Double Take [ON HOLD :/ ]

Superstarr Hylla Ross is forced by none other than her own rentsz to go to Hell Boarding Academy...
She undergoes the identity of Josephine Shaw, an Australian
Forget Movie premieres and hello Homework... Forget Gucci and hello Target
Navigating high school isn't as easy as she originally thought...
Then comes Josh Myers who decides that she might just be hiding something in the form of HYLLA
Can she keep him away?
Or will she just get tangled up with him?


1. Prologue



Living in two different worlds may seem easy, but the truth is IT AIN’T!

Hollywood seems like anyone’s dream come true but it does have its disadvantages. No privacy. Photos of you doing something as simple wearing last month’s fashion, plastered all over the blogs. Where has all that money gone? they ask. Is she broke? All those simple things are breaking news.

Then there’s the fact of people using you for your fame. Being friends with someone can lead to questions. Are they friends with me because of my fame or because of me?

Still think it’s a miracle?

The real world is what everyone considers average. I used to have the same thinking. Why live a simple life when you could be recognized? Worshipped? The truth is every celebrity out there might just at one time in there fabulous life wish for a simple, uncomplicated life. No paparazzi hounding them day and night. Privacy. Living without the spotlight focused on you. Without your name in the tabloids.

I’ve practically lived both worlds and I might just have mastered surviving Hollywood as well as the reality.

I think…

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