Double Take [ON HOLD :/ ]

Superstarr Hylla Ross is forced by none other than her own rentsz to go to Hell Boarding Academy...
She undergoes the identity of Josephine Shaw, an Australian
Forget Movie premieres and hello Homework... Forget Gucci and hello Target
Navigating high school isn't as easy as she originally thought...
Then comes Josh Myers who decides that she might just be hiding something in the form of HYLLA
Can she keep him away?
Or will she just get tangled up with him?


3. Hell Boarding Academy


My mom was more than stubborn the next day. She blew a casket when she read the headlines: HYLLA ROSS!!! Movie star or Boxer??

“Hhyyyyllllaaaa!” she screamed shaking me awake. “That does it, young lady.” she added fuming.

“Whatever, mom. Cut off my allowance… Ground me…but that pappy was asking for it… asking for a pole pose… The JERK!” I replied, not worried at all.

“HYLLA!” dad snapped. “I agree that he was out of line but that wasn’t dignified and lady like. We didn’t raise you up that way.”

“Not at all Hyls. You need to learn discipline. You clearly can’t learn in Hollywood,” mom added.

“Clearly,” dad agreed.

“So your father and I have come to a decision,” mom exclaimed.

Uh-oh I thought, she doesn’t say father unless dad or I was in deep crap.

“You’re going to attend boarding school,” dad exclaimed like he’d won a lottery. “Mr. Bryce and I have been talking and he mentioned that Kelly has become more disciplined since attending Haveton. Your mother and I are hoping for the same result from you,” he added, smiling.

Huh? “So? You’re going to send me to Haveton? Across the country? Just because I punched a pappy who clearly deserved it?” I asked them both.

“Yes, Hylla.”

“This won’t work you know…I’m a movie star. I’ll be mobbed as soon as I get out of the car,” I exclaimed smiling.

The only chink in their plan… FAME!

My victory lasted for only a second as they eyed me with obvious joy like they had been hoping for me to ask it. Their smile never wavering.

“You’ve already thought of that, haven’t you?” I mumbled.

“Yes. You’re not going as Hylla Ross, sweetheart,” mom stated. “You’re going as Josephine Shaw an Australian student who’s just moved to the US with her aunt Miranda Witka, the new English teacher at Haveton.”

“Miranda?” I asked, “I’m going with MIRANDA??”

“Yeah, she’ll be going with you since your mother and I are busy right now with the closing deals and what not.”

“Do I even have a choice?”

“No dear. None whatsoever,” mom said smiling broadly.


          v     v     v


The atmosphere in the house changed dramatically the next day. Rosina and Paulo, my stylists came over and started changing everything.

My wardrobe. Gone were the Prada & Gucci having been replaced with normal cheap clothes. “Hyls honey… you’re coming from a middle class family,” mom stated.

My gorgeous emerald green eyes were covered with blue icky contacts. OUCH! I mentally shrieked.

Luckily they didn’t change my luscious brunette hair. They weren’t gonna be hiding it from anyone.

Everyday for the following two weeks Vanessa, my acting coach, came over and helped change my naturally Californian accent to an Aussie accent. It was hard learning a whole new other vocab like brunch, facilities, Sheila or something and Gidday mate!

Finally, my so called ‘rents topped it off by banning me from drinking while I was there and my supposed aunt was going to be checking on it daily.


            v     v     v


I was silent at the airport as Rob checked my luggage in. We were flying coach, sadly not taking my private jet. My iPhone rang shrilly as I rushed to answer it.

“Hey Hyls. You at the airport now?” David asked in a jumpy voice.

“Dae… yeah…we’re just waiting now,” I said.

“Great. Just remember to visit me at the set. We’ll be shooting for another 3 months.”

“Yeah, that’ll be awesome. Can I bring Kelly too?”

“YEAH,” he shrieked with gladness.

Kelly and David both have a crush on each other. Turning red every time they met each other. It was so obvious to everyone. Everyone of course but the two of them.

“Ok…Dae I gotta go now…We’re boarding now.”

“’Kay sis. See you soon,” he said before hanging up.


        v     v     v


Haveton Boarding Academy was astounding. It looked like it was fresh of a Harvard magazine. The lawns were perfectly mowed. The buildings looked like average English buildings. Students were wandering on the compound wearing designer clothes. Seemed like I was going to be the only one in this school with outdated clothes.

We pulled into the road leading to the office. Miranda got out of the car heading for the main office without saying anymore then a simple, “Stay in the car.”

The windows of the car were tinted. At least no one would recognize me. No one on the flight over had even recognized me. The disguise had clearly worked and to top it all of, no one would even suspect that Hylla Ross would be flying coach.

Miranda was dawdling and taking a lot of joy from making me suffer..

A shadow fell over me. I turned to see a guy checking me out. Then I remembered that the windows were tinted so clearly the shaggy-haired blonde, grey-eyed hunk standing next to the car was checking himself out. He seemed to think that the grey Lexus was parked there for the sole purpose of acting as his mirror. He had a well defined jaw line and an utterly gorgeous face that reminded me of Zayn Maliks’. I knew his type of guy. He was one of those guys that knew how attractive he was and looked at you knowingly when you gawked at him. Smiling at a star strucked girl amusedly.

He was messing his hair up and smiling at his reflection making me melt.

He continued messing his hair until the bell rang and Miranda called out, “Hylla. Come in.”


          v     v     v


The blonde guy had been blushing as I opened the door and rushed into the office. He was so embarrassed.

Mr Davis, the dean, knew who I really was. He had signed a confidentiality agreement to keep quiet.

“Uh! Ms Ross, come in, have a seat,” he said, getting out of his chair and holding out a hand which I promptly shook.

“Thanks,” I said, taking a sit and relaxing into the smooth contours of the chair.

“Can I get you anything, Ms Ross?” the secretary asked me.

“A mocha latte would be lovely,” I replied, giving her an appreciative smile as she left.

“So what exactly is ‘The Hylla Ross’ doing in my school?” Mr Davis asked emphasizing my name, making it sound more like a title like President, Majesty.

 “I’m being cruelly punished for something I had the right to do,” I stated, smiling, “I take it you’ve seen the article on the reporter I punched?”

“Oh yes, I have. Great hook you got there. Well, then the staff and I are glad that you selected our school,” he said with a smile, showcasing his pearly white teeth, “Please if you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate to come to me or Lenah or any of the staff,” he added as the secretary returned with the latte.

“Thank you very much, Mr Davis. We’ll let you know.” Miranda stated for the first. I jumped, startled. “Thank you for your discretion,” she added with a sly smile as I got up and headed out.

Lenah, the secretary, handed me the essentials like the room key, locker key and all other different varieties of keys, with a shaky hand, eyeing me whenever she thought I wasn’t looking.

“Thanks Lenah,” I muttered as I shot her a smile. She returned it instantaneously.


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