The Flute Player (1)

"Your test results have come back," the doctor said as soon as the door closed. I nervously looked at him, fidgiting.
"And?" My voice was barely audible. I watched him closely as he went behind his desk and to his files. I couldn't see anything in his eyes, his body language didn't suggest anything. I wanted him to hurry. I had a concert to perform in tonight, and I couldn't be late. One Direction was counting on me to play my flute with them.
"I'm sorry, Leah, but the results aren't good." The doctors eyes were sympathetic, and went on to explain the details. I didn't listen. From that moment on, I knew that the dream I was living would come to an end.


16. Too many secrets

Harry's Point of View

We were escorted into the hospital and to the front desk, where there were two nurses assigned to us. I wasn't the most huge fan of hospital's, but I wouldn't mind putting smiles on sick kids faces.

"My name is Stacy," one of the nurses introduced herself. She had short, frizzy hair that seemed it couldn't be tamed. She was a short, but was wearing high heels, so she didn't look too short.

"And mine is Lizzie," the other nurse said. She was a tall girl with perfectly straight hair.

"Okay... so anywhere in particular you want to go?" Stacy asked as she slid a bit of her hair behind her peirced ear. "We can go anywhere except the Intensive Care units."

"We don't care," Liam spoke for us. "Take us to the kids who most need a smile."

"Okay then," Stacy gave a smile that lit up her whole entire face. "We'll first go to the unit where we treat the girls with eating disorders." Stacy turned around, starting to lead us to an elevator.

"On one condition," Lizzie warned. "Don't tell any of these girls they're fat or anything... they're in a fragile state of mind and they would love it if you would all say they're pretty."

"Okay," we all agreed. Stacy led us through several hallways and to an elevator in which we all crowded in. We still had security, so there was ten of us in the elevator. Luckily it was a big one. As we piled in, I went to the back, and Leah came up beside me.

"I'm nervous," she whispered in my ear. She was standing ridgid and straight, her eyes were focused on Niall's head, which was right infront of her.

"Don't be," I told her and touched her arm for comfort. I wasn't sure how she would react, so I watched her face for a reaction. Good, there was none.

"It'll be awkward... everyone knows you five... and then there's me." Leah shrugged.

"It'll be okay," I told her. The elevator doors opened and we all walked out. We had walked straight into this part of the hospital. There were skinny girls walking around almost everywhere. Some didn't notice us, but a few gave out huge screams and came to hug us.

"Girls! Just wait, okay?" Lizzie called. "Go get your cameras and stuff for them to sign, and they will sign it all."

"We will!" I called out. "I promise." I got a few looks from Liam and Niall, but I cheekily smiled. The girls slowly left, and we all met them later. We took pictures and signed posters and talked with them. Since we hadn't told anyone that we were going to come to the hospital, there were no screaming fans, so we could talk to them without the noise of distant screams.

"Sorry girls," Stacy called out after about half an hour. I was deep in a conversation with a girl called Alexa about what it's like to be famous. "The boys need to move on." I got up from my leather seat, gave Alexa one last hug and then followed Lizzie and Stacy back into the elevator.

"We'll go to the cancer ward next," Lizzie told us in the elevator. "These kids are very sick, so don't be too rough with them."

"We won't," Niall promised.

"Wasn't that bad, was it?" I asked Leah, as we had both ended up beside eachother again.

"No..." Leah slowly shook her head. I could tell that she was nervous though. The evelvator doors opened once again and we were led down several hallways. "I need to use the washroom," Leah whispered in my ear as we passed one.

"Okay... I'll meet you there."


Leah's Point of View

As soon as the nurse had said we were going to the cancer ward, I felt like I was going to faint. No. Never was I going there. Never. There were too many sick kids. Too many memories... So as soon as we passed the first washroom I told Harry I had to go, and ducked in.

As the door closed I quickly checked to see if I was the only one inside. I was. So I went to the end stall, locked the door and leaned against the wall, sliding until I reached I floor. Tears threatened to come, but I forced them away. I rested my arms on my knees, and my head in my arms. Pictures flashed through my head, making me want to cry, but I didn't.

Twenty minutes later I got up, unlocked the door and splashed cold water on my face before walking out. Good thing too, as soon as I walked out the boys were walking back. I joined them.

"What took so long?" Harry asked me. It was kind of a rude, awkward question.

"I... ummm.... I didn't know where to go," I lied. I knew exactly where to go. I shook my head and closed my eyes as we went back into the elevator. My life had been hard, and as a result I didn't want to tell my new friends about any of it. It was too hard to tell them, but yet it was hard not to tell them. I sighed... I had too many secrets.

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