Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


23. Go


"Here, you can stay here tonight." Lux says holding my hand, guiding me upstairs.  She opens a door and I see her suitcase on the floor.  "Where are you gonna sleep?"  I ask.  "Downstairs on the couch."  Lux says grabbing her toothbrush and pajamas.  "No, I'll sleep on the couch." I say.  "It's fine, I used to sleep on that all the time."  Lux leaves the room and goes to the bathroom. The time is about 2:00 am.  I didn't realize how late it was.  I grab a blanket and a pillow from the bed and creep down the hallway and down the stairs.  I put the pillow on the couch and lay down covering myself with the blanket.  Lux eventually comes down the stairs and I look at her and smile.  She laughs and says, "Horan, what are you doing?  Go to bed!"  I sit up and add, "Join me." I say outstretching my arms.  She smiles and sits right next to me smiling.  I grab her waist and pull her down right next to me.  I peck her lips and she giggles a little.  We both cuddle a little and I see her eyes slowly flutter shut.  I check my phone and it's about 3:45.  Just when I'm about to sleep I realize that tomorrow One Direction's concert is in Glasgow, which is  about six hours away from here. "Lux, wake up!" I whisper shaking her.  "What?" Lux says, rubbing her eyes.  "Tomorrow One Direction's concert is in Glasgow, which is six hours away!  And we need to be in the lobby of the hotel by 10:00!"  "So, can't we just get a cab, now and be there by like 6:00?"  I pull out the 'On the Go Taxi Service' business card from the hotel.  "Look, we wont be able to get a cab until 8:00."  Right after I say that her eys light up.  In a bad way.  "Wait, your mum and dad's house is only like 15 minutes away, can't we just take your car?"  Lux says.  "15 minutes, by car."  I say.  "You ran here once, you can again, and I'll be with you."  She says grabbing my hand.  "But we really have to go."  She says.  We go upstairs and grab Lux's suitcase.  We leave a note for Lux's mum and dad and we run out the door. 

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