Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


13. Back Off


"Hi, how may I help you?" the lady at the front desk says.  "I'm Lou Teasdale, I am the hair and makeup artist for One Direction, I'm looking for my department."  I say, trying to sound like my mum.  "Ok..." she says looking at her computer screen, typing.  "Ah, you're on the third floor, room 8, the elevator is right over there." she says gesturing her arm and giving me a "Staff Pass".  "Thanks." "I'll be on the third floor."  I whisper into Mason's ear.  "Wait here."  He whispers back.  "Hey, I'm Mason Horan, I'm the guitarist for One Direction."  He says casually.  The lady smiles and chuckles a little bit and answers, "You, mister Horan are on the top floor, where the show is filmed.  Once you get there, the backstage crew will guide you from there."  She says it a lot nicer than she did to me.  And what was with the little laugh before that?  "Thank you."  Mason says slightly smiling.  The lady behind the desk loks only a few years older than Mason and I, she better not be flirting.  "Thanks, we'll be going now."  I say interrupting their little love fest.  I grab Mason's arm and drag him to the elevator.  He presses the button for the third floor, then for the top floor.  He looks over and smirks at me.  "What?"  I say laughing.  "Is someone jealous?"  He says moving closer.  "Yes, I'm very jealous of a girl you barely know."  I say sarcastically.  Mason is so close I can feel his hot breath on me.  About halfway to the third floor, a loud creek comes from the elevator.  Then, the cables stop.  Mason and I are stuck in an elevator.

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