I knock again.  Not even a footstep.  Now, I'm scared.  I grab my One Direction Staff ID Card, hoping that the hotel will give me an extra key to Lux's room because we're co-workers.  I run downstairs to the lobby and go straight to the front desk.  "I'm Mason Horan I'm here with One Direction." I say and show the man my One Direction Staff Card.  "Lux Teasdale is here with us and I need an extra key to her room."  I say.  I doubt they'll give me a key but, it's worth a shot. "Lux Teasdale?" The man says, furrowing his eyebrow.  "Yeah..." "She just checked out."  What? "Do you know where she's going?"   "No." Right, then, right, there I wanted to cry.  "Sir?" It must have been obvious because he handed me a tissue.  And I did it.  I cried like a baby in public, and I didn't even care.  " Sir, I do know something about this Lux."  The man says.  I immediatley look up to him. "I gave her information for the taxi service known as, 'On the Go.' I can give you their number if you want."  I nod my head yes.  He hands me a little card with the taxi service's information on it.  I call the number and on the second ring, a lady picks up.  "On the Go Taxi Service how may I help you?" She says.  "A girl, Lux Teasdale recently called you right?"  "Yeah."  "I'm Mason Horan, do you  know where she is going?"  "That's private information, Mr. Horan."  "Please, I'm in love with this girl and I need to find her. I was stupid and I got angry with her for something so stupid, I need to find her."  "Sir-" "Please." "I'm not going to tell you the address, but, she's going to the outskirts of London."  She whispers.  "Thank you. Oh, and can I have a taxi to the outskirts of London?" I ask.  "Of course."  Five minutes later, the taxi comes and my hunt begins.


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