Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


21. Home


"Thanks." I say, paying the taxi driver.  I grab my suitcase from the trunk and watch the taxi drive away.  I turn around to look at the house that beholds me.  The Teasdale residents.  I knock on the door, and no one answers.  I check my phone and it's almost midnight.  I dial my house number and can hear the phone ring from inside.  "Hello?!" My mum yells into the phone.  "Mum, it's me, I'm outside the house, just let me in and I'll explain everything inside."  She hangs up without a response and two minutes later, the front door opens. Mum gives me a huge hug and lets me inside.  "Nice PJ's." I say, sarcastically.  She sits me down on the couch, and I tell her everything.  I laugh in parts, and cry in others, and eventually end at the present.  "So, then why are you here?" Mum asks.  "I can't face Mason after what happened, my pride would go down the toilet, he'd ruin my reputation."  "Ok, two things, one: if Mason really loves you and you really love him, he wouldn't make a fool out of you, and two: happiness is more important than pride."  She says.  She kisses my forehead and whispers, "Now, go to bed."  I sit there for a moment, taking in my mother's words.  Then, I grab my suitcase and go upstairs.  I stop by Chloe's room.  She looks so vulnerable.  She has no idea what's on the road ahead of her.  I walk past her rom and go into my room.  My room has been transformed into a guest bedroom.  I lay down on the bed, and before even putting my PJ's on or brushing my teeth, I fall asleep.

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