Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


10. Awkward


Becoming One Direction's stylist is the best decision I've ever made.  Madison, Brandon, Sydney, Jared, Mason, and I are practically family.  I still kind of fancy Mason, but it seems, I'm not alone.  I sometimes see Sydney catching glances at him.  But, I shouldn't be jealous, in three months he will be all mine.  I just can't get over the fact that he looks so much like Niall.  Brown hair, blue eyes,  and just plain adorable.  I don't think I'll ever be able to get Mason to fancy me though.  I'm pretty average.  Blonde curls, blue eyes, average height for a 17 year old, average weight for a 17 year old.  Nothing special.  All six of us were hanging out at Zayn's place.  We were just kind of hanging out and  taliking.  "Alright, it's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow, I think I'm gonna head home."  I say.  "Yeah me too." Mason says.  The boys were performing on 'Good Morning, London.' So, Mason and I need to be there at like 5a.m.  "See ya guys."  I say.  Mason and I step out to the front porch.  "Do you, want me to walk you home?" Mason says shyly.  "Uh, sure." I say just as shy.  Uh sure? I mentally face palm myself.  Niall and Harry are neighbors so we live kind of close.  All of the boys live on the same street, so it's not hard to see one another.  Right now, I'm staying with Harry, because he's my godfather, and since my mum and dad aren't here, he's my gaurdian.  "So," Mason says breaking the awkward silence.  "So..."  I say in response.  "Are you excited for tomorrow?" I ask stupidly.  It's Mason's first performance with One Direction, so OF COURSE HE'S EXCITED! "Yeah..." He says with absolutely NO enthusiasm.  He hates me, I know it.  We arrive at Harry's place and step up on the porch.  "Goodnight, I'll see you tomorrow." I say trying to break the silence.  "Oh yeah... you maybe want me to pick you up?"  He says, shyly.  He's so shy.  I love it.  "Yeah, that sounds great."  I say.  "I'll pick you up at 4:30."  He says.  "Okay."  And with that, I go to bed.



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