Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


8. Comeback


My mum takes a long pause.  I feel like yelling 'TELL ME!' but I don't.  "One back."  My jaw dropped to the floor.  My favorite boyband is back! "Like a comeback?" I ask still excited.  "Yeah, basically...we're doing like.. a comeback tour.  Maybe even an album." Harry says just in an everyday normal voice, as if he makes huge comebacks all the time.  Wow.  It's going to be great to see the boys again.  "Did you work this out with the other boys?" Harry chuckles.  "Well, YEAH!"  I feel stupid.  "And I believe Harry has a question for you..." mum says to me, picking Chloe up.  "Oh yeah..." I jerk my head in Harry's direction. "Would you like to be our hair and makeup stylist?" I look at mum and dad who are smiling like crazy.  "I'm 17, are you sure it's okay?"  "You'll be fully supervised, it'll be fine." Harry says.  "Wow. I get to see the boys again AND mum and I are back with One Direction." "Wait, what? I'm not coming with, I work for Cryptonite, you work for One Direction." Well that changes things.  "Oh." "Do you not want to do it now?" Harry asks, concerned.  "Are you crazy, I'm in."


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