Not a Baby Anymore

You may know her as "Baby Lux", but Lux, is not a baby anymore...


25. A Bit of Trouble

I woke up, still on the side of the road with Lux sleeping on my shoulder.  I pull out my phone with barely any battery left and check the time.  9:26.  "Lux, wake up!"  I say shaking her.  "It's 9:30!"  She stares at me like I'm crazy and checks her phone to confirm it.  "We are...going to get fired!"  She says.  My phone starts ringing before I could answer.  It's dad.  I answer it and before I could say hello, dad screams, "Mason where are you and where is Lux?!" "Uh, we're about an hour away from our house."  I say.  Lux's phone rings, and I assume it was Harry.  "Why are you there and not here?!"  He yells.  "It's a long story..."  I say, and my phone dies before I could say anything.  "Mason and I got in a fight, and I went to my mum's house and he came to find me."  Lux says into the phone.  "We ran out of gas."  She says.  "Really?  Thanks and I'm sorry for running away without telling you."  She says.  "Love you too, bye."  She says and hangs up.  "They're on their way."  Lux says.  "How do they know where we are?"  I say.  "Because Harry texted me and I sent him our location."  Lux says.  "You know we're probably grounded right?"  I say.  She nods and there's a long silence.  "I told him, and he said he kinda figured considering we would hug all the time and always sit next to eachother and stuff."  Lux says.  I know it took a lot for her to say that.  She was probably scared to bring it up since that's what our fight was about.  I smile and laugh a little.  I grab her waist and kiss her cheek.  After about an hour or two, a van pulls up with One Direction in it.  Dad looks at me, angrily and says, "Get in the van, we're leaving for Glasgow."  "What about my car, and my clothes?"  "I packed your suitcase and it's in the back, and for your car, you can buy a new one, with your own money."  He says.  Lux and I get in the back of the van and everyone looks at us like we murdered someone.  The van pulls forward and after seven awkward hours, we arrive at Glasgow. 

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