Double Take [ON HOLD :/ ]

Superstarr Hylla Ross is forced by none other than her own rentsz to go to Hell Boarding Academy...
She undergoes the identity of Josephine Shaw, an Australian
Forget Movie premieres and hello Homework... Forget Gucci and hello Target
Navigating high school isn't as easy as she originally thought...
Then comes Josh Myers who decides that she might just be hiding something in the form of HYLLA
Can she keep him away?
Or will she just get tangled up with him?


5. Shutting down Mr. I'm-So-Hot-Girl's-Faint-At-The-Sight-of-Me


“What are you talking about?” I asked again as Josh smiled.

“Don’t you remember? I sure do. ‘Hylla come in,’” Josh said imitating Miranda’s voice perfectly.

“Oh that.”

“Yeah that. So which is it?”

“Neither actually. It’s just a silly nickname since I like totally fan Hylla Ross,” I said unconvincingly though he clearly bought it from him expression.

“Oh that girl. She’s like crazy hot eh?” he said as I was caught off guard.

That was the first time I heard for myself. He thought that the real me was hot. Not just hot but CRAZY hot. I didn’t believe it when journalists and fans told me.

A thought hit me. How many other cute guys had I passed up not noticing them since I was so busy? Or when they were interested how do I know if they were interested in me or my fame? At least that was a good thing about being Shaw. I would find out what people thought of me, the person behind the fame.

“Uh…hello. Earth to Shaw. Earth to Shaw. You there?” Josh said as he waved his hand frantically from side to side in front of my face.

“Oh sorry… um train of thought,” I said, trying to figure out an explanation that would shut him up.

“Good afternoon class,” the teacher said as he entered the class.

Thank heavens I thought as I glanced over at Josh who had on a gleam that made me frightened. It seemed to be saying ‘It’s not over yet.’


          v     v     v


“Hey Hyls, how you doing?” dad asked, sounding happy as I answered the phone.

“Ok, but would you please get me outta here. It’s really… uh… constricting,” I answered as I played with a strand of my hair.

“Just give it a couple of months, Hyls. You’ll be thanking me.”

“Don’t hold your breath, dad. Never gonna happen.”

“Now Hyls, play nice and try to learn something, while you’re there.”

“Yeah, sure dad,” I answered with a non-committed voice.

“We’ll keep the media at bay. No one will ever suspect you’re there, Hyls.”

“Where’s mom?”

“She’s gone out for a ladies night out,” dad replied, sounding relieved. Maybe it would be quiet at home with mom gone. “By the way honey, David asked if you could make it over to the set on Saturday.”

“Yeah, maybe I’ll drop by. It’ll at least be enjoyable.”

“Thanks darling.”

“Yeah whatever. Anyways I gotta go. Someone’s coming,” I said as I heard the sound of keys rattling by the door.

“’Kay, bye Hyls.”

“Yeah, bye dad. Regards to mom for me.”


            v     v     v


The wooden door opened as someone walked in. I was still wearing my silk p-jays that I was sure wouldn’t be unusual in a girls dorm. I had thought it okay that is until Josh walked in.

“Hey Thalia,” I called out thinking it was her that opened the room since she was the only one with the key other  than me.

“Well hello,” Josh said in his classical cocky way of speaking. “Don’t you just look smashing tonight,” he added in an English accent.

“I’m from Australia you moron, not England,” I snapped.

“What the heck are you doing here anyway?” I asked puzzled as I tried desperately to grab the oversized blanket that was spread out on top of my bed to cover myself with.

“Oh sorry about that,” Thalia said as she entered the room. “I thought it’d be alright if Josh came by. I thought that you’d be proper.”

“Well, turns out I’m not. Now if you’ll excuse me,” I said as I rushed into the bathroom. “I need to be… um…proper.”

Minutes later, after pulling on the oversized tee in the laundry, I returned out.

“Oh, hey. Gidday mate, right?” Josh said as he chewed on some jerky, lying on Thalia’s bed.

“Whatever,” I muttered out as I went back to autographing some glossies for Miranda. “So Thalia, going out tonight?”

“Yeah, there’s a party at the boy’s dorm. Wanna come with?” she offered, pulling on a denim jacket.

“Nah, got loads to do,” I replied, indicating the pile of glossies on my bed. “Have to burn the midnight oil tonight.”

“Oh okay. But come around if you got some spare time, eh?” she said as she went into the bathroom.

“Yeah,” I answered as I went back to work while Josh had the nerve to chew on the jerky really loud. “Why didn’t you just stay in the lobby?” I snapped at him.

“And risk this beautiful face?” he asked. “Those girls will be all over it if I stay down there for a minute.”

“Good to know you have a big ego, Mr Myers.”

“Burn. I feel that we got off on the wrong foot. I’m sorry,” he said. “Let’s start over. Hi, I’m Josh Myers. Thalia’s brother.”

“Yeah, I know that, Mr. I’m-so-hot-girls-just-faint-at-the-sight-of-me.”

“Did I do something to hurt your feelings?” he asked.

“Oh no,” I said. You just know too much.

“Shaw,” Thalia said as she re-entered the room wearing designer mini shorts and floral tank top that had been in my old wardrobe. “You sure you don’t wanna come?”

“It’s okay. Busy, busy,” I said as I ushered them out of the room. “Don’t be keeping anyone waiting.”

“You sure?” Josh asked.

“Positive now that you’ve asked,” I said crudely only relaxing when the door slammed shut in his face.

My muscles in my fingers were aching all over hour later after I signing Hylla Ross <3 over and over again. To make matters worse I was only half way through the pile of glossies.

The last thought on my mind before I blacked out was ‘I’ll just finish it at class tomorrow.’


          v     v     v


I was happy. It was Wednesday. I had always loved Wednesdays, something about it being half of the week.

Even the thought of Calculus being the first period didn’t seem to damper my good spirit.

Sitting in the back of the class with Kelly on my right, I started finishing up my unfinished work from last night.

Nearly finished, I breathed out a sigh of relief as I stretched my fingers out.

“Josephine Shaw!” the loud voice of Mrs Steward boomed out. “Is there something more interesting to you than my lecture on gradient on chord? You seem to be terribly concentrating on that piece of paper that you keep on scribbling on,” she added as she moved towards me.

I was so startled that my pink sharpie jumps out of my hand.

“Uh…no, Mrs Steward,” I denied as I nervously try to hide the glossy I just signed in my Calculus text.

She didn’t buy any of my bull as she marched over to my desk.

She whipped the glossy out of my text and studied it carefully.


Kelly, Josh and the rest of the class were all staring at me and the teacher.

I felt a heart attack coming on as I watched Mrs Steward continue to study the glossy.

“Who is this,” she paused, trying to make out my autograph, “…Hylla…uh Ross?” she read out slowly while the class laughed at the fact that she didn’t know the name that was plastering the tabloids for the last few months.

“She’s like a totally crazy hot babe,” Timothy Verns, a friend of Josh shouted out, “She stars on that new movie, ‘Recon’.”

“I love that movie,” Ken Otimier, another friend of Josh said, “How about when she kicked the men’s behinds when they tried to kidnap her?”

“She’s not that hot,” Renata grunted in disgust.

“Okay, calm down,” Mrs. Steward said, turning to me, “Everyone, quiet!!!”

“Josephine,” she continued, facing me, “What are you doing with a Hylla…Rose-”

 “Ross,” Timothy cuts her off.

“Yeah, Ross,” she continued, “Thanks Mr. Verns. So, what are you doing with a Hylla Ross autographed photo?”

Everyone stared at me, expecting a huge and elaborate explanation.

Think… think… I couldn’t very well say that I was autographing it for some fans, could I?

I mean, I didn’t want everyone to know where I was.

“It’s…” I thought of an excuse, “For my cousin…back home…in Aussie,” I added, “She’s a huge fan of Hylla.”

“Why were you scribbling on it then?”


“I was just… personalizing it,” I explained quickly.

“Fine,” she muttered, “but next time, please don’t be gift wrapping any gifts in class, ‘Kay?”

I nodded, “Yes ma'am.”


  v  v  v


During lunch, Thalia was digging for details.

“So how did you get the glossy?” she demanded, as I played around with my salad.

“Oh, my aunt knows people,” I replied.

“Mrs. Witka?”

I nodded.

“Can you get me one?” she pleaded.

“Sure,” I said, as I dug into my bag and grabbed one glossy, making sure she didn’t see the many other glossies. “Here ya go,” I handed it to her.

“Is this a spare?”

“Uh…yeah. She got a spare.”

“Thanks a lot,” she grabbed me into a hug.

“Welcome,” I said, happy that she was glad about it.

“Has anyone told you that you kinda look like her?” Berona commented, after swallowing a piece of baloney, “Except for the eyes of course. Have you tried wearing contacts? Green specifically.”

“Not a fan of contacts,” I said, “Besides, hurts like shit.”

“You gotta try,” Thalia confessed, “No wonder your nickname’s Hylla.”


“Josh said that’s what your aunt called ya.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded, “Wait…you guys were talking about me?”

“Yeah…couldn’t get him to shut up about ya,” she smirked at me.


  v  v  v


“Who can tell me the four nitrogenous bases of a DNA strand?” Mr. Owens, my Biology II teacher asked us on Thursday.

Immediately, my hand shot up into the sky. I remembered Mrs. Oswald my tutor back in LA drilling it into me last year.

“A is Adenine which pairs up with T which is Thymine,” I explained, “Then there’s C, Cytosine which pairs up with G which is Guanine, right?”

“Correct Ms. Shaw,” Mr. Owens agreed, smiling, “Have you already done this in your old school?”

I nodded, “You could say that.”

The bell rang thirty minutes later; I headed for the door and strolled down the corridor.

I stopped as I spotted Thalia and Josh arguing over something.

“Whoa…calm down Thalia,” Josh cautioned.

“Shut it, Jay,” she snapped, “You like her?”

He nodded.

“You can’t do that,” she protested, glaring at him.

“Yes, I can and she likes me too.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Thalia argued.

“Am I interrupting something?” I asked as I neared them.

Thalia looked over, then forced a grin, “Oh hey, Shaw,” she muttered her usual greeting.

I liked that she called me Shaw. It sounded way more tougher than Josephine.

Guess Thalia didn’t like Renata too. Who can blame her, right? Renata was a mean, selfish and bitchy type of girl. She’d be the Sharpay Evans of Haveton.

“Hey Tee,” I said, not bothering to waste my breath by greeting Josh.

“So do you like, like being the centre of attention?” Josh asked, smirking.

I really wanted to punch him in the face. For some reason that smirk, made my blood boil.

“What?” I snapped.

“Whenever I see you, you’re causing a spectacle,” he said, “I think you like the attention.”

Damn, he was an obnoxious, annoying and rude jerk. Hot, yes, but still a jerk.

“I mean, it as a compliment,” he defended.

He leaned on the wall by a locker. His body was emphasized perfectly by the blue and black plaid shirt that was hugging his body.

“Coming to watch the game?” he asked me.

“What game?” I asked, although I was already deciding to say no already.

“The football game on Saturday,” he answered, “So coming?” he flashed his dimples.

That was so wrong. Guys, or at least cute ones, should never, ever have dimples. It just made girls like me hyperventilate.

I tried to breath in and out, in the same way that pregnant women did when they’re in labour.

“So?” he repeated, as he waited for an answer.

“Uh…can’t,” I said, “I have plans to meet a…guy…somewhere,” I, didn’t try to mention that the guy was my brother.

“What?” he cried out, “Uh…some guy?”

He had definitely lost his cool.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “Some guy from back home,” I added, not mentioning which home it was exactly.

“Oh,” he mumbled, “Well…if you’ve changed your plans, come, ‘Kay?”

“I might spend the night at his place,” I replied, enjoying the look of utter shock that highlighted his face.

He must’ve thought that I was visiting my lover…

Eeww…I mean, my brother’s hot and all, but well, he’s my FREAKING brother.

“At his place?” he choked out.

“Yea, we need to do some things.”

I had to hold back the laughter I nearly dislodged at the paleness his face had undergone.

“Oh…well, gotta go,” he muttered, “Laters, Thalia. Shaw,” he added then walked away after a glance at me.

“Oh-Kay,” Thalia breathed out, “That was just bloody awkward.”

“What was awkward?” I asked, acting oblivious.

“The fact that my brother just crashed and burned.”

She smiled at me then continued, “I mean, no one in this school could ever say no to those blonde and grey eyed combination.”

“Except me?”

“Yea, except you,” she nodded. 

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