The Flute Player (1)

"Your test results have come back," the doctor said as soon as the door closed. I nervously looked at him, fidgiting.
"And?" My voice was barely audible. I watched him closely as he went behind his desk and to his files. I couldn't see anything in his eyes, his body language didn't suggest anything. I wanted him to hurry. I had a concert to perform in tonight, and I couldn't be late. One Direction was counting on me to play my flute with them.
"I'm sorry, Leah, but the results aren't good." The doctors eyes were sympathetic, and went on to explain the details. I didn't listen. From that moment on, I knew that the dream I was living would come to an end.


39. TV interview

Leah's Point of View

"We've got a special appearance tomorrow morning, are you up to it?" Niall's voice echoed through my phone and into the small apartment I was in.

"Umm..." I rolled over on the bed. "Sure, what time?" I was exhausted from chemo that afternoon. It was late at night.

"It's a morning show, and we'll be there the whole day, actually. It's for the new program we're doing."

"The donation one?" I asked, trying my best to stay awake, rapidly blinking my eyes.

"Yeah, we'll be playing various songs throughout the day and talking to the TV producer as well. We can pick you up at around five-thirty in the morning. Will you be ready?"

I looked at the clock now. It was ten-thirty, and I would have to be up at atleast four forty-five to get ready. "I'll be ready."

"Okay good," Niall replied. "There'll be a stylist there, and we'll make sure that your flute and stuff is there."

"Good." I forced a smile. "If you want me up that early though, I better go. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Niall hung up, and I put my phone down, turned off the light and went straight to sleep.


Harry's Point of View

"So what made you come up with the idea of this donation program?" The TV producer asked.

I looked around at the boys, who were sitting on the same red couch as me. Niall started talking.

"Well, the newest member of our band, Leah, has had a relapse of Leukemia. The doctor's are saying that the best hope is a bone marrow transplant, so we decided how about if we make a certain day where all of our fans can get their bone marrow tested to see if they are a match, and also donate blood."

"Wow, that sounds like a brilliant idea!" The TV producer said. "Liam, this really hits home for you, doesn't it?"

"Well, yes," Liam agreed. We chatted about other things which wasn't to important, and then we went off air. I quickly went towards the back room where Leah was resting. She was sleeping on a couch, in the corner. Silently, I closed the doors and tiptoed towards the couch, lifted her head and sat down, letting her head rest on my lap.

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