Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


14. Elevator


"Oh no, this is bad, this is very bad."  I say holding my head.  "We're going to be late and then we'll be fired.  That's it- FIRED!" I say nervously.  "Relax, the show doesn't start until 8.  It's only like, 5:30.  We have soundcheck at 6, and hair and makeup at 7.  So, if anyone gets fired, it'll be me." Mason says.  I can feel him gaining confidence.  He used to be so shy, not so much now.  "It'll be fine." He says reasurring me.  He sits down right next to me.  If he were any closer, he'd be on top of me.  I hear a little ding and Mason grabs his phone.  "How is it you get service here?"  I ask.  He just shrugs his shoulders.  He opens the text and immediately gets away from me.  "Is everything alright?" I ask nervously. I stand up and start walking towards him.  He quick turns off his phone and puts it in his pocket.  I quickly grab it and turn it on.  His password is simple, it's his birthday.  He doesn't try to fight back for it.   I open his messages and read the latest one from-Sydney.   


"So, u cumin over 2nite??? U know where ill b. Luvs and kisses. Luv ya, Masey <3 ;)"

I think I literally just heard my heart snap into two.  "Lux..." He mumbles quietly.  "No.  Don't even..." I say angrily and walk away.  I cannot believe he is in a relationship and didn't tell me.  I can't even...   


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