Double Take [ON HOLD :/ ]

Superstarr Hylla Ross is forced by none other than her own rentsz to go to Hell Boarding Academy...
She undergoes the identity of Josephine Shaw, an Australian
Forget Movie premieres and hello Homework... Forget Gucci and hello Target
Navigating high school isn't as easy as she originally thought...
Then comes Josh Myers who decides that she might just be hiding something in the form of HYLLA
Can she keep him away?
Or will she just get tangled up with him?


4. The Stormy Eyed Jerk


THERE were four Haveton dorms. All named after the seasons. The girl’s dorms were Spring and Summer while Winter and Autumn were for the boys. Kelly was in Spring and so was I.

The dorm was clean and organised something I had to get used to. I headed for the third floor where my room was situated. Room 304.

The hall was deserted as I exited the elevator as everyone was having classes at the moment. Room 304 was like any average dorm room I think. Spacious. Split into two. Both beds immaculately kept while one section had stuff in it the other was empty. Mine I guess.

As I was going to start tomorrow I rested for a while before my roomie got back. Before dozing off I checked the latest news on my iPhone and screamed when I read the headline for Teen Vogue: HYLLA ROSS DEAD OR ALIVE??? DISAPPEARING STARLET…

My hand was shaking when I dialled mom’s number. She answered on the third ring.

“Hyls honey. Good you’ve arrived safely.” She stated.

“Mom, what’s this about me being dead?” I shrieked not bothering with greetings.

“Oh, Hyls darling… The pappy kept hounding me after you left, asking where you were so I commented that you’d gone to a better place. I guess they misinterpreted it,” mom said sheepishly.

“Really? You think so,” I sarcastically snapped at her. “I’m on the next flight out of here,” I added.

“No, you’re not,” she said in her stern voice.

“Yes I am. This was a dumb idea anyway.”


“Fine,” I screamed and hung up.


       v     v     v


Tap- Tap- Tap. The sound woke me up.

“What!” I mumbled, thinking it was mom waking me from a bad nightmare.

“Thalia? Are you in?” a deep voice asked.

That is so not my mom I concluded as it hit me. I was in Hell Boarding Academy. It wasn’t a nightmare at all.

“Thalia. Open up,” the voice pestered. “Thalia, its Josh. Open up.” The guy added. Must be my new roomie’s boyfriend.

“She’s not here yet. Come back later,” I snarled at him.

“Can you tell her that Josh came by?”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

“Thanks uh…. Can I know your name?”

“Yea, it’s Hyl----Uhh…Josephine Shaw,” I mumbled, catching myself from making a big mistake.

“‘Kay. Thanks Josephine,” he muttered as his footsteps retreated then faded away.


        v     v     v


Big headedness was something I did not have. I just needed to stay true to myself I thought as I stuck posters of myself on the wall. Staring at a  picture of myself with Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Beyonce’ at last year’s VMA Awards. Hmph! I huffed, thinking of all the award ceremonies I was gonna miss. Kesha, Selena, Rihanna and others were out there, partying it away while I was stuck studying freaking Calculus.

Tap- Tap- Tap…That annoying sound sounded again.

“She’s still not in,” I called out, thinking it was that Josh character.

“Sorry… Can you open up please? I forgot my room key, “a  girl’s voice said sounding embarrassed.

“Oh, right,” I replied opening for the door to see a blonde girl with familiar grey eyes about an inch or two shorter than me.

“Hey I’m Thalia. Thanks,” the blonde said.

“It’s okay. I’m Hyl----Uhh…Josephine. Josephine Shaw. Your new roommate,” I mumbled. I needed to get this name thing down before I lost it. Right now I didn’t want anyone knowing that I’m grounded at Hell Boarding Academy.

“Great. Well then, welcome to Haveton Academy. Where you from?”

“California,” I answered.

“Ooh. West girl, aye?”

“Yeah. Westie. By the way, a Josh came around looking for you.”

 “Oh, I hope you weren’t annoyed. He can really hit a nerve.”

“Nah, it was fine,” I answered wondering why she was selling her boyfriend short.

“I see you are a fan of Hylla Ross,” she stated studying my Hylla covered wall.

“Oh you have no idea,” I said, smiling.

“Have you seen her new movie ‘Recon’?”

“Yeah. I was at the premiere,” I said not mentioning that I was one of the cast.


             v     v     v


The next morning I woke up at 7: 30 complimentary of Thalia’s alarm clock shrilling in my ears. Classes were starting at 8:30… Who wakes up that early? I wondered. I usually woke up at 9 that is if I wasn’t shooting a movie.

My first period was English Lit with none other than my agent the ‘Witch’. OMG why do I have to have classes with her.

“ Class this is Hyl----Uhh sorry…Josephine Shaw. She’s from Australia. Josephine the class,” she feebly, also not used to using my new name. “Josephine, take a seat,” she added with a smile.

From my experience, first day at anything…movie…school always sucked. I still hadn’t seen Kelly.

Class this is Josephine Shaw was the highlight of my day. Intro after intro replayed until French where Ms Juave asked me to introduce myself in French. Luckily, I knew some French from my movie French Espionage

“Uh… Je m’appelle Josephine.” (My name is Josephine)

“Bonjour Josephine,” Mrs Juave said. (Hello Josephine) “Ća va?” (How are you?)

“Ća va bien.” ( Fine)

“Avec qui êtesvous?” she asked as I stared blankly at her having no idea what she just said.


“Who are you visiting in the US?”

“Oh right. I came with my aunt,” I replied momentarily forgetting to speak in French.

“In French.”

“Auntê,” I stated not knowing the French word for aunt.

A huge uproar rose from the class, the loudest coming from the back.. I stared at him fiercely. Finally I recognized him to be the cute shaggy-haired blonde from yesterday. My hypothesis was right. He knew he was hot. And he was also a jerk.

 “JERK… Why are hot guys all jerks?” I wondered out loudly to my dismay. This triggered laughter from all the guys who considered themselves to be hot.

Maybe, I wondered Mr Davis would let me drop French. Mrs Juave dismissed me. The period was long. Too long I thought as the bell finally rang and I rushed out.

“Hey, you dropped your  ľa book,” a deep voice called out from behind me.

Turning around a pair of gorgeous grey eyes met mine. The rude blonde guy was smiling widely at me.

“You mean ‘mon livre’,” I snapped grabbing the book.

“Jay,” a sweet innocent sounding voice whined. “We’ll be late for Algebra,” she added giving me a wicked smile.

“Oh yeah,” the so called Jay said. “Laters,” he said giving me a grin as he turned to rush after the dark haired girl.

“Whatever jerk…”I muttered under my breath.


           v     v     v


The cafeteria was buzzing with noise as I entered it. Grabbing a tray I stacked it with an apple, sandwich and a can of diet coke. Diet coke was an alternative since I couldn’t find a freaking bottle of Fiji water.

Thalia came up to me as I looked for an empty table to sit in.

“Hey Josephine. Come sit with us,” she said smiling widely.

“Thanks,” I answered back.

Sited at her table were 2 other girls. One of them I recognized right away. Kelly Bryce, my bestie. The other girl had dark shiny hair, and looked to be around five feet two. Her chocolate brown eyes were hidden behind glasses.

Kelly was Kelly. She was a brunette like me and had brown eyes. She’s the typical Barbie look-alike. Always worrying over a broken nail.

“Hi. You’re Thalia’s roommate, Josephine right?” Kelly asked like we hadn’t known each other forever.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Hi. I’m Kelly Bryce and this is Berona Philips. Bee for short,” she said nodding towards the other girl who smiled as she took a bite out of her sandwich.

“Thanks for letting me crash.”

“It’s okay.”

“You’re from Aussie, right?” Berona asked, looking interested to know the answer.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“So have you seen the Hemsworth brothers?”

“Ahh… Liam and Chris Hemsworth? Yeah from a distance,” I said partly telling the truth. I had seen the famous Hemsworth brothers, even taking photos with them at the Oscars. Not that they needed to know.

“Awesome,” Thalia and Berona said in unison, and then started laughing.

“How’s your first day going?” Berona asked.

“Um… great until French class where I messed up my intro in French… and some guy that goes by Jay was so annoying and mean,” I said.

They were all looking at Thalia.

“Am I missing something? You don’t like him do you?” I said pausing. “In that case I’m sorry but he was a jerk and that’s the truth,” I added.

They all broke up laughing again as Thalia said, “Eww.”

“Huh?” I mumbled mystified.

“Only one guy goes by Jay and he’s Josh. Thalia’s brother,” Kelly stated clearing up the mystery.

“Y-Your b-brother?” I asked, stuttering.

“Yep, the one and only Josh Myers. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, he can be a jerk at times but I’m sure he’s just playing. Just ignore him, I always try to. ‘Kay?” she said.

“Oh okay. I’m guessing he’s the same one that came around yesterday waking me up, eh?” I said very peeved off.

“Yeah…. I guess so.”

“Way to make first impressions,” Kelly stated, grinning.


Kelly and I headed for Calculus as lunch ended. She was smiling widely like she knew a secret the whole world didn’t know. That was partly true of course.

“So what do you think of Haveton now Hyls?” she whispered.

“Okay I guess. Everyone seems nice except for the jerk,” I replied.

“Love the nickname but you might wanna know him better before you brand him ‘the Jerk’.”

“I guess so,” I said not convinced that he was better than he appeared.

Kelly and I took the desks at the back sparing a sit next to me.

“Is this seat free?” a guy asked as the bell rang for class to start.

“Yeah,” I replied not sparing a glance to see who he was.

 Kelly stared at the guy I assumed since she was not looking at me.

“What?” I asked her.

“Is your name Josephine Hylla Shaw or Hylla Josephine Shaw?” the guy next to me asked me.

That question clearly caught my attention. The use of my real name.

“What?” I shrieked bewilderedly glaring at the guy only to find it was Josh, Thalia’s annoying brother. The Jerk.

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