Double Take [ON HOLD :/ ]

Superstarr Hylla Ross is forced by none other than her own rentsz to go to Hell Boarding Academy...
She undergoes the identity of Josephine Shaw, an Australian
Forget Movie premieres and hello Homework... Forget Gucci and hello Target
Navigating high school isn't as easy as she originally thought...
Then comes Josh Myers who decides that she might just be hiding something in the form of HYLLA
Can she keep him away?
Or will she just get tangled up with him?


2. Dang, I hate the Pappys!


“ROSY darling,” my agent Miranda “Witch” Witka called out, using that annoying nickname that she insisted on calling me. “How are you doing?” she added.

“Fine, Miranda,” I replied, adding under my breath, ‘until you walked by.’

 “Just fine. Having fun, I guess.”

“Oh great. Great. Your mom’s been calling you,” she stated, something I had already known of. Mom had been calling me over and over for the last hour. “Maybe you should turn your phone back on before she gets annoyed,” she warned as she gave me those narrowed eagle eyes.

“Really?” I lied, feigning the surprise. “I didn’t know.”

“Okay. If you say so,” she said. “Catch you later. Rob’s outside in the limo. Your mom’s expecting you at home by 11. ‘Kay?”

“Whatever,” I said as she left. I needed a break I thought as I downed my third shot of tequila.


                          v     v     v


My name is Hylla Ross if you haven’t guessed it yet. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of me as I’ve been the topic of many gossip channels lately ever since…well…if you keep reading you’ll find out eventually. I’ve been acting professionally ever since like forever. I’m seventeen…The big one seven…and like every other teenager, I like to party… A LOT.


                                                                                           v     v     v



I woke up startled. My head was throbbing like I had been beaten with a baseball bat over and over again last night. Hangover was always an unspoken consequence when it came to drinking shot after shot of tequila or any other alcohol that is. The sunlight streaming through the windows were burning my eyes. Arrgghh… why did the sun have to be so freaking bright?

Knock-Knock-Knock!!! Finally I realised I hadn’t answered.

“I’m awake. Stop it!” I muttered, unable to shout or even raise my voice as the pain hit me repeatedly.

Taking in my suite, my eyes finally adjusted. The colour scheme was beige. Everything about my room was appealing. The 2 HD plasma flat-screens. The large recliner and sofa. My very own large fridge and a breathtaking view out onto the beautiful Malibu Beach.

Everything was perfect! Checking my reflection in the mirror, I didn’t look like myself. Deep dark lines under my bloodshot emerald eyes. My make up was disgusting, all runny and gross. My usually lustrous brown hair was a mess and my thousand dollar designer cocktail dress was bedridden.

Marching into my bathroom, I tried to salvage my beauty. Throwing my dress in the garbage was a must. No way was I going to be able to wear that out in public again.

A sound beeped from my computer. E-mail. An e-mail from Miranda. Something I didn’t want to see. But then again she was my agent. ‘Go to the site’ it simply said.

Instinctively I logged into my twitter account.

My fans were great until they decide to grab a piece of my new Chanel dress.

But my eyes weren't focused on all of the snap-shots of me. It went directly to the number of followers I had. What!!! 5 million. Only 5 MILLION. I distinctly remembered having 5. 5 million yesterday. I had always twittered every morning before I had breakfast. It was a ritual.

Something snapped and I let out an ear-splitting, nerve wracking scream.


            v     v      v


“Honey. Calm down. Let us explain,” my dad said calmly. “Just breathe in and out.”  

“WH–What h–happened?” I asked puzzled.

“Do you know what you did yesterday young lady?” mum screamed. “Well DO YOU??”

“No. Not really,” I mumbled as I tried to recover from the screaming that mom had just done. “It’s all blurry and fuzzy.”

BANG! A magazine landed on the table. My mum looked pissed. Just what I needed.


The picture featured me dancing rowdily on a pole looking wasted.

“At least it’s a cute picture of me,” I muttered, forcing on a smile.

 BANG! BANG! BANG! Dozen magazines from People! OK! to Women’s Weekly slammed onto the table.

“This is not good Hylla. For you or us. You need to clean–up NOW!!!” mom yelled.

“I agree with your mother, Hylla. Ever since the break-up, you’ve changed. Evan’s moved on. You need too. No more fights and no late night outs,” dad said, looking disappointed.

I winced. The break-up with Evan Woods was still painful. He had practically used me to get more publicity and it was still a forbidden subject. I had even started falling for him.

“I’ll try,” I muttered as I left the room.


             v     v     v

“Hyls. They’re just worried about you,” my brother David said. “Give them a break.” David Ross, the mega movie star. What could he do wrong? I thought. NOTHING!!!

“Ok…Fine, Mr. Perfect. How’s the shoot?” I asked him. He was currently shooting his new movie ‘The Spies’ in New York. It, being directed by none other than the famous Adam Myers, was sure to be a blockbuster.

“Great sis. Adam’s just a genius. You’re coming to visit me soon right?”

“I’ll see Dae… So has Kelly visited- -?” David cuts me off.

“CRAP!! Adam’s calling sis. Gotta go. Regards to the rents ok?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

“And Hylla stay out of the headlines for a while. ‘Kay?” he muttered.

“Whatever Dae,” I muttered as he hung up.


     v     v     v


I’d just finished filming my new movie ‘Recon’. It was about a teen spy searching for her father who was kidnapped. I was free until I found a new deal. For now it was all about vacations. Parties.

My best friend Kelly Bryce was starting at her new school Haveton Boarding Academy in New York while I was stuck with Mrs. Oswald, my tutor who’s so old she sleeps while teaching. She’s probably 50 something which is pretty old. Getting tutored suck. I didn’t need school since I had enough money in the bank to buy an island in the South Pacific. Algebra isn’t gonna teach me how to act. Linear equations don’t give you tips on how to get over stage fright.


     v     v     v


I was having my daily mocha latte at Starbucks when a small girl with ponytails came up to me. She stared at me unbelievingly.

“May I help you?” I asked her in a sweet voice. She kept staring at me.

“Hello… Are you okay? Do you need something?” I repeated, waving my hands in front of her.

That finally got her. “Oh. Sorry. Can I get your autograph?” she asked, smiling widely.

“Sure honey” I exclaimed as she retrieved a book and pen from her backpack and gave it to me.



I signed:               Have a nice one Enjoy

       From your bud,

                           Hylla Ross ;]


She was ecstatic when I handed it back to her.

“Thanks Hylla… You ROCK!!!” she exclaimed.

Click! Click! Click! Flashes went startling me.

Man! The pappys! I thought. Pappys was my slang for the paparazzi. Right now I didn’t want my picture taken.

“Leave me ALONE!!!” I growled at them.

“Hylla. Look this way please,” one pappy called out.

“Hylla. Look here,” another shrieked into my ear.

“Do a pole pose?” the one in front of me said.

WTH! I thought before I slammed my fist into his face. Smack dead on his sniffer. Flashes erupted like crazy. Rob, my security, cleared a path for me by pushing them aside. He didn’t like to be called a bodyguard like a mindless thug that was portrayed in movies.

Finally he pulled open the door as I got into the limo.

“Thanks,” I said.

“That’s what I’m paid to do, Hyls. It’s fine,” he replied smiling. “I just feel sorry for you when your mom sees that headline tomorrow. She’s gonna freak” he added, looking worried.

“Yeah maybe.”

“Remember, she can be stubborn.”

“Me too,” I said, thinking BRING IT ON!



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